Website Maintenance

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Interval Updates, Functionality Cross Checking, and Minor Programming Adjustments

Website software platforms periodically send out updates to their platforms in an effort to improve functionality and the user experience. This also includes the many plug-ins that are utilized in just about every standard website.Website Maintenance Melbourne FL Often times, websites contain certain elements of custom coded functionality. When an update is developed for a website platform or an added on plug-in, the software developer will program the updates to work with the default software settings the website platform was delivered to the client with. The software developers cannot foresee every instance or variable of custom coded elements for a client’s website. It is critically important to ensure the website is functioning correctly post update install. Our service allows for one additional hour of website programming to execute any adjustment necessary to ensure the website is optimally performing post update install. All of these steps are extremely important when it comes to web maintenance.

Mobile Friendly or Responsive Website Congruency

Mobile versions are typically separate website versions with most older style website situations. Often times graphic design, requested aesthetic elements, and custom coded functionality will break the mobile responsiveness of your mobile website version. Our team will identify these instances, consult you with the best possible recourse and based on your direction will execute the mobile website functionality fixes to ensure it remains either mobile friendly or mobile responsive.

The AD Leaf ® acts as your business partner for on-going web maintenance. Our team focuses on keeping your website up-to-date.

  • WordPress: We specialize in web design using the most populate content management system in the world
  • Plug-ins: We install the most important plugins for your website to keep it optimized.
  • Back-ups: We store your files and folders in a database in case of anything breaks in your website.
  • Anti-Virus and Malware: Just like our plug-in installation, we use the latest technology to prevent spam and hacks.