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Facebook Ads History

Facebook has grown as a platform in many ways, currently connecting women and men of all ages. However, the social media platform had not only reformed the way we connect online, but also how we use social media as an online advertising platform as well. How did Facebook ads in Melbourne, Fl come to the popularity it has today though? And why is The AD Leaf ® so adamant on using it’s platform to create incredible growth for our clients through social media?

As some know, Facebook had originally been launched by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004. Come that same year, Facebook had launched its first ad revenue project. This project was called Flyers, which were ads that were placed on Facebook’s homepage and it gave the opportunity to local businesses to send ads to certain college campuses. Soon, this model had turned into an auction model under the name of Flyers Pro. Facebook eventually stared to offer sponsorship deals to considerable big brands, under its Groups section. In 2005, Apple joined Facebook by sponsoring a group on the platform.

Due to this exposure, the group’s membership rose in popularity and assisted with Facebook gaining over $100,000 within its first few months. Apple’s partnership had clearly shown success to the public, which had led into Microsoft soon signing a three-year agreement with Facebook in 2006. This agreement was for Microsoft to be the exclusive provider, seller of sponsored links, and banner ads. With revenue now coming in from Microsoft, Facebook would then launch its video advertising platform.

Finally, in 2007, Facebook launches its Facebook Ads system. Back then, it had included Beacon and Facebook Marketplace. However, Beacon was let go over time and Facebook Marketplace is the only part that has stayed with us til today. Within the next couple years, Facebook had then accomplished a number of things for its Ads platform. They had launched “Pages”, which was for the purpose of actively attract page owners to actually start doing paid advertising. The network also optimized its service for mobile phones, added various language ad options, and geographical targeted ad options.

Come 2010, and Facebook had created its entire site as a mobile app for all its users. To provide analytics to its advertisers, Facebook implements the Social Graph in 2012 to help bring together data from connections, likes, follows, and more. To escalate its ad-serving capabilities with strategies like re-targeting ads, Facebook eventually buys Atlas Solutions from Microsoft for $100 million. By 2016, Facebook’s mobile ad revenue is estimated around $3 billion, which turns out to be 75% of its overall total ad revenue. Also, to stop any false ads, Facebook had implemented a feature that shows users which posts on pages are ad. In addition, they had continued to expand it’s ad formats, offering 11 different types of advertising on their platform.

Why We Use Facebook Ads in Melbourne, FL

Due to its success, Facebook today has now kept their platform consistent, with minor tweaks to its algorithm when needed. However, The AD Leaf ® stays true to its work with Facebook Ads in Melbourne FL. We understand how the benefits under Facebook Ads can assist our clients when it comes to social media marketing.

  • With well over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform in the world.
  • Mobile Facebook Ads account for 93 percent of advertising revenue for Facebook in Q1 2019. This means that there is a huge amount of ads seen on a mobile device.
  • Grab their attention in 3 seconds.
  • Keep it short and sweet for more interaction.
  • Define an objective and stick to it. Specific targeting.
  • Diversify your ad copy types.
  • Video posts get more shares than any other post type.
  • Videos with auto-playing sound annoy 80% of users. Ditch the sound.
  • Analyze the after effects statistics.
  • What do people actually want to know about? Ask them. Then write about it.
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Facebook Advertising

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The AD Leaf ®’s Facebook Ad process utilizes all the features Facebook has to offer in order to present Facebook with an Ad that will fit in with their algorithm well. We also provide scheduled posts prior to them being released so that you may collaborate with us on the marketing efforts ahead of time and make sure that your company is displayed properly. The AD Leaf ®’s approach ensures that your ads can be seen by you prior to being released. Learn more about Facebook Ads below.

#1:  Special Offers

40% of people join a Facebook Business page because they want to receive special offers. Making ads tailored towards this want is advisable while scheduling a diverse Facebook Ad campaign.

#2: Boosting Is Essential

Only 7% of the total page likes are seen organically when you post on your business page. This means if you have 100 likes only 7 people are likely to see your ad. Boosting your ad helps increase this percentage.

#3:  Mobile First

With the majority of ads seen on a mobile device, your ad should in most cases be tailored towards mobile devices first. If it doesn’t look good on a phone then chances are it will not convert as well. Even when working on your desktop, view the ads on your mobile device first as chances are that is how your potential customers will view it.

#4:  Grab Their Attention 

In less than 3 seconds we need to grab the clients attention. One of the best strategies is using what is called a pattern interrupt. A pattern interrupt grabs the users attention with either a pop-up, creative colors, or some other sort of “WOAH” creating moment. This small unexpected action hooks users, making them think about your video. You typically want to follow up with the main action right after the pattern interrupt as this is when you have their attention the most.

#5:  Specific Content 

Creating specific or niche content drives the purpose of the Facebook Ad. The attention span of an average user is diminishing so you want to capture their attention quickly and then point them in the right direction right after. You must have a specific purpose for your Facebook Ad else it will not have a specific place to be shown on Facebook and is less likely to be seen.


Following this universally recognized process supports the most positive outcome with your Facebook Ads. We have done many Facebook Ads to a professional standard here in Melbourne, Florida and would love to see your company Facebook Ads doing good as well.