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The Glue That Makes It All Come Together

You may have heard the phrase “Content Marketing” before, but what does it actually mean? Content Marketing is all about producing engaging, relevant, and valuable content. These include blog posts, web pages, and other types of written content on a regular basis. If you are subscribed to a business’s email campaign, you are receiving content marketing. If you regularly frequent a blog that is hosted by a business, you are reading content marketing. The fact of the matter is that many of your daily readings are results of content marketing, and you might not even know it! Your customers want to know more about your product or service, and it is the job of content marketing to give it to them in a concise and intriguing manner.

However, the question that stumps many business owners interested in content marketing might be hanging over your head: where should you start? You know your product is the greatest, so all you have to do is convince your consumers, right? It is a bit more complex than that, as it involves understanding what mediums your audience actually consumes. With this in mind, you will have a better understanding of how to market to both your new and existing audiences.

The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm strives to help you with all of your content marketing services questions and needs. We can help you evaluate the best strategy for you and your brand in a simple, effective way. 

A Closer Look at Content Marketing Services

Content marketing will explain in detail who you are, what sets you apart, and why you’re better than the rest in a way that is refreshingly human. In fact, giving your business the human voice it deserves actually increases the chance of new customers remembering your product and coming back for more. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these statistics:

  • 47% of internet users read blogs daily.
  • Content marketing leaders experience 7.8X more site traffic than non-leaders.
  • B2C marketers dedicate an average of 26% of their total marketing budget to content marketing.
  • Consumers remember content that is tailored to them. As a result, they are more likely to return and engage with the company.
  • 91% of consumers are prepared to reward brands for their authenticity.

So what exactly is the takeaway of these statistics? People would rather learn about your business from you than from an ad. This is because content written directly from the source makes your product and business sound more authentic than a traditional advertisement.

Today’s consumer wants something that can quickly tell them everything that they need to know in an entertaining and insightful way. Not only that, but they are looking for consistent branding that makes it easier for them to remember your product. After all, content marketing is an extension of your brand, one that fleshes it out and makes it more than just a lifeless vehicle to sell your product.

Quick Tips to Succeed in Content Marketing

To build out page content that shows off exactly what you do, try getting some ideas from your audience to see what they are interested in. Send out a regular blog post keeping your consumers updated on what you are doing and refreshing new ideas. The ad may have brought them to your website, but it’s the content that will keep them there, and get them thinking about your business in a way that they may not have before. 

Another interesting tip that can help you get what you want out of your content marketing strategy is to see what your competitors are doing. Now, do not steal ideas or marketing materials from your competitors, but rather look at the way they are engaging in content marketing. 

The G.I. Joe Story

Did you know: You can thank content marketing for the success of the beloved action hero toy, G.I. Joe. Although this popular toy originated in the 1940s, it wasn’t until the brand’s team up with Marvel almost 40 years later that gave the hero a compelling backstory, adversaries, and a team that the toy saw a resurgence and became the commercial success that it is today.

Content Marketing’s Relationship to Other Marketing Techniques

The best part is that content marketing is the perfect complement to any digital marketing campaign. Create beautifully written landing pages to close those conversions. Got an eye-popping and award-winning blog that tells your audience all about how to use your product in a fun and exciting way? Share it on your social media channels and build up some web traffic. Trying to hit that million-dollar keyword? Content Marketing can be just the springboard that your SEO campaign needs to get you there. Maybe pair your blog with your next email campaign — the possibilities are endless!

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