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Why Should I Consider Establishing My Brand with Brand Development Melbourne FL?

  • You began your business or entered into your field of business for a reason. Yes it is to make money but you also have an edge over everyone else with your goods and services.  Establishing your brand let’s your customers, vendors, and partners know exactly how great your goods and services are.
  • Establishing a brand allows you to differentiate your business from your competition
  • Establishing a brand supports your business in building consistency with how your audience (customers, vendors and partners) view your company. Each time they see, hear, or interact with your brand development Melbourne FL they will notice a consistent message and that consistency will support their memory, history, and experience with respects to their interactions with you.
  • If you do not brand your company, your service offerings, or your special gifts; your company will become lost in the sea of 1 Trillion active websites (2016). Your company will not reach its fullest potential, support sales growth, and ultimately bottom line profitability.
  • If you attempt to generate customer and clients or leads, your audience will have no idea who you are, what your company is about, how great your services really are, and how amazing your products perform. Should you take that potentially devastating risk?
Brand Development Melbourne FL | Branding | The AD Leaf ® ®

Establishing My Company’s Brand

Brand Development Melbourne FL | Branding | The AD Leaf ® ®

Companies like Coca Cola, Starbucks, Nike, and many other high caliber organizations have created very strict and established rules for how others receive, see, and hear their brands. When you see a Coca Cola logo, image, picture, print ad, tv commercial, and social media post you always see the appropriate color, style, size, font, and acceptable uses of their logo. In fact, if anyone of Coca Cola’s vendors or partners were to change their branding,work outside of their brand development Melbourne FL guidelines, or publish any form of media that is not compliant with Coca Cola’s style and branding guidelines, that vendor could be subject to legal action by Cocoa Cola for violating their brand guidelines. The potential negative impact that could have on their company could be enormous. And this is why you would NEVER see a blue coca cola logo, with different colors, different sizes, with different styles of writing(font) and for many great reasons some of which I have previously stated. What each of us see each time we see any type of media from Coca Cola is their brand. Their company takes their brand development very seriously and Coca Cola wants to ensure that the message they send to their audience is one of consistency, integrity, and ensures the audience is taken on the journey that Coca Cola wants each of us to partake. Think about that each time you decide to post via social media. Is that post positively impacting your brand? Each time you post images, videos, and content or create flyers for your company, does the messaging, images, font, words follow a consistent theme or is the message you are sending to your customers all over the place?  This conceptually is the program that Brand Development Melbourne FL is design ensure your brand communication is exceptional!

Before you should even consider selling to customers, or working with clients, you should develop your brand, begin to establish your brand, and essentially raise your hand to let your audience know “Hello I am here and excited to work with you!” You are also raising your hand and stating “Hello, I have a great product, service, offering and I think you should take notice of our companies difference” “We think what we have to offer will better support what you are looking for!”

What Is Entailed With Developing My Brand?

If you ask that question to Apple, you just might receive an emailed 165 page Style and Branding Guideline and acceptable use policy handbook.  Apple, Coca Cola, Starbucks, and others have very specific guidelines and acceptable use policies that govern their vendors or partners use with respects to elements of their brands and the acceptable duplication or use of their branded elements.  These companies have set forth rigid guidelines to the world.  Print, copy, and share their logo but you better be certain to execute those actions correctly.  Should you decide to tamper with, change, shade, or adjust the color of their logo you could face legal action!  Is it that serious you ask, absolutely it is.  These company’s like many others have spent many years and many millions of dollars teaching you that a can of Coca Cola is red with white writing.  Now, every time you see a red can, you probably think it’s a can of Coke.  Starbucks has partaken in this as well.  Every time I drive past, or approach an establishment with a green awning or a green umbrella, I immediately think that the business will be a Starbucks Coffee House location.    If you change one of these organizations logo, font, color, or styling you are causing confusion and the inability to recognize their brand by a customer.  This disruption can lead to lost sales, profitability, and harm to one of these companies.

Brand Development Melbourne FL | Branding | The AD Leaf ® ®
Brand Development Melbourne FL | Branding | The AD Leaf ® ®

Let’s think about Branding in your terms.  Of course you are not close in size to McDonalds, so not everyone is going to recognize your logo as they would the Golden Arches ( At least not today ).  But, you can and should begin the process of creating and sticking to a brand to build your brand identity with your audience.  Once you have designed a logo you love, it is critically important that your vendors, retailers, customers, and partners use the correct font, color, size, and acceptable use best practices of your logo or company insignia.  Remember, this is your brand!  Every time a customer notices your logo or insignia in a public setting they are going to identify with your company as you would hope they should.   The more your brand is identified in their memory, it will become second nature that they should conduct business with you.  Think of it this way-when we open up our web browser to search for a good or service online, most of us say we are going to “Google that store” instead of saying “I am going to open a search engine to search for a local business”.  Isn’t that incredibly powerful for Google?  Over 90 million people per day use Google’s search engine.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if over 90 million people per day chose your brand?

In addition to establishing acceptable use policies and best practices for your logo, there are many other elements that are prescribed in developing your company’s “Style and Branding Guide”.  Your Style and Branding Guide is a key element or white paper concerning your company’s branding.   The AD Leaf ® support your efforts in establishing your brand through the effective development of your very own Style and Branding guide.  These helpful white papers can be shared with your vendors, partners, and business contacts for compliance and consistency.   Schedule a consultation to discuss improving or elevating your company’s brand.

The AD Leaf ® will support you with your brand development Melbourne FL and your overall branding process! Please send us an email to schedule your consultation.

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