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If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely noticed by now that people hate being sold to. In today’s market, it probably seems harder than ever to sell your products or services even if you know for a fact they provide immense value to consumers. If no one will listen to your sales pitch, how are you supposed to get them to buy? The answer is content marketing Melbourne FL. Through informational, educational and most importantly, valuable content, you can communicate with consumers in a way that makes them want to listen instead of run the other way.

Is Content Marketing the Right Marketing Program for My Company?

What Is Content Marketing Melbourne FL?

First, let’s define Content Marketing Melbourne FL.

Marketing guru, Neil Patel defines it as

“A long-term strategy, based on building a strong relationship with your target audience, by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis.”

The idea behind this strategy is that it creates loyal customers that find you at various points in the sales funnel and when they’re ready to make their purchase decisions, your company is at the top of their mind. In many cases, content marketing revolves around syndicated articles and blogging.

You may be wondering why your business would even need a blog. You’ve likely thought a few of these things to yourself at some point in time if you’ve ever considered content marketing or blogging for your company:

“Our industry is too boring for a blog.”
“We don’t have time to create content.”
“Our audience isn’t on social media.”
“No one will read them, anyways.”
Content Marketing Melbourne FL

We are here to tell you that every single one of these assumptions are FALSE. No matter what industry you’re in and no matter how big or small your business is, content marketing can provide value to your potential customers and help increase awareness, brand recognition and community relations, which in turn leads to sales. Here are just a few of the ways content marketing can help your business:

Brand Reputation benefits to Content Marketing

Content marketing gives you a chance to gain a reputation as an industry leader and expert. If you provide meaningful and relevant material that your industry finds valuable, not only will they look to you for solutions for their problems, but they will likely share how they feel about you via word of mouth and on their social media pages. One of the MOST valuable assets a business can have is positive word of mouth recommendations.

SEO Benefits to Content Marketing

Content marketing helps with SEO in several ways. Blogging can improve your ranking on specific keywords that are important for your industry niche. This helps drive organic traffic to your site. In addition, choosing an agency that specializes in quality content creation ensures that as google evaluations your content, you are rewarded for the high level of quality you provide to your readers. In the past, it was all about quantity but as Google’s algorithms have improved, they have developed methods for rewarding quality or quantity.

Social Media Benefits to Content Marketing

Data proves that the best content is original content. Blog posts are the perfect source of highly original, valuable content to share on all your company’s social media channels. By clicking the link to your blog post, it takes readers back to your website increasing the likelihood of conversion. If consumers like what they read and feel it helps both themselves and other solve problems, they are likely to share this content. Blogs and infographics are some of the most shared content on social media.

Consumer Value Benefits to Content Marketing

After a potential customer, or current customer, has looked at your website and social media channels, what reason do they have to return? If they know you provide informative or educational content that they find valuable, they will return to your website and social channels time and time again.

The AD Leaf ®’s Content Marketing Melbourne FL Approach

Content Marketing Melbourne FL can help all aspects of your digital marketing efforts come together to provide the most value for your dollar. Blogs are an incredible resource that can be shared on social media. Blogs indexed on your website contribute to SEO and even sent to consumers through email marketing.

Our content marketing services are an ideal addition to SEO and social media marketing strategies but they can also be utilized on their own. Publishing blogs on a consistent basis creates a boost in SEO because it established new, completely original content that provides value to your customers and potential consumers on a regular schedule. Our strategy focuses on quality content that helps educate, inform and even entertain consumers so they associate your brand with something that adds value to their life even before they make their first purchase.

Content Marketing Melbourne FL

Statistics That Prove That Content Marketing Works

Statistics are powerful tools. It’s one thing to explain a process to someone. And another to back up your reasoning with hard facts via data and numbers. Like this one, for instance, 200 million people now use ad blockers when using the internet. It’s not hard to prove that people hate the idea of being advertised to. That’s why, providing valuable content to consumers is the marketing of the future. And it’s the marketing strategy that’s going to keep you in business in the future! Here are a few other statistics to help drive home the points we made above:

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