Don’t Make This Mistake When Attracting Leads: Google Ads vs Google Guaranteed

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The success of your business depends on your ability to generate leads. It’s plan and simple.

There have been two killers in the lead generation toolbelt of any marketer: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Google Ads.

BUT.. a third Google platform has been on the horizon for the past three years:

Google Guaranteed

While Google Ads has some longevity in the paid ads arena, Google Guaranteed is just getting started and looks like a long-term stay in the market. We’ll take a look at the new guy, Google Guaranteed, what he brings to the table compared to Google Ads, and why both have a valid place in the marketing atmosphere.

The New Guy: Google Guaranteed/Google Guarantee Local Service Ad

There are many various types of advertising that you can use when developing marketing campaigns for your company, one of which is advertising with Local Services Ads, known as Google Guaranteed, a marketing tool provided by Google for local businesses. The Google Guaranteed program, which enables you to advertise your local business in the home services sector, is a key component of this solution.

Google originally developed this particular advertising platform in 2019 to support lead generation and ensure that clients obtain top-notch service from a business that they have verified. With this service, Google guarantees the legitimacy of the services you provide. If a buyer is dissatisfied and wants a return, they are covered up to $2,000 by Google. This platform has continuously gained popularity for businesses since its introduction.

The Veteran: Google Ads & Google My Business

Google Ads is an advertising platform that has been around for a long time, since October 2000, and actually went by the name of Google AdWords, this platform has been the standard go-to for businesses to advertise. Since it’s inception, Google Ads has become a multi-billion dollar ads platform for Google.

They continue to dominate the ads landscape and look for ways to improve the platform. For example, within the past couple of years, they launched Lead Form Extensions for Google Ads. This allows a contact form link to show with your ad, so someone can contact your business immediately, and you can even add customized questions to ask to help ensure you’re only getting qualified leads.

Google My Business is a powerful tool for local businesses seeking online visibility. It optimizes engagement and boosts local search rankings. By creating a well-optimized listing, businesses can manage customer reviews, appear on Google Maps, and enhance customer experience. The verification process ensures credibility, while insights provide valuable data to refine strategies.

With features like Q&A, photospheres, and service area customization, it caters to diverse business needs. Integrating it with websites and adding call-to-action buttons can drive traffic and conversions. Google My Business empowers businesses to showcase products, post updates, and interact with customers, making it essential for local marketing success.

Ok, So What's the Difference Between Google Search Ads & Google Local Service Ads?

While both Google Ads and Google Guaranteed are great advertising platforms, they have unique standout properties. Google Ads is a Pay Per Click platform, while Google Guaranteed is a Pay Per Lead business model. This is the primary difference that makes these such great advertising models, and your business can benefit from either or both, depending on your marketing goals.

Google Search Ads - Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you want a quick turnaround for leads, then Google Ads is the way to go for your business. They are the industry leaders when it comes to paid ads and even though you can acquire leads in the shortest time, it still takes a well-planned ads strategy in order to be effective.

Google Ads is not a “set it and forget it” strategy, it takes consistent monitoring and updates to your ads in order to find the right target market, so the leads can start flowing in. With Google Ads, your ads appear at the top of the search results page above the “organic” listings (SEO).

Another benefit is that Google Ads is a robust platform and has many options in order to effectively show your ads to the right consumers. You can set up many different ad types:

Search Ads – These are the basic ads that show on the Google search results when you search for “Men’s Running Shoes” for example. They had a small AD square next to the listing.

Display Ads – Ads that have images to showcase your business that can appear on various websites and apps.

Smart Ads – These are mostly automated ad campaigns that can be beneficial when you have a small or limited ads budget.

This is just a small roster of the many campaigns and ads available with Google Ads. They can be a good starting point to get the leads you need to help grow your business, and one highlight is that they are available to almost every type of business.

Google Guarantee Program - All About Local Service Ads

Ok, here’s the (fairly) new kid on the block; Google Guaranteed. It only just launched back in 2019 but has caught the attention of many business owners as another option for bringing in new leads. While Google Ads focuses on displaying ads for people to click on, Google Guaranteed took a different approach: pay per lead.

