Be Concise! Less Is More With Email

Email: The Foundational Tool

In the world of marketing, email is one of the most fundamental tools at our disposal. It maintains its mainstream appeal through its accessibility to clients and consumers alike in communicating time-sensitive information. As foundational as email marketing is to the practice, new trends are still emerging that maintain its modernity.

One emerging cultural trend that has been incorporated into the way we use email in marketing is minimalism. Minimalism has impacted email marketing by transforming emails from long-winded chunky blocks of text to concise straight-to-the-point communications that are easily digestible for consumers. 

Why Less Really Is More

  • Ease of Consumption

Skimming has taken over the way we digest media. Our eyes pick up on keywords and bolded text to access the importance of information and let our minds fill in the blanks. With such an excess of media to consume, our time to absorb it all has remained the same. To account for the discrepancy, we’re largely left with one of two options: skim the content or condense the material itself so that it’s less to read. As a marketing professional, making the material easier to interact with is where we step in.

  • Consideration for the Reader’s Time

Clients and customers are on a time budget. Their email accounts are bombarded with numerous emails not unlike your own. Being courteous and condensing your content and information into concise language delivers your goals without sacrificing the time of your clients and customers which they will be appreciative of in the long run. Requiring less reading time from your customers and clients inevitably allows them more time to follow through with the action your email is asking of them.

  • Earn the Favor of Your Audience

Recipients on your email list will value your content more if you show respect for their time and energy. Being concise and writing clearly consistently builds a reputation for the communications you disseminate to your audience. They’ll know what they’re getting every time they open one of your business’ emails and know that it’s going to be easy on the eyes and easily digestible. This will improve your open rate and translate into more conversions for your goods or services and better business for all parties involved.

  • Condensed Writing Encourages Clearer, More Engaging Content

Whittling down the length of your email content forces you to weed out unnecessary information. It forces the writer to think carefully and consider the necessity of each word and sentence. Editing your email content in this way inspires creativity in the way each piece of information gets delivered. Editing out extra sentences and words encourages clearer thinking on the part of the writer and the intended audience as well. The result is writing that gets straight to the point and tells the recipient what they need to know without requiring a substantial time investment.

  • Images and Bulleted Lists Are More Substantial

Substituting lengthy blocks of text with pictures and bulleted lists break up monotonous reading. They capture interest, convey meaning without requiring as much reading, and make for a more aesthetically pleasing design. The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” exhibits the staying power of this email marketing trend of conciseness.

Bulleted lists benefit this strategy as well by grabbing the attention of the reader and directing them to smaller blocks of important text. This gives you as the writer the opportunity to position some of the most valuable pieces of information to a spot you know the reader will see them.

  • Know Your Audience

Of course, different emails and different email recipients require a different depth of information so it’s important to consider your target audience and who it is that will eventually be opening your marketing emails. A technical client will likely require more in-depth dialogue in their marketing emails based on their industry than regular clients will. If the situation calls for more writing follow your gut and do what you think is best given the situation.

Transform the Way You Reach Your Customers

Looking to increase the open rates or improve conversions of your email campaigns? The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm, LLC is specially fitted to transform the way you reach your customers and clients. Our team of marketing experts has the experience and knowledge to take your future email campaigns to the next level. Contact us today for more information about how we can help!

Marketing Company in Melbourne FL

A Look Inside The Leaf: Marketing

Marketing Company in Melbourne, Florida

The AD Leaf Marketing Firm LLC. is a marketing company located in Melbourne, Florida. Melbourne is an industrial city with many small and large businesses. We serve Melbourne and other communities by providing high-quality marketing materials. Growing your business is our passion.

