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Why You Should Have Business IT Support Services

We’ve all been there. Spending so much time and energy crafting an asset to print only to find the printer won’t connect to your computer (bonus points if it’s five minutes before a meeting)! It leads to a flurry of troubleshooting, hoping that you can find the root cause. 

Taking the time to troubleshoot a printer, file sharing, or other computer issue takes a lot of payroll to try and fix if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here’s why you should consider adding business IT support services!

Saves Time

IT specialists have seen it all. They know precisely what to look for, what to test, and how to fix seemingly every technical issue a company can come up with, and they do it quickly. All the wasted time spent trying to work through your own IT problems adds up fast! A dedicated IT support professional will have you back up and running in no time without taking you away from other office tasks. 

IT Issues Change

While some issues are common and easy to fix, new IT problems come out with each further advance in technology. Unless you have the time or passion for keeping up on them all, you’re not likely to be able to fix a significant-tech issue without causing further damage. 

You Might Make it Worse 

The tenacity it takes to try to fix your computer, printer, or another tech problem is admirable, but too much tinkering can often make your problems worse. What could have been an easy fix can quickly wind up being a big deal that could cost a lot of money to fix. 

It’s Easier to Stay Up-to-Date

It’s no secret that seemingly every piece of equipment we touch winds up regularly needing an update or calibration. Sometimes it’s an easy, quick download, but sometimes it requires an expert hand to adapt to the change. 

You Have Better Things to Do

Unless you have an inner tech nerd who relishes in fixing computer problems, you probably don’t want to have to waste time figuring out what’s wrong, particularly if you’re a business owner. While your software or equipment is down, your to-do list continues to grow, putting you behind schedule. 

You Could Lose Customers

If you’re lucky, your problem is an internal one that the client doesn’t need to know about, but sometimes what starts as a minor issue can bubble into a major client-facing problem that can hurt your bottom line. 

We Love Tech

Whether you run dozens of complex computers, printers, and other devices, or if you just can’t figure out how to connect that dang printer to connect to your laptop, The AD Leaf is here to save the day! We have dedicated IT professionals with years of experience who can troubleshoot your problem and efficiently provide a solution. If you’re having an issue or would just like the comfort of knowing you have someone on board to assist when problems arise, reach out at (321) 255-0900,, or complete our contact form. We’d be happy to be your source for business IT support services.

how to get leads for my business

How to Get Leads for Your Business

While a few niche industries seem to bring in leads with ease, most businesses struggle with how to bring in new customers. You have a great business plan that you’ve worked really hard on. You have passion. But the leads aren’t there. There’s no need to panic! Here are some tips for bringing in new leads for your business and a few for getting them to stay. 

How to Bring in New Leads

Think of the Buyer Journey 

You’re excited about your business and want to get it in front of as many eyes as possible. That’s great, but not everyone is going to be in the position to buy or schedule with you as soon as they see you. This is especially true if your product or service has a higher price point. If someone is ready to make a purchase decision, they don’t need introductory content. It’s imperative to be mindful of where people are in the buyer journey. 

Know Your Audience 

Knowing who you’re targeting on the surface is crucial, but you need to take it a step further to ensure that you target your content and ads to the right people. What is their persona? What news are they reading or sports are they watching? You need to make sure you’re aiming your content where they are. 

Quality vs. Quantity 

People generally don’t care about how often they see something; they care about their experience. You can post 20 times on social media in a given week, but is it quality content that’s solving a problem for them? Always aim to provide a quality experience for a viewer. 

Keeping the Clients You Have

Returning Customer or Referral Deals

Most people like to feel special. One great way to do this is by reaching out periodically with exclusive deals for returning customers or offering a percentage off or bonus product for referring new clients. 

Share Updates

You already have their contact information, but what are you doing with it? A quarterly, or even monthly, email providing updates on the goings-on of your company is a great way to keep your business at the forefront of your past client’s minds. When it’s time for them to buy again or schedule a new service, they’ll immediately know where to go. 

