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Why Bing Ads is Right For My Company?

  • Bing Ads campaign management is right for you if your business is an “emergency, I need help right now” type of business model. (Examples are: Plumber, Electrician, Towing Service).
  • You’re looking to find your customers very quickly instead of relying on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • You haven’t executed a marketing strategy for your business correctly and you really need customer or client leads right now.
  • Your business is entering its holiday season and you are interested in gaining additional market share & additional leads as a supplement to your already successful marketing program.
  • You are launching a new product/service for your business and you would like to be found online quickly for your new business initiative.
  • Your product or service is in a very competitive niche and one that is or could be in demand.
  • A sizable component of your client or customers age demographic is the Baby Boomer age demographic.

Why Bing Ads are NOT Right For My Company?

  • Bing Ads may not be your best marketing choice if your business model does not carry any sense of urgency with your customers. (Examples:  Apparel, retailers, wholesalers, and consumable goods businesses)
  • Your business model is highly competitive and your current budget may not be substantial to handle the expensive keyword costs within your industry.  (Examples:  Car Insurance costs per click (CPC) averages $70.00 per click.  If an insurance agent earns $50.00 per policy, a $70.00 marketing spend is unrealistic)
  • Your business website is not currently up to date with the most advanced technology (i.e. not mobile-friendly and responsive) and your website is NOT designed with optimal lead conversion best practices.
  • You intend to manage your Bing Ads campaign yourself.  You are the subject matter expert in your business field.  Most business owners are not the subject matter expert with Marketing-specifically functioning as a Bing Ads certified partner to design and execute their own campaign.  Most of these scenarios cause tremendous LOSS to the business through wasted marketing dollars, and loss to the businesses P & L Net Income.
  • A sizable component of your customer or client’s age demographic are Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennial age demographics

Our Bing Ads Approach

Our Bing Ads certified partners are committed and calibrated to ensure your Ad Words campaigns are executed to deliver the best lead conversion results while simultaneously searching for innovative and cutting-edge drivers that minimize Costs Per Click, and utilizing the leanest budget. Examples of our detailed campaign components, strategies, and priorities are listed below:

  • To execute promoting your website, The AD Leaf ®‘s Bing Ads team will implement a keyword research strategy that will allow us to set up our campaigns for conversions on your website.
  • In addition to bidding and creative analytics within our keyword research strategy, The AD Leaf ®‘s will put together advanced long-tail, exact match, broad match, and or phrase match keywords for your campaigns to help increase the execution of a highly targeted demographic, low-competition keywords, thus minimizing CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) & maximizing ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).
  • Our proprietary Bing Ads specialized-matching techniques will be implemented throughout your Bing Ads PPC campaign to accurately target which keywords or phrases are profitable and help with your ROI and which keywords, ads and campaigns should be paused.
  • We test multiple variations and dimensions of our advertising copy, finding the right mix which appeals to maximize response rate and most of all improve your conversion rates.

The AD Leaf ®‘s Bing Ads PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management includes the following services as part of our standard Ad Words management practices:

  • Fact Finding Evaluation: We will collaborate with you to determine your objectives and understand the products and services you are promoting.
  • Extensive Detailed Campaign Structure: We will optimize your campaign structure to help with ease of management, increase your Click through Rate and Quality Score, and to easily identify non-performing groups.
  • Keyword Research and Optimization: We will research the keywords in your market to determine the popular, relevant, and optimal keyword spread. We’ll also uncover the lowest cost niche search terms which will help your ROI. Whenever possible and where it makes the most sense for our client, we will use long-tail keywords to drive qualified traffic at lower CPCs.
  • Ad Copy Creation tool: An effective ad copy is required to entice your visitors to click on your ads. We create an attractive and aggressive, call-to-action ad copy, which increases the click-through rate. This, in turn, increases the probability of a click from Bing’s search engine traffic. Most of the times, you might see a decent product, backed by a poor ad copy which is a factor we follow. This can often turn the traffic and more importantly, turn the possible sale, away. Attractive ad copies can increase the click-through rate, which in turn increases the number of sales which helps calculation of the conversion rates.
  • Website Landing Page Optimization tool: We will ensure that the pages on your site where PPC traffic is being sent are optimized to give you the best conversion rates by assigning keywords to the most relevant landing page that will help to lower your cost of acquisition and increase your conversions.
  • Ad Split Testing tool: We will create and test multiple ads to run against each other. We implement this strategy to be sure you’re always using the best converting ad copy. This is a version of A/B split testing which most companies do not use.
  • Optimized Bid Strategy: Using detailed reporting and keyword data, we will adjust the bidding to determine the best and most profitable position for each of your keywords.