Our Clients

We provide marketing services to many different clients from all over the nation! We market products and target demographics for both small and large businesses. To give you a sample, here are of some of the companies we are proud to help support both in Melbourne and beyond:

Our Services

The AD Leaf Marketing Firm LLC. offers a wide variety of creative and marketing services. We combine these services according to your needs. This is the best way to help promote your services or products. To give you an idea, here are some of the things our expert marketing teams can provide to you:
  • Content Writing Services

    • Content marketing is all about the written word. But great writing is only part of the equation. If your blog isn’t converting to sales, then it isn’t doing you any good. Our content marketing team can help. We write with the customer in mind, focusing on keywords they are actually searching for. Our research-based approach delivers great content that reaches your target demographic. This results in a true return on investment.
  • Social Media Marketing Services

    • In today’s online world, having a social media presence is crucial. Many people now get their news from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These websites are also a great way to interact with your customers! Our social media team can make the best content for your social pages that get the likes and shares you deserve.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

    • A search engine, as you may know, uses an algorithm to provide a list of pages it thinks you are looking for. The engine looks for specific keywords and other factors. It calculates these to determine what pages are most relevant to your inquiry.
    • The purpose of search engine optimization, or SEO, is to put your business at the top of these rankings. Our SEO team analyzes the best keywords to use on your website so that it is at the top of your engine’s search results. We combine this with other, more advanced strategies to keep you on top.
  • Google Ads Management Services

    • Google is the most popular search engine at the moment. In fact, according to SEO Tribunal, “Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.” This is why it should come as no surprise that they provide ad space for businesses on certain keywords. Our Advertising team will guide you through the Google Ads Management program. We make sure you get the highest ad space bid possible. 
That is a sampling of the services The AD Leaf Marketing Firm LLC. provides. We offer a large number of other services! All these services can help elevate your business to the next level. Other examples include website and graphic design services.

We love our clients

The AD Leaf doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach to advertising. Our agency works with clients across many industries and regions. We use our diverse knowledge to create effective, customized marketing strategies. We tailor our approach to our client’s needs and budgets. The AD Leaf works hard to improve clients’ sales and business figures. We strive to build relationships and develop thoughtful strategies for our clients. This combination helps companies grow from the roots up.
Here’s what our satisfied clients say about our service:
    • Top notch. Chris and his team know their craft and go above and beyond. Bottom line is they got us results and they care about you as a client! I would highly recommend The AD Leaf for SEO and online marketing and more.
    • “Not only is The Ad Leaf an extremely innovative and creative company, they’re strategic and results based as well. I can’t even do a shout out to specific employees because every single person I have had the pleasure of working with has been wonderful. They’re knowledgable and create marketing solutions driven from experience, while also maintaining a collaborative spirit. It’s fun working with them! At times it can be difficult to know what results you’re receiving from other marketing efforts, but The Ad Leaf ensures you know what you’re getting, and is there for you, every step of the way. If you’re looking to grow your business and create a presence, The Ad Leaf is the way to go.”
    • “As an owner of 2 totally different businesses, one requiring unique local advertising in a highly competitive market and the other focused on a nationwide niche market, I was seeking a marketing team with a diverusty of skill sets, knowledge of various markets, and exceptional socialmedia engagement techniques. hAfter considering different Ad agencies, The Ad Leaf certainly stood out tremendously. From the owner to the dedicated team, each member is a very communicative problem solver who seeks to really understand your business need and desires and provides suggestions on future marketing opportunities. I personally like the fact that there are multiple people working on various aspects of my businesses to move the needle forward. From SEO to SEM to social media to ad design to customer engagement, The Ad Leaf is ALL OVER IT. With daily updates, you are very aware of what progress is being made on your projects. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Ad Leaf for your website development, advertise, social media presence and marketing, SEO & SEM, etc. needs. The Ad Leaf will work just as hard as you do.
    • “We have been using The ad Leaf since March. They built us a beautiful website for our small business, it was exactly what we wanted. They also maintain our social media accounts and post daily on our behalf. The posts are eye-catching and clever. We are very pleased and I recommend this company to anyone looking to grow their business.”

Why Start a Marketing Company in Melbourne?