It’s also known as Local Service Ads, and as the name implies, they are geared toward local businesses to help them draw in local traffic. Another great benefit is that Local Service Ads will appear above Google Ads, placing them as the highest priority when it comes to paid ads.

Well, doesn’t Google Ads do the same thing?

To an extent, yes, but with Google Ads, they can work for businesses that service locally, regionally, or nationally.

The Google Guaranteed difference is that:

  1. You’re paying per lead
  2. The lead is contacting you directly
  3. If a client is unsatisfied with your service, Google reimburses them, not your business.

How Does Google Guarantee Work?

Are you tired of scrolling through endless lists of local businesses, wondering which ones are trustworthy and reliable? Look no further – Google Guarantee is here to ease your worries. Imagine a world where you can book services with confidence, knowing that the company has been thoroughly vetted and meets specific standards. With Google Guarantee, this dream becomes a reality. Picture a distinct green and white check mark badge that serves as a visible symbol of trust and assurance.

But it doesn’t stop there. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the service provided by a business bearing the Google Guarantee Badge, you’re eligible for a refund. This program not only builds customer confidence but also drives more business to verified companies.

Stick around as we dive deeper into how Google Guarantee works, the benefits it offers both businesses and customers, the qualifications needed to attain this prestigious badge, and the refund policy in case things don’t go as planned. Get ready to enter a world where trust takes center stage!

Key Takeaways, Does Google Guarantee Work?

– Google Guarantee is a program that helps customers find trustworthy and reliable local businesses.

– Businesses that join the program receive a green and white check mark badge that sets them apart from competitors.

– Customers who find businesses through Google Guarantee are eligible for a refund if they are not satisfied with the service.

– Businesses with the Google Guarantee Badge undergo a rigorous vetting process and must meet certain qualifications and standards.

How Google Local Lead Generation Works

So, how exactly does the Google Guarantee program work? Well, it’s important to understand the difference between Google Guaranteed and Google Ads. While both can help boost your business, Google Guaranteed is specifically designed to build customer confidence and trust in local businesses.

When you become a part of this program, you receive a distinctive green and white check mark badge that sets you apart from your competitors. This badge assures customers that your business has been vetted by Google and meets specific standards.

But what are the benefits for businesses? We’ll explore that in the next section.

Benefits for Local Businesses – Am I Eligible For The Google Guaranteed?

Imagine being able to showcase a distinctive green and white check mark badge that instantly boosts customer confidence in your business, giving them the peace of mind they need to choose you over your competitors. With Google Guarantee, you can do just that. By meeting specific standards and undergoing a rigorous vetting process by Google, you become a verified business and are eligible for the Google Guarantee Badge. This badge not only sets you apart from other businesses but also offers customers additional security and reassurance when booking your services.

But it doesn’t stop there. Customers who find your business through this program have the added benefit of being eligible for a refund if they aren’t satisfied with your service. This builds trust and loyalty, ultimately leading to more business opportunities for you.

Now let’s explore the benefits that this program brings to customers…

Google Guarantee For Consumers

Get the peace of mind you deserve by choosing a business with the Google Guarantee Badge, knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed. When you see that distinctive green and white check mark, it means that the business has been vetted by Google and meets specific standards. But what does this mean for you as a customer? Well, first and foremost, it means that you can trust the business to provide high-quality services.

Whether you’re booking a plumber, electrician, or any other service professional, you can feel confident in their expertise and reliability. And if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with their work, Google has your back. You have the option to request a refund if something goes wrong. So go ahead and choose a business with the Google Guarantee Badge – your satisfaction is their priority.

Now let’s dive into how businesses qualify for this badge and what standards they must meet…

Qualifications and Standards

When choosing a business with the Google Guarantee Badge, you can rest assured that they have undergone a rigorous vetting process and meet high standards to ensure top-notch service. To qualify for the Google Guarantee, businesses must meet certain criteria and maintain good standing. Here are three qualifications and standards that businesses must adhere to:

1. Background checks: Every employee who performs services in customers’ homes must undergo background checks to ensure their trustworthiness.

