Google Ads manager in Melbourne FL

PPC Management in Melbourne, Florida

PPC Ads management is the implementation of pay-per-click strategies from an individual marketing manager or a team of digital marketers to assist in generating leads and conversions on the Google Ads platform and other search engines. Here at The AD Leaf ®, we can help you create a plan that will make your ads get the engagement they deserve.

Before you even begin to advertise on search engines, you have to start with the type of visitors you want to attract to your website. You need to make sure that you are marketing to the people that fit your target audience the most. We can help you make sure that you are setting up the best campaigns using the following:

Keyword Research

We can help you select the relevant keywords and phrases that your potential clients would enter into a search engine to find products and services. We can also help you find out how much a keyword would cost once someone clicks your ads which will help determine the right amount for your budget and determine an ROI.

Writing Advertisements

Our team will create emotional and engaging headlines and ad copy to intrigue your potential clients and have them inquiring more about your products and services. We work with you to produce the most effective ads that get high conversions.

Tracking Conversions

We will set up tools to track your conversions and to come up with additional strategies to generate even more conversions.

Generating High-Quality Leads

With the combination of an effective and engaging ad copy and landing page for your product and services, we will make it advantageous to have your leads be of the highest quality and relevant to learn more about your business.

Campaign Monitoring

We will monitor your search term reports closely to learn which keywords/queries are most often used. We then use these reports to focus on buys on the most common searches.

Importance of PPC Management

If time and budget are important to you, it is probably to your advantage to outsource this task. This is because a lot of data and information that can be difficult to sort through is involved. If you have a desire to learn all the information required then there are plenty of online resources to assist you in gaining the knowledge you need to start advertising on search engines.

Who Should Invest in PPC Advertising?

PPC advertisements work well for certain types of businesses. If your business model involves emergency services, then a PPC ad campaign can convert clicks into leads very well. Businesses that are entering their holiday season can utilize search engine ads for gaining additional market share. 

PPC Management in Melbourne, Florida

Here at The AD Leaf ®, we are committed to helping you through every step of the process. To learn more about how pay-per-click ads can positively impact your business, contact us today. Investing in PPC can create the necessary impressions of your business desires by gaining immediate traffic, so you shouldn’t delay.

PPC Advertising in Melbourne, Florida

People from all walks of life use search engines on a daily basis. They can be used for almost anything, from answering a simple question to finding a complex recipe. That is why they are such a great place to advertise your business. You might find answers in your search results with an “AD” label, and that is the result of pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising. If this is something that your business would benefit from, The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm LLC. has got the services for you!

Our certified PPC partners here in Melbourne, Florida are committed to ensuring your ads and campaigns are executed to deliver the best lead conversion results. We are also simultaneously searching for innovative and cutting-edge drivers that minimize Costs Per Click and utilize the leanest budget. The AD Leaf ®’s PPC services include the following services as part of our standard PPC practices:

Fact-Finding Evaluation

When advertising, you need to make sure that all of your ad’s information is correct. That is why we can help you fact-check all of your ads to make sure they are not misleading to your audience.

Extensive Detailed Campaign Structure

We will help you create the best Google Ads campaign for you and your business. This includes finding out what the best keywords and possible search inquiries will be to put ad placement on. 

Keyword Research and Optimization

We figure out the right keywords that you and your ads should focus on, as well as optimizing the keywords you currently advertise on!

Ad Copy Creation 

We can help you write the best ad copy that will attract many potential customers. We focus on what exactly your customer is looking for and why they should choose you, in only a few words.

Website Landing Page Optimization

The landing page of your website is what attracts visitors the most and convinces them to stay. Let our team help optimize your landing pages so that your audience is able to get the information they need the most.

Ad Split Testing 

Cannot decide on two different advertisements? Let us test both of them to see which one yields the best results.

Optimized Bid Strategy

Companies and brands bid for ad space. When you work with us, we will create the best strategy to get you the space that will attract the most customers. 

Negative Keywords

These are keywords that you and your business want to avoid. We can exclude them from our ad campaigns at your request.

