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Successfully marketing your website for your company typically includes video production services. Through the most up-to-date and effective marketing streams, your video development strategy should be converting some of your traffic into leads for your business.

Video marketing effectively boosts awareness of one’s brand while generating leads through a lucrative lead source. Don’t miss out! Since the year 2019, video has seen drastic increases in video marketing as video consumption has increased likewise. Almost 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. 8/10 people 18-49 years old watch YouTube every month. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or cable network. Not to mention, up to 70% of YouTube video views come from mobile devices. In the United States alone, there are over 180 million active YouTube users now.

Video content is now arguably the most valuable content on the web.

Not to mention, Google’s algorithm has been increasingly prioritizing websites with video content as the end-users are also choosing to watch videos over reading more frequently. Video Search Engine Optimization (video SEO) techniques are used by The AD Leaf ® to improve your search engine rankings and increase visibility in search engine results pages.

Professional Video Production – The Ins And Outs

The AD Leaf ®‘s video production services have a process that utilizes all universally recognized video production facility standards. We do simple video production with software such as After-Effects and Premiere Pro to full-blown green screen production, or ariel photos taken with drones.

We also provide video SEO that allows you to take the foundational step towards getting the correct audience for your video once your video is completed. Our extremely talented team of video production specialists has all the skills and equipment necessary for your video to be spectacular.  The AD Leaf ®’s approach ensures that your video can be seen by any client at any time. We strive to ensure that your representation is exceptional, while our simple, clear, and clean video production process makes your videos look modern and unique.

Learn more about video production in Melbourne, FL below.

#1:  Video Sharing

Statistics show that about 70% of people share a branded video. Shorter or lighter videos (30 seconds or less) tend to have an increased share count. Sharing videos on social media is the most common approach to gaining an audience. Keeping things simple, clear, and clean could increase your brand’s awareness. It is best to include your brand either at the beginning of the video, end, or both to build brand awareness. Be sure when posting your contact information that there is enough time for a customer to find their phone and input the information prior to it leaving the screen.

#2:  Increase in Confidence

Seeing a video of a product instead of just an image has been proven to increase the confidence in buyers. Seeing an example of how the product functions can make it easier to imagine the product functioning for the buyer. This also helps with returns as the more the buyers know about your product prior to purchasing the less likely you will be to have your item returned. All in all increase in confidence leads to a direct increase in sales.

#3:  Videos Incite Action

Videos can help drive actions by showing a user how or what needs to be accomplished. It can also show them what it is that they are purchasing again increasing confidence in the buyer. Videos accompanied with an action-based plan tend to incite actions among individuals who are interested in your product. This is proven with increased percentages of click-through rates (CTR) when video content is present. There is also an increase in message retention from videos as opposed to just text. This is because you are using more senses and displaying things in a more creative/definitive means with video production Melbourne FL as opposed to just text. A picture paints a thousand words while a video paints a million.

#4:  Video Outreach

When you really want your customer’s opinions on a topic, video outreach can be the solution. It is proven that more people respond to videos than simple Q&A’s. This is why we encourage companies to reach out to your customers and see how they are doing. By creating a video outreach you have the capacity to learn more about them. This helps us group your customers based on real results instead of hunches or opinions.

#5:  Ditch the Sound

There is about 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. This is why we don’t focus on the sound. While motivational music can be fine, short informational, slide show videos are in now because they display text during the video for the clients to read and understand while following along. This is great for watching videos in public places which is common on a mobile device. Coupled with stellar images you should be able to convey your message without sound and will be rewarded for doing so.

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Following a universally recognized process while still remaining vigilantly innovative supports the most positive outcome with your video production in Melbourne, FL projects. The AD Leaf ® has learned the ins and outs of video production and has created its own video production process for projects we handle on a professional level standard here in Melbourne, Florida. We would love to see your company thriving with video production in Melbourne, FL driving your success. Call us now @ 321-255-0900 to learn more about our video production offers.