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Standing Out From The Competition Does Not End At The Final Whistle. Develop Your Brand So You’re Always Engaging Your Audience

Sports fans worldwide will instantly recognize the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, or Real Madrid. This recognization awakens raw emotion that brings them back to those moments that brought them joy or sorrow. Those moments in the past has been enough to make these teams the pillars of their respective sports. However, those moments get lost in the shuffle after only a short while in today’s busy world. 

So it’s more important than ever, especially in the sports industry, to have clear and concise branding that is not only engaging but timely and most importantly relevant to your fan base. But with the variety of sports that are in the mainstream each have their own demographic that has specific wants and needs. Here are some statistics about how diverse demographics exists based upon the sport:

  •  Age
    • Varies based upon sport like an average baseball fan (57%) are over 50 while football and basketball trends younger. 
  • Gender
    • Mostly male-dominated audience
    • Females do make up a large portion of the audiences in certain sports like football and figure skating
  • Race
    • Minority support is the strongest in basketball and soccer. However, they only have a small representation in sports like auto racing and hockey, but those sports are popular in the white demographic
  • Location
    • Certain parts of the country (or world) connect to specific sports better
      • Texas is football country, Maryland is a lacrosse hotbed, and Minnesota is a hockey haven
      • Soccer, cricket, and rugby aren’t as popular in the US compared to the rest of their worldwide audience, but their fan bases are growing

We will help you find your audience and develop your unique brand voice, so you are connecting with them at every level.

Full-Service Coverage

The AD Leaf ® helps provide the ease of mind you need as we offer a full Sports Marketing in suite that provides the best service using cutting-edge techniques that will maximize your reach with your target fan base. Here are some ways we can help your organization thrive:

  • Promotional Materials
  • Special Events Materials
  • Content Idea Generation
  • Graphic Template Creation
  • Video
  • Content Writing
  • Scheduling Content
  • Brand Consultation
  • Sponsorship Brokering 

Save Your Time 

Marketing materials and content creation take valuable time that can be used for other essential tasks that you may get put off. Outsourcing these creations will make your job easier and allow you to get high-quality materials when you need them. Items that we can take off your plate includes:

  • Posters
  • Season Ticket Design
  • Flyers
  • Programs
  • Tournament Logos
  • Game Day Templates
  • Player of the Game Templates
  • Final Score Templates
  • Miscellaneous Graphics
  • Season Highlight Films
  • Hype Videos
  • End of Year Recap Films
  • Season Previews and Recaps
  • Player/Coaches Spotlights
  • Content Scheduling

Special Events Draw Attention

Be it a bobblehead or senior night. Those contests draw extra attention because of their once-in-a-lifetime nature. However, without the correct promotional push before the event, you will be missing out on potential fan attendance because they lack knowledge of the game. So let’s get you a plan and make sure it’s well-executed, so you’re playing in front of a packed house!

Branding is Key

Outside of the large brands, many sports teams’ visibility is limited to a regional basis and sometimes, even in that region the brand image is not a household name. Developing a dedicated following is hard, especially when consistency is not present. One way to help with this problem is the creation or revision of a branding guide. This guide can make life easier for everyone as it gives you a definitive vision instead of leaving it up to an individual’s interpretation. 

However, it does not stop there as generating consistent content ideas can create a buzz that fans look forward to and have them talking about what to expect in the next installment while consuming your other content during the creation breaks to fill the time.

This consistent buzz may lead to other brands wanting to work with you because of the potential mutual benefits a partnership can provide. But the right collaboration is vital as authenticity is a driver in the sports industry as fans are loyal to the cause and do not enjoy imposters.  

The AD Leaf ® can help you navigate all of your branding questions. So let’s set up a free consultation with our team and let’s get you on your way.

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