Negative Keywords: When it comes to finding negative keywords in your campaign, we work to ensure we remove keywords that are not relevant to your business and to keep only keywords your campaigns are ranking for, are those that are relevant, and conversion focused for our clients.

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To learn more about how Bing Ads can positively impact your business’s sales and marketing, please contact us to schedule your consultation today. E:  P: 321.255.0900

What is Bing Ads Management?

If 100% of consumers aren’t looking on Google, then why limit your online ad presence there? Though Bing and Yahoo accounts for considerably less user market share than Google, they still receive nearly four hundred million searches each day combined. With Bing PPC Ads occupying nearly hour of vital sections on the primary page of search results for Bing and Yahoo, Bing Ads is very advantageous.

Bing Ads Management is thru Bing’s advertising platform, and are made to serve ads on each Bing and Yahoo’s platform. Bing PPC Ads may be very helpful to so many businesses and industries once paired with a powerful Bing Ads management campaign. Our team of Bing Ads Management Consultants will facilitate build a powerful online presence for your business that involves a good, ROI-driven Bing Ads campaign.

What Are Bing Ads Management Benefits?

You may be wondering why Bing Ads are so valued by many advertisers and are worth doing. You may be surprised that Bing Ads Management have some powerful benefits for advertisers that alternative platforms merely do not. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

  1. Bing Pay-Per-Click Ads offers additional granular management at the campaign and ad cluster levels.
  2. Bing PPC Management has more effective social extensions.
  3. They has higher device targeting choices.
  4. Bing PPC Ads allow you to dig deeper into search demographic targeting.
  5. The ads offers additional transparency and management over search partner targeting.


More Granular Management

Unlike in Google Ads Management, Bing permits you to assign totally different campaigns within different time zones. This makes subtle ad programing ways so much easier to manage in Bing, notably if your campaigns reaches locations internationally. In Google’s PPC Plafform, Google causes you to set your network, location, ad programing, language, and ad rotation settings at the campaign level and ad teams area unit restricted to their campaign-level settings. Bing Ads, however, opens these choices up at the individual ad level, permitting you to quickly regulate a setting for a specific ad level while not having to travel through the effort of making a greenhorn campaign to form the modification.

More Effective Social Extensions

Bing commenced testing social extensions around 2014, due to the fact that there was a large quantity of Twitter users associated with advertising with their ads. This can be clearly immense with reference to social influence. Google shows their social extensions to their platform, Google+. However, that platform is currently not running anymore.

Better Device Targeting Choices

Google earned the scorn of the paid search community a few years back after they forced the migration to increased campaigns, wherever campaigns by default targeted all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Users will regulate their bids some for mobile and tablets, but users couldn’t opt of targeting desktop searches. While Bing plans to get rid of some targeting choices, Bing PPC Ads advertisers can still exclude desktop and other types of traffic from their campaigns if they desire.

Dig Deeper Into Demographic Targeting

Google Display Ads permits for demographic targeting. However, there is currently not many options for demographic targeting within the search network. Bing Ads allows for demographic targeting at the ad level or campaign level, for any type of campaign. This can be an excellent effective tool within the advertising platform for people who apprehend that a product or service is often purchased by a selected interest or a specific gender.

More Transparency and Management Options

There are 2 selections for search at the Google campaign level, and people tend to focus on Google search and search partners. You furthermore may not see that partner search engines are driving traffic to your website to use this info to optimize your campaign. With Bing Ads Management, you’ll target simply Bing and Yahoo!, simply the search partners. Otherwise, you will target a service or product that’s typically purchased by a specific group. You’ll additionally see which ad partners are actually driving traffic to your website by reviewing your reports tab and clicking on “Website URL”. Additionally, if you see a value or one thing else you don’t like by one among these search partners, you’ll simply opt of utilizing their network with the “website exclusion” choice.