Who Should Invest in PPC Advertising?

PPC advertisements work well for certain types of businesses. If your business model involves emergency services (e.g. plumber, electrician, towing service, etc.), then a PPC ad campaign can convert clicks into leads very well. If you haven’t executed a marketing strategy correctly for your business and are in need of quick leads, our PPC management is also for you. Furthermore, businesses that are entering their holiday season can utilize search engine ads for gaining additional market share as a supplement for your business’ success. 

PPC Advertising in Melbourne, FL

Here at The AD Leaf ®, we are committed to helping you through every step of the process. To learn more about how pay-per-click ads can positively impact your business’s sales and marketing, please contact us to schedule your consultation. Investing in PPC can create the necessary impressions of your business desires by gaining immediate traffic, so you shouldn’t delay.

Is Your Marketing Cutting It? Here’s How To Make The Most Out Of Your Budget.

Let’s cut to the chase: without proper marketing, your business is set to struggle. In today’s digital age, having an online presence is more important than ever. Even if you do have a digital presence, are you truly making the most of it?

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or have been in the game for a while, it might be time to reassess your budget. According to BDC, your marketing budget should be between 2 and 5% of your revenue for business to business, B2B, and between 5 and 10% for business to consumer, B2C. The term marketing is broad, so you may be wondering how you can know what you should be putting your investment in. The AD Leaf is here to break down how you can truly make the most of your budget.

Marketing Is An Investment

Something to keep in mind when planning out your budget is that marketing is an investment you are making and not simply an expense. When you pay for marketing, you are hopefully going to see results that will help your company endlessly. While it can be hard to justify spending the cash, especially for small businesses, there are so many reasons why marketing is worth the investment. When you market your business, you are:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Increasing your sales
  • Alerting potential customers and clients to new deals, offerings, and sales
  • Building a customer base
  • Taking advantage of social media and other online spaces
  • Putting your business where your customers are
  • Receiving analytics to help improve your future business strategy

Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget

Marketing budgets can be hard to set for small and big businesses alike. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the right combination of online platforms to get a good ROI, return on investment. We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve for you to use to get your business off the ground.

  • Start your business off on the right foot: New businesses can have a harder time breaking into an established field. By spending a little extra money upfront, around 15-20% of your revenue depending on your industry, you can get a boost into your target market. Once your business becomes a little better established, you can drop your spending to about 5-10%.
  • Try competition matching: Take a look at what your competitors are doing that’s working for them. Could it also be applied to your marketing strategy? If so, you might be able to get inspiration from other players in the field.
  • Keep your goals in mind: Having a goal-driven marketing strategy is one of the best ways to reach your objectives. Try using the acronym S.M.A.R.T. to set your goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Keeping this acronym in mind will help you set goals you can realistically hope to achieve with specific ways to achieve them.
  • Imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes: While this is a pretty straightforward piece of advice, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that you should always think of what’s happening on the other end of your marketing. Are you solving a problem for a customer, or are you just trying to sell a product? Always keep in mind your customer’s journey all the way from your advertisement to them clicking “complete purchase”. What keeps them clicking through? You should also ask yourself how many leads you are getting, and how many are turning into paying customers. Focusing on the buyer is crucial to your marketing success.
  • Keep your ROI in mind: When you start spending on marketing, make sure you are tracking your ROI. By measuring your ROI, you can determine if your budget needs to be adjusted, or if you should increase your spending.

Who We Are

The AD Leaf Marketing Firm is made of experts well-versed in social media research and content creation. We would love to conquer the world of ever-changing social media and research for your company and help sky-rocket your business’s online presence and social engagement. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you grow by using our online form or call us at 321.255.0900. You can also email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!

Google ads campaign

Google Ads Campaign Management For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business looking to launch a Google ads campaign for your company, you may think you can’t afford this type of pay per click advertising. Alternatively, you may want to learn how to run a paid search campaign yourself which is a valuable skill to have. However, it can be time-consuming to manage campaigns while simultaneously managing your business. If you make an attempt to rush in without performing the proper research, you will probably make common beginner’s mistakes and blow your budget with nothing to show for it. This is the main reason why it is best to have a reputable digital marketing agency to handle your Google ads management for you.