2. License and insurance verification: Businesses need to provide proof of licenses and insurance coverage to protect both themselves and their customers.

3. Good customer ratings: Companies must maintain a minimum average rating based on customer reviews to demonstrate their commitment to excellent service.

By meeting these qualifications, businesses with the Google Guarantee Badge show that they are reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to providing exceptional service. Now let’s explore how the refund policy works when you’re not satisfied with your experience.

Refund Policy

If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience, you can simply request a refund through the Google Guarantee program. This policy is designed to give customers peace of mind when booking services from businesses with the Google Guarantee Badge. If you encounter any issues or are dissatisfied with the service provided by a Google Guarantee Badge holder, you have the option to seek a refund. The process is straightforward and hassle-free. All you need to do is contact Google’s customer support and explain the situation. They will review your case and if they find that your complaint is valid, they will initiate the refund process for you. This ensures that customers can confidently choose a business with the Google Guarantee knowing that their satisfaction is valued and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a business to get approved for the Google Guarantee program?

On average, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for a business to get approved for the Google Guarantee program. During this time, Google assesses various factors such as the company’s licensing and insurance information, customer reviews, and overall reputation. They want to ensure that businesses meet their specific standards before granting them the prestigious badge. So while it may take a little time, once approved, you’ll gain access to increased customer confidence and potential refunds if customers aren’t satisfied with your service.

Can businesses in any industry apply for the Google Guarantee?

Yes, businesses in any industry can apply for the Google Guarantee program. Whether you provide plumbing services, home cleaning, or even yoga classes, you have the opportunity to gain customer confidence and loyalty through this certification program. By meeting specific standards and undergoing vetting by Google, you can receive the distinctive green and white check mark badge that assures customers of your reliability and trustworthiness. This helps to build customer confidence and ultimately leads to more business for your industry.

Is the Google Guarantee Badge available in all countries?

No, the Google Guarantee badge is not available in all countries. As of now, it is only available for businesses in the United States and Canada. However, Google has plans to expand this program to other countries in the future. The Google Guarantee program aims to provide customers with additional confidence and security when booking services from verified businesses. So if you’re a business outside of the US and Canada, stay tuned for updates on when this program becomes available in your country!

Are there any ongoing fees or costs associated with being part of the Google Guarantee program?

Yes, there are ongoing fees associated with being part of the Google Guarantee program. Businesses who wish to participate in this certification program are required to pay a monthly fee. The exact cost can vary depending on factors such as the industry and location of the business. However, it is important to note that this fee helps cover the benefits provided by the program, including the Google Guarantee Badge and potential refunds for dissatisfied customers.

How does Google determine if a business meets the specific standards required for the program?

To determine if a business meets the specific standards required for the Google Guarantee program, Google takes several factors into account. They evaluate a company’s licensing, insurance, and background checks on employees. Additionally, they assess customer reviews and ratings to ensure high-quality service. Google also requires businesses to maintain a minimum star rating and respond promptly to customer inquiries. By thoroughly vetting businesses, Google ensures that only reliable and trustworthy companies receive the coveted Google Guarantee Badge.

So Why Would I Not Just Go With Google Guarantee / Get Google Guaranteed Local Service Ad Instead of Google Ads?

Google Guaranteed is limited to certain service-based industries, and there is a verification process. While this may seem to limit for some businesses, one of the reasons Google created this amazing platform is to help fight against fraudulent practices by some businesses taking advantage of customers with misleading services.

While there is a verification process, it’s not painful at all. Google will require information that you will already have:

  • Business License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Background Check (at no cost to you!)
  • Google Reviews

Ok, Now I Understand, s Which One Is Best for My Local Business Needs?

Both platforms are great and understanding your business needs, we can help you determine which, or if both, will be valuable to you. Google Ads is not as limiting as Google Guaranteed, although there are a few regulated industries. If you want to have a variety of ads at your disposal, Google Ads is the way to go.

