Virtual CTO

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The AD Leaf Ā® offers Virtual CTO and Virtual CIO services dedicated to reducing overhead and giving you a competitive advantage. Whether you need an expert on hand during a business transition or IT leadership on an ongoing basis, The AD Leaf Ā® has the answer. Our Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) and Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services provide your organization with access to experienced, high-level professionals who can deliver corporate level leadership to your team without the cost and commitment associated with hiring full-time employees.

Technology is integral to every organizationā€™s success. It is the foundation of core services, communication, and in building and managing valuable information. It is used to drive growth, to rise above competitors, to optimize processes, and to reach a global audience.


A full-time CTO is far too costly for a small to medium business. For this reason, outsourcing CTO functions to a highly capable and well positioned technology firm, such as The AD Leaf Ā®, provides great results at a fraction of the cost. With The AD Leaf Ā®ā€™s vCTO Services, an experienced and dedicated CTO can be available to you virtually via phone, email, and video conference.

Professional IT Support and network engineers know that when their network is at risk, their organization is at risk. It can be daunting and sometimes impossible to keep track or keep up with security patches and software updates. With our Virtual CTO service, we can ensure that that all servers, computers, and other devices are up to date with the latest security patches with our automatic patch management system. We also provide the tools to enforce policies and to easily address the complexities of software and security patch deployment. Contact us today to learn more about our Virtual CTO services.