Why Use Google Ads Campaigns For Your Small Business?

Reach People When They’re Looking For You

If you target the right keywords with your Google ads, you can get in front of potential customers at the exact moment they’re looking for your products. Having an ad that serves up your products on relevant keywords is a great way to get new customers.

Target Based On Your Location

If you run a local business, you don’t care about appearing in search results outside of your area. Google Ads lets you target your searches based on your location, which can help you get in front of potential customers near you.

Target Multiple Audiences That Use The Same Product

If you sell products that can appeal to multiple different audiences, Google ads can help you reach those audiences by letting you target different keywords. PPC ads would let you target each audience individually by using industry-specific keywords. For example, “Rustic coffee table” and “Western-style wooden tables” may apply to similar products, but they attract very different audiences—Google’s pay per click ads and campaigns let you target both.

Send People To Specific Landing Pages For Products/Services

When someone clicks on an ad, they get sent to a landing page on your website. One of the strengths of launching a Google ad is that you get to choose that page. A lot of people send pay per click traffic to their home page, which is ok, however, it is not ideal. But one of the major strengths of Google ads is that you can send people to your customized landing pages that are optimized to convert. By sending people to landing pages that offer what they’re looking for, you can increase your chances of converting them into customers.

Track Results Easily

With Google ads, you can track click-through rate, cost-per-click, ad spend, as well as conversion rate on your landing pages. You can also split test different ad copy and landing pages easy to maximize your ROI.  Return on investment is a huge consideration for your marketing budget, and Google ads won’t leave you guessing.

Get Results Quickly

Other approaches to getting seen in search engines can take a long time to start working. The conversion process is longer and more difficult to measure. Google ads aren’t a silver bullet, but they will get you results much faster than most other marketing tactics. If you have the know-how, products, ad copy, and landing pages together already, Google ads are a simple way to start getting sales.

Google ads and other pay per click platforms, like search engine optimization, helps companies to get their brands seen by customers searching for relevant search terms. Both of these digital marketing techniques help to increase your boost your website’s ranking so that it appears higher up on search engine result pages. Search engine optimization is a slower, long-term, organic method, whereas paid search is often a quick fix option, providing your business with a short burst of visibility which can be beneficial for temporary promotions or to publicize the launch of a new product or service.

If you require management for your Google ads campaign and looking to find a company that offers services for your small business, here are items that will be incorporated with your package below:

  • One-off set up costs
  • Regular reports and analytics
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Optimization of existing pay per click campaigns
  • A dedicated accounts manager
  • Keyword performance and campaign monitoring
  • Budget recommendation
  • No minimum spend requirement

At The AD Leaf Marketing Firm®, we understand that not every business has the time to invest their full efforts into PPC Ads. To learn more about how Google ads campaign management can bring more leads to your business, contact us via our phone number, (321) 255.0900. Or, set up a consultation by emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Google Ads

How You Should Test Your New Product?

If you’re a small business owner or a startup, you may be developing a new product line or service for your potential customers. However, there’s this doubt in your mind that your product launch may fail. You’re probably thinking, “What if it fails?”, or “If I lose profits, how can I recover?”. To prevent any doubt, This is where you should run a small test to see if there’s a market for your product/service in the first place. As a business owner, you’ll always be excited when it comes to product launches. But, if you don’t do proper testing, your doubts could potentially become your reality. In this post, we would like to give you more ways on how you should test your new product with Google Ads.

How Do You Test The Market For A New Product With Google Ads?

Market Research

This is your first step to testing your new product, implementing a good old fashion market research. As you form your business idea, take the time to learn more about the market for your product. In particular, get into the minds of your customers, scope out your competition, and get up to speed on industry trends.