If you want to target more qualified leads and are in a qualified home service industry, then Google Guaranteed is a better fit. You get the benefit of leads contacting you directly, and you can book them right in the Local Service Ads platform mobile app.

Who's the Winner, Google Guarantee or Google Ads?

When it comes to having the most effective paid ads strategy, there’s no one winner over the other. Both have a place in your overall marketing strategy and can work together. But now we come to the part that we can’t avoid, Google is a Pay to Play business platform, and the obvious must be said: businesses that have higher ads budgets get more leads. There’s no other way around it. Because of the vast competition out there, companies with good ad spend budgets do fair better than companies with lower budgets.

That’s why The AD Leaf is here. We’ll help you navigate the paid ads marketing space to ensure you’re successful. Minimize the stress and maximize your profits; be ready for a stronger Fall holiday season that’s quickly approaching. Connect with us by phone at 321-255-0900 or email

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Google Reviews For Businesses

The Importance Of Google Reviews For Businesses

Reviews are extremely important for any product or business. How many times do you look up reviews for a movie before buying tickets to the theater? If you’re going to be spending a lot of money on something, you’ll want to make sure that it has a good reputation! That is why we here at the AD Leaf Marketing Firm know how imperative it is to have Google reviews for businesses. This is especially true when it comes to local SEO. Having consistent reviews is a great way to show Google that your business is reputable. Thus, this improves your chances of ranking on some of the more difficult search queries in your area!

How To Get Customers To Leave A Google Review

The first thing to consider when asking for reviews from customers, did they enjoy their experience with the service/product? You want to ensure that the customer had the best experience possible with your services & that you are 100% sure that they will leave good feedback! If they did have any issues, it is better to take their feedback internally and fix those mistakes before asking for a review. This way you can maximize your chances of getting those 5-star reviews! You’ll also want to have your review link readily available so that you can give it to the client once they are done! All you need to do to find it is log into your Google My Business, click Share Review Form, and copy the link! Those reviews will show up directly on your GMB listing making it easy to access later on!

High-Quality Google Reviews For Businesses Increases Brand Reputation

Increasing your brand reputation isn’t as simple as getting as many reviews as possible. However, getting high-quality 5-star reviews is the key to improving your local SEO search results!  These kinds of reviews show that your business has a reputation for satisfying your customers! If a customer does leave a review, be sure to show your appreciation for it, as the customer really doesn’t get anything in return for leaving a review!  Not only that but responding to the reviews and engaging with them show that you have great customer service! You want to connect with your customers to truly understand how they feel about your products/services. This is how you can find improvements to your business to help deliver top-tier services. You also want to ensure that you are not soliciting reviews with incentives. This is considered a harmful practice by Google and if caught you will lower your SEO scores!

Removing A Bad Review

If you do happen to get a bad review, there is a simple way to get them removed! You may flag the review as inappropriate as long as your reason is within one of these categories:

  • Spam and fake content
  • Off-topic
  • Restricted content
  • Illegal content
  • Terrorist content
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Offensive content
  • Dangerous & Derogatory Content
  • Impersonation
  • Conflict of Interest

You never want to see a bad review, so it is best to flag these reviews as soon as you see them, as they can damage your reputation if not rectified. You may also take a look at Google Business Profile Help page on the matter for a more in-depth answer on the subject!

How The AD Leaf Can Help With Google Reviews For Businesses

The AD Leaf Marketing firm is here to help your business grow! Getting reviews isn’t as easy as just requesting them from your customers. That’s where our assistance can come in handy! Our Specialists will optimize your GMB listing & your website to ensure that you are generating as much organic traffic as possible! They will also help maintain your GMB with all the updated information & services that your business provides! If you have any questions about Google My Business, SEO, or any of our other services then contact us today! You can reach us at 321-255-0900

Google My Business App Replacement

Google My Business App Replacement: What Does It Mean?