Though not as recognizable as our neighbor, Orlando – Melbourne, Florida is a bustling town. There are many small and large businesses working out of Melbourne. That is why The AD Leaf Marketing Firm LLC. is so proud to operate in this beautiful town. One of the best ways to give back to the community is to support local businesses. Being a marketing agency in Melbourne, Florida allows us to give back. We not only patronize local businesses but help them grow and succeed! 

A Top Marketing Company in Melbourne, Florida

Are you a Melbourne business owner that wants to take their marketing to the next level? Talk to one of our local experts here at The AD Leaf Marketing Firm LLC.! 508 N. Harbor City Boulevard, Melbourne, Florida is our main location. To schedule a free consultation with our marketing teams, call us today at 321-255-0900.

The Importance of Brand Awareness on Social Media

Brand awareness is when potential customers can recognize your brand based on your name, logo, colors, or fonts.

These potential consumers may remember your packaging, phone number, location, or slogan. These essential features act as a mechanism for possible purchase. Representing your brand starts from the ground up. A simple logo design that people can easily recognize, colors that pop and a clear visual font are of the most importance.

How do you want to be represented online?

A consistent presence on social media is key. Your content may continuously change, but the visual appearance surrounding that content will eventually influence potential consumers. Especially those that are interested in your content and what you offer. The more people who see your brand, the more likely it is that they will purchase from you rather than a competitor who does not provide a consistent image. Think about how much content you see when your scrolling through your feed. You probably have a couple of brands that you can think of right off the top of your head that you saw this morning, that you also saw last night. You may not have actually interacted with the post or ad, but you saw it, and now it’s in your head. Your brand’s consistency is essential, and that consistency is how people associate themselves with your brand.

Brand awareness is based not only on the amount of content you share but also on its quality. In order to increase brand awareness through your social media, your content must be interesting and useful to the consumer. Whether it’s a video or a blog, your content must catch your audience’s attention. That is the primary way to create engagement and, therefore awareness.

To do this, you’ll want your content to be up to date. Search for the latest news or trends in your industry and implement how you would use them in your business into your posts. People may already know what you offer; therefore, you want to engage people that are interested in your brand, and the more current your content is, the more likely they are to comment, like, or share your post to their page, group, or better yet, their own business.

Brand Loyalty

Learn about your audience. It is best to collect all of the information you can get about the people who interact with your products. Engage and attract customers by planning, creating, and showcasing the most relevant and high-quality content on your selected marketing platforms. Quality and relevance are crucial considerations for achieving customer engagement and conversion.

Once a consumer makes a purchase and is satisfied with that purchase, the chances are good that they will come back to you. People associate trust with what they are buying, and once they associate that trust with a logo, color, or font, the rest is putting a product in front of them and seeing what happens.

People are more likely to purchase from businesses that have values they admire or appreciate. Whether it is community service, donations, or even the brand mission statement, people want to spend money at businesses that represent values that are important to them. If you’re a small business, think local.

Feedback is a great tool to increase your brand awareness. People like to be heard, and by keeping track of their interests, you can also increase brand awareness since they will most likely remember how good the interaction with your business was. Liking posts and commenting back to people let them know that they are heard. The quicker this interaction takes place, the better. The mind of a consumer moves fast, and having the thought of their post when you comment or like back is an instant acknowledgment of their post, which sticks with them.

Brand awareness is mostly reached by offering and delivering good quality products to your clients. Social media can help increase your business’s visibility and be a great window to allow the audience to participate and interact with the brand. From this interaction, memories will be created and will give a boost to the brand awareness that you need.

How Your Brand Can Capitalize On TikTok’s Popularity While Saving Costs and Ensuring Stability

The social media scene had remained relatively the same for the past several years. One of the only significant interruptions since the rise of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram is the quick and overwhelming popularity of the app TikTok. TikTok has a unique algorithm that allows creators to rise to popularity at more rapid rates than ever before! Since the app’s creation in 2016, it has gained over 800 million users worldwide. If your brand does not participate on TikTok, don’t worry. The app can still be used to promote your brand without even having an account.