Set Up A Landing Page

Once you put together a profile of your customer wanting to purchase your new product, you’re going to set up a strong landing page. Since your product won’t be ready for the market, set up a page with some info on the product you are planning on launching. Also, use an email capture form so you can gather email addresses of interested buyers. At the same time, give them an incentive to sign up such as sneak peeks, early updates or first access to your product is a great incentive to get an email address.

Choose A Budget That You’re Comfortable Spending

Of course, you should always use a budget that your comfortable spending when you’re testing your new product. You’ll need to set the maximum cost per click you are willing to spend as well as your daily budget. Not setting these properly could cause you to burn through your test budget too quickly.

Analyze Results From Your Campaigns

If you find that there is a steady stream of traffic responding to your Google Ads you will know that there is a market and demand for the product or service you are developing. Once you begin capture email addresses from your landing page, you can contact your potential customers when you are ready to launch your new product. On the other hand, if no one is responding to your ads you may decide that the challenge in finding buyers may outweigh the potential for your product. Tweak your ads by changing up your headlines and description as well as researching and adding relevant keywords to your campaigns.

At The AD Leaf ®, we understand that not every business has the time to invest their full efforts into PPC Ads. To learn more about how investing in Google Ads can bring more leads to your business, contact us via our phone number, (321) 255.0900. Or, set up a consultation by emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!


adwords landing pages

Why Should You Use Landing Pages For Google Ads?

A PPC landing page is a standalone web page that you plan to use in an AdWords, Bing Ads or related paid advertisement. It is a dedicated page for the user to ‘enter’ once they click on a Google Ad.

Particularly good PPC landing pages typically contain only one target or objective for a focused campaign known as a Call To Action (CTA). Their simplicity — and relevance — is what makes dedicated landing pages one of the best ways to boost your paid traffic conversions and lower the cost-per-click of your PPC campaigns.

The Benefits of Landing Pages For PPC

The game-changing value of landing pages and why they work so well with ads can boil down to the difference between organic versus paid traffic.

Your website is primarily a way to attract organic traffic. Google selects and serves links on your site that are thought to be the best match for a particular search query, and these links selected by Google are typically placed below paid ads. This organic traffic is largely why you need a search-optimized website.

In contrast, with paying ads on Google Ads or Bing Ads, you can choose where to direct visitors, as your paid ad will typically be placed towards the very top of the SERP.

For example, you can choose to link this paid traffic to the homepage of your website, but this isn’t actually your best conversion option. Generally, content on your homepage — or even other site pages — often does not match the premise of your ads, and will not always contain info or a tailored call-to-action.

As advertisers inevitably learn, paying traffic referring to common web pages does not lead to strong conversations, leading to an increase in cost-per-click. This is mainly because visitors often can’t find what they specifically searched for on the generic page and typically bounce faster (signaling to Google that the user experience was negative).

On the other hand, if visitors click on a highly relevant landing page from an ad, they will find information that reinforces the ad ‘s promise, and they will find a distinct call to action or be persuaded to take the next step. By simplifying the available options you are helping to ensure a smoother conversion path.

The Anatomy Of A Strong Landing Page

Once you have decided to lower your cost-per-click and get better ROI on your paid ad spending with PPC landing pages, it’s all about creating them.

The best PPC landing pages contain 5 key elements, based on what we typically see with our clients:

  • Strong images in context (including a ‘hero shot’ at the top of the page)
  • A headline and a subheader
  • A single, focused call to action that could either be a form or button
  • Features and benefits of your offer clearly outlined
  • Testimonials or social proof that supports your argument

AdWords Can Reward Relevant Landing Pages

Not only does a landing page allow you to present a focused, carefully selected call to action and customize your click-through experience to match the expectations set up by your ad, but if you match each PPC ad with its own hyper-relevant, standalone landing page, you could:

  • Get a higher AdWords Quality Score (in turn boost your Ad Rank and Search Impression Share, getting your ads served up more frequently)
  • Reduce cost-per-click
  • Lower cost-per-acquisition
  • Increase conversions on offers that you run with paid services