Be Timely

They’ve already used your company. Like bringing in new clients, you need to be mindful of what you’re presenting to your hopeful returning clients. Information can be provided with the best intentions, but if it feels off the mark, your audience can feel like you’re insulting their knowledge. 

Let Us Help

The lead generation process is complicated, with a lot of moving parts. Focus on building your business from the inside, and we’ll focus on bringing in quality leads to help take you to the next level. Sound like a deal? Call us at (321) 255-0900, email, or complete our contact form.

We look forward to growing with you! 


Marketing for Tourism

Marketing for Tourism and Vacation Excursions

Between larger companies trying to scoop up tourists to visitors trying to plan their trips themselves, the vacation tour excursion industry has never been more competitive! Let’s talk about how you can market your company to bring you more leads on top of word-of-mouth business. 

Social Media 

The concept of social media is certainly nothing new, but many still underestimate its power. This is especially true for the tourism and tour excursion industry. Most social media platforms are very visual-based. This means that you can have the most fantastic captions and graphics in the world, but if people aren’t drawn to it, they’ll quickly scroll on by. According to recent statistics, 36.5% of people start their vacation searches on social media, and another 17.1% consult friends on social media before making vacation plans. Not having a solid social media presence alone can make for an uphill battle against competition. 

Tourism Ads 

From social media to Google, the internet is becoming more and more “pay to play” by the day, which means only a tiny percent of your social media and site traffic will come organically. Ads don’t always have to be a significant financial investment! It’s easy to reel people in with discount codes or other similar offers. This is especially true if your competition isn’t offering any. 

Optimizing SEO for Tourism 

A lot of traffic can and should come with paid ads, but pairing them with a proper SEO plan is essential. SEO involves knowing and working with search engine algorithms to make your website come up first when searched. The good thing about tourism and excursions is that people are searching for them in all sorts of different ways. There are a lot of great keyword selections to make that will keep you competitive against bigger players. 

Start Your Journey 

Marketing for tourism doesn’t have to be hard! You enjoy guiding people through new adventures while on vacation. Similarly, we enjoy the adventure of figuring out the best ways to get visitors to you in the first place! The AD Leaf has extensive experience in marketing for the tourism industry. We’re ready and waiting to start on a journey with you to market your tour and vacation excursion. Sail on over to our contact page, call at (321) 255-0900, or email at 


Google My Business App Replacement

Google My Business App Replacement: What Does It Mean?

They’ve teased it for months now, but it looks like Google is finally starting to make the big shift to replace the Google My Business app! What does this mean for your business? Let’s talk about it. 

What is the Google My Business App? 

Up until now, this app is where business owners can go to check in on and manage their business listings. This includes updating contact information, ensuring the appearance on Google is set up correctly, appearing in Google searches, etc. 

Why Is Google Replacing It?

They’re getting rid of the Google My Business app because they want business owners to shift to managing their listings in Search, Maps, and their respective apps. In their eyes, this is making everything more concise, rather than having a whole other app to manage listings. 

How Do I Make the Change?

Google is emailing small business owners with visual instructions on what the change will entail and what they need to do to make the switch. They’re also posting these instructions on their social media. 

How Do I Keep Up?

Google changes a lot. Like, every day. Whether it’s app interfaces, their algorithm, or countless other ways Google is involved in everyday life of your business, it’s a lot to keep up with! In fact, it’s nearly impossible to do so all while keeping the focus on the management of your company. 

The good news is, you’re not alone! The AD Leaf is here to help guide you through this change and any other ones Google rolls out, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business in different ways. 

Google Whizzes 

We offer an array of Google services and would be happy to help you with yours! Get on the path to keeping up with search engines by calling us at (321) 255-0900, emailing at, or reaching out via our contact form. 


Why Should a Business Have a Blog?