TikTok’s algorithm allows users to see the posts of creators, even when the users do not follow them. This stands true to other apps, but for TikTok, it happens at an unprecedented level. Most users mainly view content made by creators they don’t follow. This is due to the “for you page” which is the most commonly used feature of the app. It shows content to the user that the algorithm predicts they will be interested in based on their previous interactions. This is a huge win for brand promotion! For example, if you pay a creator to promote your product, more people than just their followers will see it. However, it can be expensive.


For creators with large followings, a good portion of these followers will also follow them on other apps such as Instagram and Twitter. 


Why is this important for your brand?


  • If someone takes the time to follow a TikToker on another social app, they are a more dedicated fan who wants to keep up with the influencer.
  • They often purchase the merchandise of these influencers and are more likely to trust their opinion.
  • Since only a portion of their fans will follow the influencer on these other social media platforms, their follower count is typically lower.
  • Due to a lower amount of followers, securing a brand deal on their Instagram account will be less costly.


One example of this is the TikTok creator @nmillz1. He has amassed more than 2.2 million followers on TikTok in a short amount of time, but currently has only 270 thousand Instagram followers. Charli Damelio is arguably the most well-known TikTok creator securing high-profile sponsorships frequently. She has 90 million followers on the app, while having 30 million followers on Instagram, or one-third of her TikTok fan base. This case is interesting because many people who do not even have TikTok know of Charli, and she is considered to be one of the only creators from the app to rise to actual celebrity status. Her case especially identifies that people who follow a creator on TikTok often do not hold enough interest in them to follow their other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 


This gap allows you to capitalize on TikTok’s extreme popularity in a less costly way to a TikToker’s most dedicated fans. You can do this by proposing a brand sponsorship through Instagram. A brand sponsorship is much more costly than just posting an advertisement for your product, but seeing the brand talked about by someone the fans look up to will likely result in more sales and engagement for your brand.


What Does It Typically Cost to Hire an Instagram Influencer?


  • 2,000 to 10,000 followers – $75 to $250
  • 10,000 to 50,000 followers – $250 to $500
  • 100,000 to 500,000 followers – $1000 to $3000
  • Over 500,000 – $3000 +


Large TikTok influencers will either charge a high flat fee, or they will charge per view to promote your brand. According to TalentX Entertainment, a management company for 32 influencers, they charge $0.01 to $0.02 per view on TikTok. The problem lies within the fact that as a brand, you can not control how many views a TikTok post will get. Someone with only 10 followers can post an extremely viral video and get millions of views, while someone with 100,000 followers may only get a few thousand views. The algorithm is very unpredictable and is not publicly released, resulting in a risky investment for marketing. Instagram, on the contrary, is very predictable. An influencer will maintain roughly the same amount of engagement on their account, so you know what you are investing in.  


Going back to the TikTok creator @nmillz1, his TikTok videos frequently receive several hundred thousand views, which would result in costs roughly at $5,000 to $10,000 or more, while a sponsored Instagram post would be less than $3,000 and seen by more dedicated fans who trust the influencer. 


In summary, your brand can capitalize on TikTok’s rise to the top without even interacting with the app. If you are considering a brand promotion with an influencer, a TikTok creator’s Instagram page can be a great resource for you.




Social Media Trends For 2020

Staying Current: Six New Social Media Trends of 2020

Social media is all about living in the moment. What might have worked a few years ago or even months ago, may not work today. Your customers will notice your efforts to stay relevant and appreciate that. And that will reflect in your brand image and customer loyalty.  Let’s review some social media trends, new tactics, and content ideas for 2020 to try and implement to ensure you finish off Q4 strong:

1.Ephemeral Posts: Nothing Gold Can Stay. 

The first trend is the growing popularity of “ephemeral” posts or temporary posts. Many social avenues have rolled out content features designed to be appreciated for a small amount of time before they disappear forever. Examples of this include Facebook and Instagram’s story features, as well as reels and TikTok. Although reels and TikToks may have a more lasting nature, they are meant to be more “disposable” than permanent and higher-quality feed content. One way to add to the story features without creating new content is to simply repost older posts onto the story. When you do create new stories, you can extend their lifetime by adding them to a highlight at the top of your Instagram. 