At The AD Leaf ®, we understand that not every business has the time to invest their full efforts into PPC Ads. To learn more about how investing in Google Ads can bring more leads to your business, contact us via our phone number, (321) 255.0900. Or, set up a consultation by emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Google Ads Update

Google Ads Requiring All Advertisers To Identify Verification

Google had announced a recent important Google Ads update. They are requiring all advertisers on their platform “to complete a verification program in order to buy ads” on the Google Ads network. This idea was brought up previously. However, the program is now being activated for all advertisers now. As Google explains here, certain advertisers will be required to submit some form of verification that will prove the legitimacy of their legal business or their individual name. This, of course, will be done through providing supporting documentation.

The verification program will first begin in the United States and will apply to Search, Display and YouTube advertisements. However, over time, it will be rolled out globally. Other details include that advertisers that are required to complete the verification program will be notified and given 30 days to complete and submit the verification form. Once the advertiser submits it, it will take about three to five days for Google to verify the information given. However, failure to fully complete the given program within the 30 days may result in not only ad restrictions, but Google may also stop your ads all together.

Google will also be adding new ad disclosures to each advertisement. Such disclosures will display the advertiser’s name and country. Overall, the verification program will involve the following:

  • Business incorporation documents
  • Personal identification methods
  • Operating geography (country, etc.)
  • Possibly other forms of proof to verify who they are


Why Google Ads Is Rolling Out This Program

According to the announcement from Jack Canfield, Director of Product Management, Ads Integrity, Google is trying to “provide greater transparency and equip users with more information about who is advertising to them”. He also further explains the following:

“This change will make it easier for people to understand who the advertiser is behind the ads they see from Google and help them make more informed decisions when using our advertising controls. It will also help support the health of the digital advertising ecosystem by detecting bad actors and limiting their attempts to misrepresent themselves.”


What Changes Users Will Experience in Ads

As mentioned earlier, Google is planning to add disclosures to all ads that are verified. This disclosure will simply give details on the identity of the advertiser. A small downwards arrow will be added to such ads, and when pressed, it will show a “Why this Ad?” option. Upon pressing this option, the following option will appear:

  • Advertiser name
  • Country location
  • A toggle option to stop receiving ads from them

For Display ads, the following information will be available on the Ad Choices icon, or the “x” that is on the following banner. For YouTube ads, the disclosure information can be viewed by clicking the “i” icon, as well as the three dot icon in the ad.


What Does This Change Mean?

Some would argue that there are both some positives, but also some downsides to the Google Ads update. The security aspect is a great improvement, as this would help keep out illegitimate advertisers from using Google Ads and competing against real users. However, a possible downside is that there could be an influx of accidental clicks. This is due to the fact the disclosure arrow is being added to each advertisement is actually very small, and some people may accidentally click the ad rather than the small arrow symbol.

PPC management

How To Manage PPC Campaigns During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As you well know, the world is in a major panic because of COVID-19. Not only is it affecting the lives of others, but it is also affecting businesses on a local and global scale (offline and online). Also, If you’re a business that implements online campaigns (Google, Bing, etc…) and PPC management strategies, you may have these questions come to mind:

  • Should I pause my campaigns in order to manage expenses?
  • Should I scale back my budget?

These are important questions to ask and hard decisions to make should you want to play on the defensive end. However, there’s always a flip side.

You can take charge of your business in this crisis by playing on the offensive end. There’s a popular saying that goes like this:

“When Everyone Goes Right, You Go Left.”

We’re not saying you should go crazy on your spending, but to keep your business moving forward so you can gain profits for your survival.

This is where you, as a business owner, will need to courageous, flexible, creative, and patient with our ever-changing environment.

In this post, we’ll provide some tips on how you can manage your PPC campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adjusting Your Budget and Spending For PPC Management

We mentioned earlier about pausing your PPC campaigns or scaling back your budget. Of course, pausing a PPC campaign would be considered playing defense. But what about scaling back your budget?

This may be also be considered playing defense but you’re actually playing both ends of the floor (We know we’re using sports references).