When it comes to marketing, it’s often the little things that set you apart from the competition. Two companies could be dead even in their services, customer satisfaction, quality, etc., but the extras of what one might do over the other will make a viewer a client. Blogging is one of those things that can give you an edge. Why should a business have a blog? Here are a few key reasons! 


SEO is a complicated topic that involves many moving pieces, including internal and external backlinking. Having a blog on your site is an excellent way to use these backlinking tactics, all while providing something worthwhile to people viewing your site. 

Social Media 

No one wants to be sold to all the time. Having a blog that you can share on social media is an excellent way to still get your company in front of people without making them feel like you’re just a walking sales pitch. Blogs help harness the power of site traffic. 

Show Off and Tell More

A product or service description can only tell people so much. Blogs are great places to expand on your offerings in an informational way, particularly if you offer something niche or complicated. You can use the blog to talk more about ingredients, processes, quality assurance, etc., leading to a more informed buyer. You’re a thought leader in your industry! Take the time to show off a little. Your clients will love it!

Build Trust 

Many people start businesses without really knowing all that is required to make them successful. Having a great product or service simply isn’t enough in an ever-increasingly digital and competitive world. By having a blog on your site, you can show people that you’re knowledgeable in your craft and have a passion for showing it. This is especially important if you offer a high-dollar investment. You’re asking people to spend their hard-earned money with your company, so you need to be able to show them that you’re worth their trust. 

Let us help! 

Writing is not everyone’s area of expertise! It takes a good amount of time and focus on being able to put together a piece of writing that is both helpful and concise. If you’re worried your writing is missing the mark or have no idea where to start or what to talk about, reach out to The AD Leaf! We have a stellar group of content writing professionals that would love to handle your blogging for you. You can give us a call at (321) 255-0900, email, or quickly complete our contact form. 

how to beat the summer slump

Beat the Summer Slump Before It Starts

While some businesses boom when the temperatures rise and the sunglasses come out, many find summer their slowest season. Leads lag, and calendars look empty. It may feel like April is too soon to start worrying about summer, but if you can get ahead of the summer slump before it even starts, you’ll be set for a successful season! How do you beat the summer slump? Here are a few tips to keep the season hot!

Seasonal Deals

Consider creating a seasonal coupon code or discount to entice new and returning customers. These are great for ads!

Join In

People like it when brands feel real on social media, rather than just standing behind the image of a corporation. Post updates on what summer looks like for your and/or your employees. This could be vacation pictures, employee spotlights, or other fun bits of adjacent content. 

Test New Offerings 

Your slower season is a great time to try out new service lines or products you’re looking to promote. You can use the smaller sample size to gauge whether or not you’d like to continue during your busy season. 

Reintroduce Yourself 

Reach out to past clients with an update on your business and your employees! While this can have a sales aspect, it should mainly stay informational. 

Go Where the People Are

If you know your key demographic will be spending a lot of time at the beach and less time on their phones and computers this summer, meet them there! Sponsor a beach party or set up an information table on the boardwalk, though you’ll need to check your city’s regulations. 

Don’t Pull Back

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make during their slower season is to pull back on advertising. By keeping up brand awareness, potential leads will be further down the sales funnel, which will allow you to finish reeling them in once they’re ready to make a purchase or signing decision. 

Marketing isn’t easy! It’s time-consuming and requires a lot of everyday work to ensure you’re keeping up with best practices. If you don’t have the time to focus on your marketing plan or simply don’t want to, The AD Leaf is happy to help with all of your digital and traditional marketing efforts. Give us a call at (321) 255-0900, complete our contact form, or go ahead and book an appointment with our Growth Team!

We’re looking forward to working with you. 


Why Branding Matters

Business ideas come from all different directions. Maybe one day, you woke up with an idea in your head, ran into an annoyance you knew you could fix, or perhaps your business has been your life goal from an early age. No matter what way you’ve come up with your plan or what industry you’re in, one thing always rings true: you’re not likely to get far without a fully rounded out brand identity. Here’s why branding matters.