2. E-shops: The Convenience Customers Expect

The second trend is the implementation of social commerce. Many social media platforms are integrating online stores as another feature of a profile. Facebook rolled out its “shops” feature and Instagram allows you to buy right off a post. Pinterest has shoppable pins where purchases can be made right on their site or linked to an external site. Note that this will only be useful for brands that offer physical items as digital downloads are not yet available for sale on these services. Brands with established Shopify’s can more easily transfer their products to these social commerce features. 

3. Video Content: Now Playing

The third trend is the rise of video content. Multiple studies including one by the Cisco report that over 80% of all online content will be video by 2022. Now is the time to feature videos on social media. Integrating video within content that was typically only text in the past is a great way to stay relevant and impress your audience. 

4. Legal Media Ownership: The Ghosts of Limewire’s Past

The fourth trend is more legal and regulatory monitoring. When posting to social media it is crucial that the agency who creates your content is using legal sources and avenues for media. Using an image or song that belongs to someone else without permissions or is copyrighted can land you in court paying hefty fines for a simple mistake. Of course, the best option is using your own photos but this doesn’t work for all business models or clients. Most important is having an agency with access to copyright-free images. Don’t let your company sign with a low-tier agency that doesn’t understand this and makes a rookie mistake that sinks profits. 

5. Local Geotagging: Coming To A Small Business Near You

The fifth trend is the rise of location-based targeting for local brands. Of course, if your company is e-commerce or is looking to reach a demographic of people across multiple states/countries, this won’t apply to you. But if you have a local business particularly in-person service (i.e. vehicle rental, house cleaning, lawn service) this aspect of audience targeting is crucial. Your agency and coordinator must understand that reaching a person 3 states over doesn’t make any sense and is a waste of time and space on captions/hashtags. Hashtags should be like #losangeles rather than #lawnservice for example. The targeting goals for companies that fit into this category should be quite regional and should know the mile-range of their farthest customer to make sure they aren’t missing an opportunity for a sale. 

6. Public Insights: Social Media As A Focus Group

The sixth trend is using insights from social media to shape business strategy and models. If you think about social media as a one-way street, you’ve got in all wrong. You can benefit from the interactions on social media just as much as your audience. Have you ever wondered what your customers really think about your business? By searching publically available search terms and keywords, you have the ability to be a fly on the wall. This strategy also works for general industry terms and adjacent/parallel industries. If you provide an organic peanut butter product, maybe you’re wondering what customer’s jelly habits are as it relates to peanut butter. By simply searching those words, you get to see what people are saying. This tool is incredibly valuable as you are getting a ton of primary research data for FREE. Primary customer interviews and focus groups traditionally cost thousands of dollars, so take advantage of this secret tool. 

By riding the waves of these new social media trends you can achieve everlasting cultural relevancy and clout within your target groups. More important than the actual execution of these trends, is showing your customers that you’re aware of them and are trying to participate. This gains trust and respect, especially with younger and savvier audiences who expect brands to be on top of this. We are a digital marketing agency that understands these 6 social media trends and their importance in 2020 and beyond.  Call us or fill out a contact form today to set your business up for success Q4 to end this year strong in sales.

social media management services

Setting Your Social Media Up For Success In Quarter 4

While you may not be quite ready to buy your Halloween costume or deck the halls with boughs of holly, now is the time to start planning your holiday and quarter 4 strategy for your business. Quarter 4 lasts from October to December and finishes out the year. This means that you will be covering 3 major holidays with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you are a product or inventory based company you will be counting on this quarter to implement up-to-date social media management services to be your most profitable and make up for some of the profits that may have been lost due to the coronavirus. It is also always good to end the year on a high note to start off the new year on a good foot.