They’ve teased it for months now, but it looks like Google is finally starting to make the big shift to replace the Google My Business app! What does this mean for your business? Let’s talk about it. 

What is the Google My Business App? 

Up until now, this app is where business owners can go to check in on and manage their business listings. This includes updating contact information, ensuring the appearance on Google is set up correctly, appearing in Google searches, etc. 

Why Is Google Replacing It?

They’re getting rid of the Google My Business app because they want business owners to shift to managing their listings in Search, Maps, and their respective apps. In their eyes, this is making everything more concise, rather than having a whole other app to manage listings. 

How Do I Make the Change?

Google is emailing small business owners with visual instructions on what the change will entail and what they need to do to make the switch. They’re also posting these instructions on their social media. 

How Do I Keep Up?

Google changes a lot. Like, every day. Whether it’s app interfaces, their algorithm, or countless other ways Google is involved in everyday life of your business, it’s a lot to keep up with! In fact, it’s nearly impossible to do so all while keeping the focus on the management of your company. 

The good news is, you’re not alone! The AD Leaf is here to help guide you through this change and any other ones Google rolls out, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business in different ways. 

Google Whizzes 

We offer an array of Google services and would be happy to help you with yours! Get on the path to keeping up with search engines by calling us at (321) 255-0900, emailing at, or reaching out via our contact form. 


Running a Local Based Business? Let's talk Google Guaranteed

Running a Local Based Business? Let’s Talk Google Guaranteed

Ok, you’re running a new or established small business in your city or region, and you’re wondering how to promote your business. Well, you’re not alone as many home service business owners often struggle with this question. There are the obvious choices out there that are commonly known: Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Ads & Marketplace, and other prominent platforms.

But there is another option that’s geared toward local small businesses, and that’s Google Guaranteed. What is Google Guaranteed, and how does this help my business? Google launched this platform targeted for small business advertising for local based businesses in 2018, and it has gained a lot of traction as well as attention in the few short years it’s been available. It basically means that Google guarantees the service you work with is a valid business with a good reputation.

So, if you’re running a local based home service business and want to know how to promote your business, it’s time to talk about Google Guaranteed for your small business advertising needs because it could be the best way of advertising your business.

How Does This Help Me in Local Business Advertising?

As we mentioned, the Google Guaranteed program helps to spotlight home service providers that are certified by Google and places an eye catching and visible Green checkmark badge with your ad at the top of search page results.

Google Guaranteed Badge

This is designed to let potential customers know that Google backs your business and that if a client is not satisfied with the service, they can be reimbursed up to a max dollar amount established by Google.

Is There an Application Process?

Yes, the process is simple. Google will verify your:

  • Background Checks (no cost to you)
  • Business License
  • Insurance
  • Online Reviews

Google Guaranteed helps people have more confidence in your business and know that Google has already pre-screened your business already.

Benefits of Google Guaranteed

  • You can target customers who are searching for local based services
  • You can target customers who are ready to make a purchase
  • You can target customers who need an immediate service

The Google Guaranteed badge signifies that your company has passed a high standard of responsibility and integrity from Google and that you are a legitimate business offering quality services to customers.

Is Google Guaranteed Worth It?

Yes, it is. Since it’s launch, it’s becoming more prominent in Google’s platform of services with it being geared toward helping local based home service businesses. One of the big differences compared to Google Ads is that you are paying per lead, and not per click. This is why Google places Google Guaranteed ads above even the paid ads. They’re putting a huge emphasis on generating direct leads coming straight to you, so you only pay for leads that contact you.

You can then respond directly to a potential customer’s inquiry and help build a relationship with them that can lead to a sale. Google is continuing to add more home service industries to the list of eligible businesses that can be Google Guaranteed.

Learn More About How to Promote Your Business

If you are looking to take advantage of this great Google platform and generate direct leads, then we need to talk about Google Guaranteed. We are Google Guaranteed specialists and can help your business grow through the power of Local Services Ads. Our experienced and dedicated team can get you started today, contact us at (321) 255-0900 or send an email to