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Algorithm Mania

Marketing and the Facebook Algorithm

It’s pretty common knowledge that trends in social media are constantly changing, but how much do you know about the algorithms that determine what’s seen and who sees it? Let’s use Facebook as an example. While it would certainly make the lives of social media coordinators much easier, there’s no one set algorithm that Facebook uses. There are common denominators and things that affect algorithms as a whole– like elections–, but every single user has their own unique algorithm that’s generated by what they commonly interact with and who is paying to put their content in front of them. The average reach for an organic post hovers around 5% and drops more with each passing month. As with most things in business and marketing, paid ads are king.

How Algorithms Affect Marketing

Every time you log in to Facebook and check out your feed, your algorithm is updated based on what posts you’re interacting with, who you’ve chosen to “see first” on your feed, your settings, and several other factors. Up until recently, there was also a lot of information being taken from Facebook partners that helped both ad and organic algorithms hone in on their audience on a very granular level. On top of keeping up to date with normal algorithm changes, Facebook users and managers are now coming face-to-face with Apple’s new security policy, allowing users to opt-out of data sharing that companies use to target their ads. facebook algorithm

Facebook Algorithm Tracking

If you’re an iPhone owner, you’ve likely already seen the popup message on many of your apps that allows you to opt-out of a lot of the information sharing that had been occurring. While this limits ad targeting in some industries, it’s not completely stripping away the carefully crafted audiences many rely on to bring in leads. However, without the behind-the-scenes know-how of targeting and how to adjust to similar targets that are still available, you’re likely to see a large decrease in leads. This skillset is just one of the many reasons it’s so important to have a trained social media specialist on your team.

Defeating the Facebook Algorithm

For a novice, mastering algorithms is an overwhelming task, and without the proper training and know-how, it’s a real guessing game. It’s also time-consuming to monitor the latest news and updates and tweak your posting schedule and ads accordingly. That’s where we step in! The AD Leaf has a full team of highly trained and skilled social media coordinators that are always up to date on all things social media. Put your time and energy toward your business and let us handle the rest!


Do You Hear the People e-Sing?

If you’re like me, you entered 2020 with a pretty full concert calendar. Excited for the artists both young and old I’d be seeing, I had even been planning weekend getaways to correspond with some of the shows. Obviously, those plans came to a bit of a halt with the onset of coronavirus. Music fans around the world were left sad and lost at the prospect of at least a year without a show to let loose at. Enter a new music industry line: the social e-concert thanks to Social Media Marketing for TikTok and other platforms. 

The concept of live-streaming an event is certainly nothing new but up until this point, it had been an add on to the actual live-experience. Between social distancing and different regulations in place all over tour routes, the industry had to get a bit creative. A growing number of artists are putting together live concerts for their fans that even feature their own “admission” charges. While thankfully nowhere near the same price of a standard show, this price gives you access to the concert and usually a live-chat feature with other fans– sometimes even with the artists themselves. 

Social Media Marketing for TikTokOne example of artists doing this is the band The Maine. Based out of Arizona, the band is selling $10 tickets to their concert. They’re even offering merch bundles with “tour” shirts to further make the experience feel like the real thing. Fans of the band all over social media are joining together in groups to chat and “attend” the show together. The Maine has traditionally been a band that makes great use of Social Media Marketing for TikTok and unique marketing opportunities and pandemic concerts are no exception. 

Another artist making the most of a difficult situation is The Weeknd. Real name Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd teamed up with TikTok for the first live virtual reality concert on the app. While Abel and his avatar brought down the e-house, fans were able to chat amongst themselves and express their love for him in the comments. Social Media Marketing for TikTokTo make the experience more special, he even teased a new song and was joined for a surprise performance of a song with Doja Cat. The show was free for fans but part of the collab with the app included the release of a special collection of merch, the proceeds of which went to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Other notable artists taking part in this new era of concerts are Norah Jones, Jason Isbell, Aventura, and Post Malone, the last of which performed a tribute to Nirvana with drumming legend Travis Barker. Many are even taking the opportunity to use this time to raise money for charities or shed light on important issues. 