We all know 2020 has not only been physically and emotionally tough due to the coronavirus but it has also been financially tough due to job layoffs, unemployment, and shutdowns. While many businesses are trying to figure out how to bring back sales, many people are losing hope and are looking ahead to better times. There is a lot of uncertainty as we approach the 4th quarter. There is still hope that the 4th quarter can be your strongest quarter if you take action now. There are many ways to use social media marketing to plan and execute your quarter 4 strategy as well as increase your brand awareness and sales.

Social Media Marketing Benefits And Features To Promote Your Business For The Holiday Season

One of the most beneficial ways for product and merchandise providers to capitalize on the upcoming holiday season is by utilizing Facebook Shop. Facebook Shop allows users to directly shop and browse your inventory directly on Facebook. This is a great way to shop online as people do not have to risk going into the stores and can conveniently do it safely at home through their Facebook account. Facebook shops are relatively easy to set up as well and oftentimes are easier than selling products on a website page or online shopping company such as Amazon. All you need as a seller to create a Facebook Shops site is a Facebook account and a Facebook business page as well as a valid bank account and tax identification number. Facebook shops allow anyone who likes your page or is visiting your page to quickly browse your product inventory available directly through Facebook instead of having to click through another website to access your inventory. For users looking to buy gifts for the upcoming holiday season, this is perfect to quickly access and purchase gifts for their loved ones and receive them before the holiday rush begins.

Another very beneficial social media feature that can be very beneficial for product and merchandising clients is Shoppable Pinterest Pins. Similar to Facebook Shop, Shoppable Pinterest Pins allow you to showcase your product and inventory that is available for purchase much quicker than going to a separate website. This is convenient for users who are searching for gift ideas on Pinterest. Having a Shoppable Pinterest Pin set up will allow the users to directly click on the pin and order the product with just a simple click. An added bonus to steering up and using Shoppable Pinterest Pins right now is that many users are already starting to look for holiday ideas and gifts on Pinterest. In fact, some of the largest trending items on Pinterest this summer were holiday and gift ideas for 2020. Even though we are still months away from Christmas, the coronavirus has helped build up the hype for the holiday season. Showcasing your inventory and making your products available now with Pinterest Shoppable Pins and Facebook Shop will allow you to capitalize and sell to the audience who is already searching for gifts and put you ahead of the competition that waits to make their holiday products and inventory available.

You may also find that increasing your ad spend for the holiday season is a wise move. Oftentimes many companies utilize paid advertisements and increase their spending in the 4th quarter. This can make ad space more competitive. However, by increasing your ad spend you will stay above the competition and gain that ad space that is so vital during this time. The 4th quarter is when consumers spend the most money. Increasing your ad spend will allow you to take advantage of this additional spend. Many people are also paying more attention to ads as they are looking for gifts and ideas for the holiday season. 

Contact Us About Our Social Media Management Services To Market Your Business Today

Using these two social media features and increasing your ad spend will allow you to showcase your inventory and products as well as increase your profits and sales for the holiday season and the 4th quarter. While coronavirus has been very financially devastating to many companies, there is still hope for those who take action now and plan ahead. Let’s get ready to spread that holiday cheer for this upcoming holiday season! When it comes to our social media management services, if you would like to take advantage of Facebook Shop or Shoppable Pinterest Pins we can help you! At The AD Leaf ®, we have a team of Social Media Specialists who thrive off of cultivating premium content and paid ads for a variety of businesses. Give us a call at (321) 255-0900 or, set up a consultation by emailing us at We look forward to making your 4th quarter and holiday season a success!

Content Marketing For Nonprofits

The Ins and Outs of Content Marketing for Nonprofits

If you run or are involved in a nonprofit, you know how important advertising is in order to get the word of your organization out to the proper channels. However, determining what medium you want to advertise in can be tricky to figure out. Nonprofits require constant communication between volunteers, donors, and those interested in your organization’s activities. Not only that, but your nonprofit also has to reach people in your community or even beyond to gain interest from them. That is why you should consider content marketing for nonprofits as a major form of your marketing strategy. As we are currently living in a time where togetherness is more crucial than ever, consider these important things when deciding whether you should begin writing content for your organization.

