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Developing Your Brand Allows Customers To Connect With You Regularly

There’s a reason why when you see those golden arches you immediately think of Big Macs, just like when you see a red can of soda your mind automatically makes the connection to Coca-Cola.The importance of establishing your brand and developing brand integrity helps customers connect with you, remember you, and diminishes confusion. The building of a strong brand creates customer loyalty, drives sales and bottom line profitability. 

  • Establishing your brand allows customers to identify with your company
  • Ensuring your brand identity is followed builds sales and profitability
  • Having an on brand message, helps your messaging resonate with your customers.  It allows them to repeat and connect with your brand.
  • On brand messaging is repetitious and helps build a habit with consumers
  • Building your brand allows you to take your customers on a long-term journey with your company. 

Before you should even consider selling to customers, or working with clients, you must think about how customers or clients will perceive your company, understand your brand, and receive it.  You must begin to establish your brand and raise your hand to let your audience know “Hello, I am here and excited to work with you!” with that announcement you are essentially saying “Hello, I have a great product or service offering and I think you should take notice of our difference”. 


Fewer than 10% of B2B companies believe their own branding is consistent.
90% of clients expect to have a similar brand experience across all of your materials in print and in digital.


The AD Leaf ® will support your organization with the successful development of your brand, image and messaging to support the improvement of  your customer retention, employee retention, sales and profitability.