While the sweat and standing around at a traditional concert may not be the best part of a night out at a show, there is absolutely something to be said for the social experience it provides. Whether going with a group of friends or meeting new people there on your own, the bonding experience of a concert is an unparalleled experience. Particularly with younger people, social media provides a wonderful way to stay in touch, chat, and get excited over their favorite artists, all without having to leave the safety of their homes. 

When you think about it, while they’re certainly no replacement for the experience of a live show right in front of you, keeping the e-concert in a post-COVID world could be a great idea. These shows provide the opportunity to see a show to many who wouldn’t be able to otherwise, whether because of cost, illness, or other interference, all while still staying social, thanks to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other awesome social media apps. 

If you’re intrigued by the power of Social Media Marketing for TikTok and how it’s affecting the human experience during COVID, reach out to us here at The AD Leaf! We’d love to show you all social media can do for you and your company during this unprecedented time. 

Social Media Engagement

Sports in the Time of COVID

Covid-19 has no doubt forced changes in nearly all industries but few have been more obvious than professional sports. It’s no secret that some sports teams are more popular than others but at the end of the day, at least their corresponding social media accounts have always had games and team news to post about. With suspended and, in some cases, canceled seasons, all teams have been forced to get a little creative with how they interact with their fan bases and keep people interested in their teams. Let’s take a deeper look at a few examples of how the industry has adapted. 

One yearly event that always makes waves is the NFL Draft, which while always televised, is also always an in-person event. This year, cameras were in hundreds of living rooms across the country, ready and waiting to capture the exuberant reactions of the fresh draft picks when their name was called. Social media saw a huge boom in direct relation to the draft, with teams like the Bengals seeing a 412% increase in their social media engagement. To put that number into a bit perspective, the Bucs only saw a little over a 300% increase in their engagement when they announced the signing of former Patriots legend Tom Brady.Social Media Engagement

Many leagues have also made prior seasons available to view for free and have been hosting e-watch parties of classic games on social media. With normally pricey things like NBA League Pass and NFL Game Pass available for free, social profiles were able to target people’s nostalgia for classic wins to keep people entertained and engaged. Similarly, with more free time on their hands than they’re quite used to, many big-name athletes have been hosting Q&As and live streams on both their personal profiles and team ones, which has been an added bit of fun for socially inclined fans. This time off has also seen the e-reunions of several championship-winning teams. They’re not as good as a new game, but these added interactions have certainly made the loss of sports a bit easier for hardcore fans. 

Social Media Engagement

Shutdowns have also seen teams leaning into their humorous side with a ton of memes and heavy usage of Twitter’s poll feature. Often redundant questions, these polls are a fun way to get fans talking to each other and with the team itself. One example of that is this poll the Rays recently ran. There’s no higher compliment for a pitch than to be described as filthy or any synonym thereof, so they ran with that idea to amusing results.


While some leagues in the States are, for better or worse, looking to start back up soon, some leagues around the world have already gotten up and running, including the English Premier League (go Liverpool!) and Korean Baseball Organization. Instead of awkward silence in between broadcaster commentary, they’ve chosen to play crowd noise for home viewers, making it nearly just like how it would normally be to watch on the couch. Aside from empty seats in the background of in-game pictures and footage, a scroll through the Twitter of an EPL club page seems just like any other season! Social Media Engagement


Sports have always been a unifier, even if it’s bonding over hatred of each other’s teams with some trash talk– something I’m quite good for– and there are few things better than enjoying some stadium food while being surrounded by like-minded fans, so when faced with a reality where that wasn’t available, technology and social media have really come in clutch. If you’re interested in having The AD Leaf ® manage your social media engagement, feel free to give us a call at 321-255-0900 or email us at Let us hit your social media out of the park!