Content is a Broad Term

When you think about content writing, what do you think of? Website pages? Social media posts? How about blogs, brochures, emails, and other forms of communication? 

Well, the good news is that all of this is considered content, and its production is considered content writing. From there, you can determine groups for volunteers and employees to be split into. Perhaps one group can work on improving your company’s website content, while another can draft some posts for Facebook.  

The Magic of Search Engine Optimization

You have probably heard of the term “SEO” before, but are unaware of what exactly it means. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, refers to the increasing of your website’s status on search engines such as Google. This can be done in a number of different ways, but most notably through the usage of important keywords that will notify search engines of your page. The more important keywords that are on your website, the higher your website will be in organic search results. 

Content Shows Your Authenticity

Chances are that, at some point in your life, you were scammed out of something. It is a real bummer, but when it comes to nonprofit scams, it can quickly go from bothersome to illegal. That is why showing your credentials on your website and social media platforms is so important. Uploading credentials such as your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to your website shows that you are a legitimate nonprofit that your audience can trust. 

Content Ideas to Get You Started

The AD Leaf Marketing Firm LLC has created a list of easy, simple ideas for content to help you get started with optimizing your nonprofit using content writing:

  • Creating a Donations page for your contributors to donate to
  • Starting a blog about your day-to-day operations
  • Fleshing out an About section that includes your organization’s mission statement
  • Writing about your programs and initiatives for separate pages

Need more ideas? Want to take the content marketing for nonprofits to the next level? Give The AD Leaf Marketing Firm LLC a call today at 321-255-0900 for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

Do You Hear the People e-Sing?

If you’re like me, you entered 2020 with a pretty full concert calendar. Excited for the artists both young and old I’d be seeing, I had even been planning weekend getaways to correspond with some of the shows. Obviously, those plans came to a bit of a halt with the onset of coronavirus. Music fans around the world were left sad and lost at the prospect of at least a year without a show to let loose at. Enter a new music industry line: the social e-concert thanks to Social Media Marketing for TikTok and other platforms. 

The concept of live-streaming an event is certainly nothing new but up until this point, it had been an add on to the actual live-experience. Between social distancing and different regulations in place all over tour routes, the industry had to get a bit creative. A growing number of artists are putting together live concerts for their fans that even feature their own “admission” charges. While thankfully nowhere near the same price of a standard show, this price gives you access to the concert and usually a live-chat feature with other fans– sometimes even with the artists themselves. 

Social Media Marketing for TikTokOne example of artists doing this is the band The Maine. Based out of Arizona, the band is selling $10 tickets to their concert. They’re even offering merch bundles with “tour” shirts to further make the experience feel like the real thing. Fans of the band all over social media are joining together in groups to chat and “attend” the show together. The Maine has traditionally been a band that makes great use of Social Media Marketing for TikTok and unique marketing opportunities and pandemic concerts are no exception. 

Another artist making the most of a difficult situation is The Weeknd. Real name Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd teamed up with TikTok for the first live virtual reality concert on the app. While Abel and his avatar brought down the e-house, fans were able to chat amongst themselves and express their love for him in the comments. Social Media Marketing for TikTokTo make the experience more special, he even teased a new song and was joined for a surprise performance of a song with Doja Cat. The show was free for fans but part of the collab with the app included the release of a special collection of merch, the proceeds of which went to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Other notable artists taking part in this new era of concerts are Norah Jones, Jason Isbell, Aventura, and Post Malone, the last of which performed a tribute to Nirvana with drumming legend Travis Barker. Many are even taking the opportunity to use this time to raise money for charities or shed light on important issues. 

While the sweat and standing around at a traditional concert may not be the best part of a night out at a show, there is absolutely something to be said for the social experience it provides. Whether going with a group of friends or meeting new people there on your own, the bonding experience of a concert is an unparalleled experience. Particularly with younger people, social media provides a wonderful way to stay in touch, chat, and get excited over their favorite artists, all without having to leave the safety of their homes. 

