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Technical Support at a Moments Notice

Our IT help desk services are comprised of certified, US-based IT professionals. We offer high-quality business IT support desk and remote network monitoring services – every hour of every day. Much more than a traditional support desk, The AD Leaf ®’s IT help desk services provide our customers with professional and immediate help desk support without the costly overhead. Our IT help desk services are available via phone, email, web chat, or our secure web portal.

Take advantage of effective remote support from our state-of-the-art facilities that manage incidents with a superior level of user satisfaction at dramatically lower cost than site-level support. The majority of service requests are resolved in a single phone call, but if for any reason the nature of your problem requires a more in-depth solution we’re ready. Our Service Desk agents have the talent, knowledge and experience to assist users with any IT related issues. Their on-going training and access to the latest knowledge and industry-leading tools allows them to resolve issues rapidly and accurately. We can even help with off-the-shelf software and common IT devices, as well as support for custom applications. Here are some of our major services we can offer support for:

Network Troubleshooting and Support

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Printer/Copier networking issues
  • Issues communicating with other computers on the network
  • File sharing issues
  • Issues connecting TVs and other devices to your network


  • Computers running slowly
  • Unwanted advertisements or popups
  • Random restarts, blue screens, or other serious issues
  • Programs or apps not working or randomly crashing

Printers and Copiers

  • Printer will not print
  • Extremely blurry prints
  • Unknown error codes
  • Printer only works if plugged in, not over the network
  • Printer will only print in color or black and white and not the other


On average, Internal support teams receive an average of 295 IT related support tickets per month and 69% of those requests are resolved in a single communication.


Professional IT Support and network engineers know that when their network is at risk, their organization is at risk. It can be daunting and sometimes impossible to keep track or keep up with security patches and software updates. We also provide the tools to enforce policies and to easily address the complexities of software and security patch deployment. Contact us today to learn more about our Helpdesk Support services.