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Programmatic Marketing – Florida Programmatic Advertising Companies

Programmatic Advertising Companies: This new, innovative, and cutting-edge marketing program is at the forefront of the continued advancement of digital media as it relates to successful marketing programs and capabilities.

Programmatic companies are getting more & more efficient. As we progress, our clients see an incredible increase in brand awareness and targeted reach. When we combine our tactical approach, leveraging the benefits of programmatic media buying, SEO FL, PPC, and Social Media Marketing, we create a framework that skyrockets brand awareness.

Programmatic Marketing & programmatic advertising companies specifically target digital media purchasing for business models that currently have an efficient and dialed-in marketing campaign approach and/or have an extremely niche customer, vendor, or partner demographic.

Programmatic Marketing is a method for the drilled-down demographic your organization seeks to target, considering demographics such as Geography, Age, Gender, Social Status, and other relevant triggers. After selecting your specific targeted demographic, with Programmatic Marketing, you can decide which mediums to display your advertising ads, much like Google AdWords paid search. Conducting your media purchasing in this fashion ensures that your organization will ensure they are only marketing your goods or services with successful and effective ad campaigns delivered to the appropriate audience at the appropriate times.

Programmatic Marketing differs from traditional Paid Search or media ad buying because the ads will run when relevant to you instead of the ad management platform. Programmatic Advertising companies have become extremely efficient.

programmatic advertising companies

With Programmatic Marketing, the client purchases advertising space in real time. Algorithms are used in real-time purchasing of media, and ad space in support of providing the greatest conversion impact. The process used by Programmatic Advertising Companies utilizes software which automates the optimization of demographics, buying of ads, and your ad placement using a strategic bidding program. Because the very nature of Programmatic Marketing relies on real-time execution, automation of the campaign using software ensures the success of the campaign can be executed in real-time by eliminating the need for human trigger point selection, manual bidding, and programmer ad insertions.

The Programmatic Marketing methodology provides much more targeted results for brands because it’s emphasis placed on a targeted or specific message which is carefully designed for a specific person or audience. This campaign delivers more precise messaging and targeted ads which result in better-targeted marketing programs and less of a throw-it-against-a-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach to advertising.

Programmatic Marketing Companies provide a much more targeted approach to marketing campaign design and implementation. Its focus centers around providing the best results considering the most efficient marketing spend and allocated resources to achieve results. The execution of Programmatic Marketing campaigns are more efficient because they are completed by software and specific algorithms instead of humans. This approach by programmatic marketing companies tend to highlight quicker results, turn around, and removes the need for mundane tasks carried out by people.

Programmatic Advertising Companies

Programmatic Advertising is usually referring to the real-time bidding within the software, to purchase space for Digital Advertising. It greatly outpaces the traditional method of human interactions & conversation. Programmatic Buying is not limited to RTB, the programmatic software also enables marketers to purchase a set amount of ad impressions prior to running the campaign, also knows as Programmatic Direct.

Programmatic Advertising Companies have proven to be extremely efficient. Before this, ad space was bought and sold via human negotiation, which opens the door for countless variables.

So you want to know more about Programmatic Advertising Companies? Picture this, say you are the nation’s largest Soap retailer. Your quarterly goals are to reach an estimated 25% increase in sales. Instead of blindly spending countless dollars on billboards, you can now laser target your ideal customer. Let’s say you’ve come to the conclusion that your ideal demographic is 23-35-year-old males who like Baseball. Programmatic Advertising uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence & Real-Time Bidding to maximize your ROI by placing your ad in front of those Baseball fanatics where it matters most.

Here’s the catch, it’s not just for direct response anymore. With Programmatic Advertising Companies on the rise, software becomes increasingly efficient. Now, these companies have access to multiple advertising facets, including television. Picture this programmatic advertising scene: You’ve just begun a Television campaign displaying the glories of your scented line of soaps. Now you’ve just aired on National TV, and you feel like you need to know you got in front of the right people. With Programmatic Advertising where it is today, you can now air your TV campaign, then follow up with an Adwords campaign or even a Social Media advertisement. Cross-platform marketing is a sure-fire way to know you are getting your message across.

The AD Leaf ® is a full-service digital marketing agency with a specialized team that highlights the positive aspects of even the best Programmatic Advertising Company. We are deeply entrenched in the current state of the market and have a deep insight into what techniques work. Our proprietary blend of industry knowledge has maximized ROI time & time again.

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There’s only one way to really find out how this can enhance your marketing strategy, call us today. We’ve developed a working knowledge of Real Time Bidding and an in=depth understanding of the tactics needed to succeed. Programmatic Advertising Companies can be a bit difficult to understand, not us. We will walk you through each & every step of the process, to ensure nothing is going unnoticed. Ever reminding us to keep transparency at the forefront of our goals.