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How Can Product Photography in Help My Business?

Congratulations. You have just started your new business. And you have had this idea for years, but it was only recently that you decided that you were ready to take the plunge and go all in. You have enough money saved up to get everything going and pay rent for at least a year.

The product? Well that is going to pay for itself once you start selling it. You have worked out everything perfectly when it comes to cost you just need to make sure the product sells. You have a great understanding of social media and just enough SEO knowledge to get you by for at least the start of your business, but there is just one problem.

Every single picture you take of your product looks bad. You don’t understand why, but you just cannot get your product to shine through in the way you know it can. You are extremely concerned that if the product doesn’t look good then it won’t sell even with the rest of the great work you have done.

As dire as this sounds there are many businesses that fall into this exact situation. They have done all the work necessary to be successful, but they just can’t make what they are offering look appealing to the average customer. For those that work in product based businesses, this could be a death sentence to their business. They need their product to look great to be successful.

The AD Leaf ® Knows What To Do

At The AD Leaf ®, we understand that not everyone can take that perfect photo. It is frustrating, but sometimes you just need that perfect eye for how photography works. Even if you have the best possible lighting, a camera that only the highest level of professionals use, and a blocking style that you know for a fact should work if you don’t have the eye for photography then that picture will never come out perfect.

At The AD Leaf ®, we have experts in marketing trained to help businesses become the best they can be. Whether you are just starting off and need help getting off the ground, or you have been in operation for years and just need help taking that next step up, we can help you.

We have years of experience helping businesses pull themselves up and become the best they can be. If you are in need of incredible product photography then let us work with you to make it that way. We will handle the photo taking process, uploading it online, and we can even help you market those products.

Why stop at just taking pictures of the product when you can advertise them on your social media channels? An extra benefit of great product photography is you can take that photography and use it across platforms. You know what will make your social media look even better? When you have a post about your incredible products you will be able to use one of those incredible pictures to add to it.

If you would like, we can handle both for you. While you are working away hard at work every day you can trust us to not only take the best product pictures possible but then turn those pictures into great social media posts. Down the line, we may even be able to take lifestyle type photos with your products.

How Does Product Photography Work For Me?

A product photography campaign with The AD Leaf ® would involve a communicative process where we work with you to get the best images possible for your products. We want you to not only walk away satisfied with our incredible product images, but an understanding of how we took these high quality photos. This will include a process where we discuss the best place to take the images, what devices will be used to take the images, and how many images are needed for each individual product.  


We all know lighting plays a crucial role in picture taking. Too much darkness can hide the image and make it look drab and unappealing, but too bright and it might look washed out. Almost fake. Our team of experts knows what proper lighting is and more importantly what a good picture is. If we do not get it right the first time we will keep trying until we have the perfect image.

One of the key decisions we will have to make while deciding what kind of lighting to use is if we should use artificial or natural. Depending on the product both have their pros and cons. Typically you will see a natural light photo for products that are used outside while you will see more artificial light in traditional shopping product images.

Touch ups

While we want every single picture to be perfect it is true that sometimes things escape through the cracks. Maybe we were taking a photo outside for some good natural lighting and a bug happened to fly in and out of frame before the photographer could notice. Luckily we can make the proper touch ups to take these out and make sure every product description stays perfect.

High quality images

Perhaps the most important detail in all of this is that we always make sure our images are of a high quality. You will not see grainy and gross product images come from our work. We strive to a high standard across everything we do and that includes product photography in .

When you receive product photography from The AD Leaf ® you will always walk away with a product that was lovingly crafted with every decision painstakingly thought over. What camera to use, what lighting is best, and touch ups that still make the image feel natural. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work and we hope that shows through in our work.

You don’t need to sell product to have great product photos

While selling products is obviously a great use of product photography sometimes it is worth it to just have a great example of what product your service provides. Consider landscaping for example. You can tell someone about how great you are at making a landscape look incredible, but we all know the old phrase a picture tells 1000 words.

There are many industries that take advantage of excellent product photography in .

  • Restaurants
  • Online shops
  • Landscaping
  • Service

Let The AD Leaf ® Help You

At The AD Leaf ®, we can help you take advantage of this. Our team can help you put your best foot forward through photography. Our expert team of marketers have spent years studying and understanding this always evolving landscape of marketing. There is no challenge that is too big for us.

If you want to learn to better understand how we can help you improve your business through product photography in then feel free to contact us and set up a consultation. We can not only explain to you how this will help you improve your overall marketing strategy, but why we are the best ones to help you improve it.

Give The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm a call today at 321-255-0900 or fill out our consultation form!  To learn more about The AD Leaf and what we do, visit our LinkedIn page.