Instead of spending $100 a day on a campaign, cut your budget in half and spend $50. Also, take a look at your campaigns to see where you’re getting more clicks and conversions and focus your attention there.

Let your campaigns run for a week, look at your data, then adjust your budget and spending accordingly to see if you’re gaining a profit or taking a loss.

Mentioning Your Business Proposition In Your Ad Copy

Many businesses are closing their doors which means that many people will be staying at home which also means that many people will be online. This is where you can take advantage and pivot your message by adding a promotion on your PPC campaigns.

For example, if you’re a restaurant business, you can add a discount of 5% on orders that are over $40 if they apply a particular coupon. In addition, you can provide a Free Touchless Delivery Service in your message to show that you’re concern about their health and want to protect them.

Of course, whatever promotion that you’re providing to your customer, make sure it’s adjusted on your website.

Now that you know how you can manage your PPC campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re fully equipped to make a decision to play defense or offense for your business.

There’s no reason why you should just sit on the sidelines. Your competitors are experiencing the same fears you are, but at least you can take matters into your own hands by using sound PPC Management principles as well as having your PPC campaigns online so your business can survive in the upcoming future.

If you’re in need of PPC Management for your campaigns,  contact the team at The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm and learn how you can grow with us today and weather the storm that is COVID-19!

Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing To Survive COVID-19

Why Businesses Need A Digital Marketing Strategy To Survive COVID-19

In the coming months, businesses of all sizes are going to become extra reliant than ever on their digital marketing strategy. Without wanting to sound too much like a killjoy, in many cases, it will be the deciding factor in whether they make it through the tough times that are ahead. 

The unparalleled, and almost-total disappearance of all channels related to live events and conferences, and the increasing barriers on face-to-face business, pose an enormous challenge to any business model. 

B2B companies, in particular, rely on the annual circuit of trade shows and exhibitions to network and build customer relations. In industries that are not digital-native, they may also be less sophisticated in their digital growth and customer relations strategies. Especially in the case of smaller businesses that are used to getting new customers strictly word-of-mouth referrals or on the strength of a hard-won reputation, their loss is going to come as a shock if it hasn’t already.

Larger companies are now finding themselves in the position of having potentially lost millions of dollars from canceled events alone. They won’t claw back the hours of time and expense spent on preparations for this year, but insurance and flexible cancellation policies are going to leave them with some marketing budget to reassign. Digital Marketing in any aspect is likely going to be the clear and obvious choice here, and companies that may not so much as had a Facebook page before will need to move into social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and even influencer-led campaigns. 

This, of course, means there are opportunities out there for the taking and a key factor in resilience is adaptability. If it’s standard in your industry to go out and meet new customers face-to-face before you do business, adapting may mean opening new channels over web or social media platforms where introductions can be made and relationship fostered. In the coming months, you prospective clients are going to be less open to the idea of letting you walk through the door and shake their hand, and no-one really has any idea how long this will last and whether this will lead to longer-term change. 

We are going to be in some uncertain times, but with the increase of remote working and a collaborative approach, companies are going to turn to digital channels and embrace the transformation. There has already been a real spike in the last few weeks from companies wishing to create or update their websites, launch new social media channels and campaigns focused on home-workers and a real focus on using influencers and SEO to reach new audiences. 

Being confined to the office — or even the home — rather than on the road on sales visits or at events, means marketers are going to have more time to develop digital marketing strategies. This means researching where your customers can be found online, and how different approaches and tactics might impact your success. If your organization previously put minimal efforts into digital channels, now is going to be a prime time to revisit them. That could be as simple as giving your website or social media pages a refresh, or a more innovative approach. 

A key point to note is that a lot of corporate entities use up about 50-60% of their marketing budgets on events. When things go back to normal, budgets will most likely be going back to those live face-to-face events, but if organizations can see the benefits and opportunities that digital marketing can offer, they might understand the benefit of adding it to their long-term marketing strategy. 

Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn Live are going to be crucial moving forward as the ability to connect with a targeted audience real-time is very beneficial, if not essential. 

