Programmatic Advertising

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Target Specific Media Purchasing To Capture Your Customer At The Right Moment In The Moment

Imaging driving near a Target or Walmart store while listening to a podcast about the best holiday gifts for this year for kids at-that-moment, you see and/or hear an ad play that talks about Target’s or Walmart’s upcoming big gift sale.  That is a form of Programmatic Advertising.

  • Laser target your customers at the right moment at the right time
  • Show your ad to purchasers at the time they are looking to buy your product or service
  • Reduce wasted advertising dollars and only show your ads to purchasers ready to take action
  • Ensure your advertising dollars actually are received by your customers who are interested in your product or service, versus splashing against a wall to see what sticks
  • Spend your advertising dollars in real time.

 The Programmatic Marketing Methodology provides much more targeted results for brands because the emphasis is placed on a targeted or specific message which is carefully designed and delivered for a specific person or audience.  This campaign delivers more precise messaging and targeted ads which result in better-targeted marketing programs. 


Automation and AI are changing advertising as we know it.
In 2019 nearly 4 out of 5 digital display advertising dollars were transacted Programmatically, totaling over $56.98 Billion. 


There’s only one way to find out how Programmatic can enhance your marketing and help improve your sales and profitability: to schedule a consultation. We’ve developed a working knowledge of real time bidding and an in-depth understanding of the tactics need to succeed with Programmatic.