When you think about it, while they’re certainly no replacement for the experience of a live show right in front of you, keeping the e-concert in a post-COVID world could be a great idea. These shows provide the opportunity to see a show to many who wouldn’t be able to otherwise, whether because of cost, illness, or other interference, all while still staying social, thanks to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other awesome social media apps. 

If you’re intrigued by the power of Social Media Marketing for TikTok and how it’s affecting the human experience during COVID, reach out to us here at The AD Leaf! We’d love to show you all social media can do for you and your company during this unprecedented time. 

The Key Differences Between Business Blogging and Professional Blogging

Blogging is a great way to utilize Content Marketing for Business and to increase traffic on your website. There are a number of different possibilities that you can use a blog for, including educating your audience about your business and promoting new ideas within your industry. 

However, some blog ideas can blur the line between professional blogging and personal blogging. Here are some of the biggest differences between these types of blogs.

Interest vs Action

One main characteristic that makes professional blogs stand out against personal blogs is the fact that its purpose is to lead its reader to take some sort of action. Personal blogs normally write to make their audiences engaged and interested in their work. However, professional blogs take this a step further. Their purpose is to engage the audience’s attention while also encouraging them to undertake some kind of big step. 

The Stories You Tell

Storytelling is arguably the main draw of blogging. Whether your blog is for your business or for yourself, you need to be able to tell some kind of story with your blog content. That being said, there is a line that must be followed when writing your blog content. When writing for your business, make sure that you are writing specifically about topics that pertain to your business. For example, a fashion store would want to write about the latest fashion trends on their blog more than what they had for lunch that day.


When you are writing for a personal blog, you have total control. You get to write what you want when you want. Whether this blog chronicles your day-to-day life or you talk about a broad topic such as movies or fashion, you control the decisions made. Professional blogs are not so flexible. This is because each story needs to be meticulously planned before publication. After determining what your purpose of the blog post is and whether or not the topic pertains to your company, you now need to figure out the best time and day to publish it. This can be determined using analytics for both your company website and your social media pages. If you are able to see when exactly your audience is most engaged online, figuring out when to publish your blog content will be easier than expected.


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Marketing To Gen Z

Four Must-Have Tips for Marketing to Gen Z

According to the Pew Research Center, Generation Z is generally considered to be the generation of citizens born between 1996 and the current day. Arguably the characteristic of this generation that applies most from a marketing perspective is the fact that they are considered to be “digital natives,” which are people who have grown up in and around digital technological advancements. Their connectedness to social media and other forms of technology make them an important demographic to advertise to. However, there are some important things to consider before engaging in content writing and digital marketing to Gen Z. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you are captivating your digital native audiences to the best of your ability.

Keep it Short and Simple

When you think of content writing, you might think about long-form blogs and website pages. However, when you’re marketing to Gen Z, understand that  has a lot of different messages being targeted at them every day, so shifting through these long and sometimes complicated content can be difficult. If you keep your message short in word count and easily digestible, you will be able to be noticed by your target audience.

Keep Track of Current Trends

In our online culture, what was once popular a week ago is considered ancient now. We have all seen those “cringe compilations” of brands that are either trying way too hard to be hip with the kids or are severely outdated. You definitely should not be including outdated memes or online trends in your content. If you see a new trend pop up in your feeds (for example, the recent “everything is a cake” meme), try to market yourself off of that as soon as possible. 

Multimedia Is Key

You simply cannot market yourself just off of promoted Twitter messages. In order to promote a consistent brand, make sure you expand into other forms of content. One idea is to convert a short blog post into a video script for social media sites such as YouTube. If your brand is able to be recognized across various forms of media, then you have succeeded in marketing to your audience. 

Do Not Bombard Your Audience

You could follow the previously mentioned tips and still find yourself lacking in engagement and sales. Why? Because you simply have done too much of it. If you frequently promote your content into the feeds of your target audience, your audience is going to get very annoyed and avoid your product rather than buy it. They might even make your frequent attempts at exposure to a meme itself.

Not Sure How to Start?

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