It’s certainly true that the coming weeks, or months – or however long this situation lasts – will be a challenging time for any company that isn’t ready to think about how they will replace the opportunities that have been lost. 

As long as businesses can approach the shift to digital marketing strategically, there’s no reason why it should just serve as an emergency fill-in but could carry on providing long-term value when the world eventually gets back to normal. And of course, this would make companies more resilient to deal with any future pandemics. Do you need help with your Digital Marketing Strategy? Looking to take your social media or SEO to the next step? Contact the team at The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm and learn how you can grow with us today and weather the storm that is COVID-19!

Marketing Agency

5 Reasons To Hire A Marketing Agency VS An In-House Team

Should you hire a Marketing Agency or build an in-house team?

In today’s digital landscape, there is no shortage of marketing options for businesses. From freelancers and marketing agencies to hiring your own in-house team, companies have more choices than ever before, specifically when it comes to online marketing. As your business grows, you will need to consider how your marketing will be handled, including whether to hire new employees and build an internal marketing team or empower your brand through a Marketing Agency.

While each has its own advantages, a full-service Marketing Agency provides substantial value to large, medium, and even small businesses. They strive to build cohesive and effective brands, put organizations in front of their customers and audience, and drive sales through awareness.

5 Reasons to Hire A Marketing Agency

1. Unparalleled Experience

Why piece together individual talents when you can hire an experienced Marketing Agency to handle everything for you? One of the major advantages of hiring a Marketing Agency is a professional experience. In fact, a good agency will have specific knowledge in a wide range of industries and markets, along with experience facing a diverse range of scenarios and challenges never encountered by many newer business owners. Having a knowledgeable and experienced staff at your side can produce immediate results for owners, helping to quickly get your marketing efforts off the ground.

2. Broader Skillsets

It can be difficult to locate suitable in-house employees with branding and marketing skills such as SEO and graphic design. By hiring a Marketing Agency, you’ll not only have the necessary tools to achieve your vision for success but a suite of creative services at your fingertips.

For example, a full-service Marketing Agency can assist clients in everything from rebranding their company image and website, developing their print and direct mail campaigns, and creating a social strategy to boost SEO and PPC campaigns. With a Marketing Agency, a client may choose to utilize one service or all them–whereas, with an in-house team, businesses are limited in what they can achieve.

3. Fresh Perspective & Inspiration

Another major advantage of hiring a Marketing Agency is a new perspective. A marketing team can help inject new life into marketing efforts, helping to identify unseen opportunities and enhance current campaigns. One example is social media marketing. With more companies looking to broaden their social reach through sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, a Marketing Agency can significantly enhance a brand’s approach to social media, including how they’re perceived by their audience.

4. Speed, Efficiency, and Consistency

As an up-and-coming business owner, you’ll be forced to wear several hats when getting your business off the ground. Generally speaking, this will almost include tackling aspects of the business you’re unfamiliar with, such as branding and digital marketing. With only so much time in the day, it’s important your marketing approach doesn’t suffer from time restraints or inexperience. Hiring a Marketing Agency can easily solve this dilemma.

5. More Affordable Than Hiring In-House

The cost of hiring and maintaining a team of in-house marketers can be very expensive. For smaller businesses, this expense may be too much to afford.
One of the more surprising benefits of hiring a Marketing Agency is cost-effectiveness. Along with providing a plethora of knowledge, experience, and skillset, a Marketing Agency is almost always more affordable compared to hiring a full-time marketing team. For example, after hiring a marketing manager, web designer, graphic designer, content writer, and social media manager, the total cost can reach upwards of multiple six figures a year! And that’s not even including the cost of employee benefits.

Marketing is the heart and soul of any business. At The AD Leaf ®, we’ve spent the last 25 years working with a diverse range of clients — from healthcare and technology to governmental, law enforcement and consumer goods — to perfect our approach to marketing, advertising, and branding. From strategic creative direction to engaging digital marketing, our extensive marketing team is here to handle every aspect of your business.

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