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We work with you, grow with you, and remain by your side as a personal resource. Our monthly Website Maintenance in plan includes website maintenance support, error fixes, content updates, backups, consultations, security monitoring, and unlimited tech support.

A website must be maintained to remain current and functional. As technology advances, we ensure your website is accurate and performing optimally.

Here is a list of website maintenance tasks that should be completed:

  • Core and Plugin Updates
  • Content/Database Backups
  • Core Security Updates
  • Performance Test
  • Database Optimization
  • 404 & Broken Links Check
  • Website Form Functionality Test
  • SSL Certificate Test

Interval Updates, Functionality Cross Checking, and Minor Programming Adjustments

Website software platforms periodically send out updates to their platforms in an effort to improve functionality and the user experience. This also includes the many plug-ins that are utilized in just about every standard website. Often times, websites contain certain elements of custom coded functionality. When an update is developed for a website platform or an added on plug-in, the software developer will program the updates to work with the default software settings the website platform was delivered to the client with. The software developers cannot foresee every instance or variable of custom coded elements for a client’s website. It is critically important to ensure the website is functioning correctly post update install. Our service allows for one additional hour of website programming to execute any adjustment necessary to ensure the website is optimally performing post update install. All of these steps are extremely important when it comes to web maintenance.

Why Is It Important to do Website Maintenance in ?

Many new businesses already have a lot on their plates without worrying about constantly checking in on their website. It’s tempting to buy a domain name, throw up something temporary, and just worry about it later. There are many reasons why this is not a good idea. Maintaining a current, healthy, and active website is important for a number of reasons including:

  • Improving your SEO
  • Increasing Customer Attraction/Engagement
  • Reduced Security Vulnerabilities
  • A well performing Corporate Image


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Let us make your website changes you need, as often as you like. We work on YOUR team to ensure your website remains current and functional without stealing your wallet. Getting started is fast, simple, and secure.