Tips To Write Content For Your Website

When it comes to writing content for your website, it tends to be a task that most of us want to avoid. If you’ve never written content in your life, you’ll have the natural tendency to get stuck and feel frustrated after making your first attempt. This may lead to you just giving up writing content altogether. Of course, nobody wants that to happen. When you’re starting to write content it’s important that you keep a strategy in mind. Once you have a great strategy, this should help alleviate the burden of writing content. Take the time to think about and write down your strategy prior to your next content writing.

Here are some tips that will help you write content for your website:

  1. Start with the Headline For Your Content: You’re looking to travel from Florida to New Orleans on a road trip. You packed everything that you needed for your travels, but there’s one thing you may have forgotten. Do you have a roadmap or a GPS that will help you get to your destination? I’m sure you know that to get to point B, you have to start at point A. This is exactly how you should attempt to write content. When you start with a headline, it gives you ideas or the “roadmap” on what to write and how to structure it.
  2. Create an Outline: Once you have your headline in place, the second tip is to create an outline. What this does is help break down your content into sub-topics that you would want to write that fits with your headline. In addition, by creating an outline, you can research your headline and subtopics which will give you even more ideas to write for your content.
  3. Research Other Articles That Relates To Your Content: We’ve mentioned this briefly, but once you have a headline and outline, researching for other articles and blogs that relate to your content can definitely help you. Freewriting can be extremely difficult if you are new to writing content and finding articles online will help you by making your content writing much easier.
  4. Fill In Your Outline with Content: Once you have your research materials and everything is set up nicely, fill in your outline with your content. Because you now have a blueprint for your headline and subtopics, you can now plug in words that will relate to what you will be writing about. Of course, try not to plagiarize using other people’s content. Do your best to be original.
  5. Edit and Proofread Your Content: When you feel that your content is finished, go over your content to see if it flows well and there are no grammatical errors. Another good reason to edit your content is to add more words and beef up the content a bit more.


Congratulations! You are done! I’m sure there are other great ways to write content for your website, but we believe the tips we provided here are great first steps to take. We wish you the best in your next content writing venture!

How Reputation Management Can Help Your Company

I’m sure many us can remember a time in our lives where someone said something negative about us. It certainly doesn’t feel good when knowing the things that were said negatively about us were not true and we had to handle the situation by proving to others that the rumors were false. When it comes to promoting your business online, there are others out there that wish to put your company in danger and at risk of losing revenue, and above all, your reputation. With the emergence of social media platforms, it most certainly makes it easy for companies to have a target on their backs. Having said that, here’s the question:

What is Reputation Management and how it can help your company alleviate any bad press online?

Reputation management is a technique that incorporates marketing efforts and campaigns to bury negative reviews, information or search results and promote content that positively shows the desired image of a company.

Here’s how Reputation Management can manage your online presence:

  • Increase Sales and Revenue: The internet is the primary spot for individuals to connect to when they are searching for answers to their problems. It is the best place to search and research for all kinds of topics. One of the best ways to use Reputation Management and increase your sales and revenue is to directly engage with customers through the means of social media and your website. Of course, this should be done in a positive light and you must be transparent so your customers can continue to trust you. The company who is implementing Reputation Management should make sure they find a reputable person or marketing company to take over this role.
  • Build Credibility: Like we mentioned previously, gaining your customer’s trust is of the utmost importance for a business to survive online. Whether you’re in the B2C or B2B market, the internet gives your customers a voice to say whatever is on their mind online if they aren’t happy with your service or your product. One negative comment about your brand will spread much faster than a positive one. Once you have a reputation management strategy in place to alleviate negative reviews, it helps you build your credibility as a brand that deeply cares about its customers and wants to improve your services and products.
  • Build a Brand Image: With Reputation Management, you can definitely build a better brand image for your company. Once you or a marketing agency can monitor the responses that are being put out by bad press comments, any attacks can be dealt with swiftly. This can be done by publishing a social media post, where positive dialogue can begin to build your brand’s image moving forward.


Building credibility and brand image are paramount. In the end, businesses make mistakes and it is their duty to have their loyal customers trust them again and continue to service them in the most ethical way. This is the power of Reputation Management.

Social Media Interaction & Response Guide Best Practices

social media engagement

As your social media following continues to grow, your various platforms will begin to generate leads. All of the rich and wonderful content that is shared online will start to peak their interest and they will seek to learn more about your products and/or services. Social Media communication differs from oral communication, as you are unable to gauge the client’s emotion through their voice. It also differs from email communication, as it typically more formal and not as direct. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when engaging with customers either publicly or privately on social media:

Using the Proper Tone: 

The age-old saying, “the customer is always right” has never been truer than it is in the digital era. All it takes is a viral screenshot of an unsatisfactory Direct Message(DM) to tarnish a company’s reputation. Once something is posted online, it is nearly impossible to completely remove it. Even if you delete a post, you have no idea how many people took screenshots of it, copied/pasted it, and plan to use it against you in the future. Keep the social media interaction brief and do your best to move conversations away from social media as quickly as possible once they begin.

Listed below are a small handful of helpful Do’s and Dont’s as it relates to social media engagement best practices.

Do’s Dont’s
Always follow up with your customer to ensure you have successfully replied to their communication. This shows that you take an interest in keeping them as a customer and care about their concerns. This also shows that you are interested in interacting with them. Never ignore the customer, especially if they have repeatedly reached out. This will only give them more incentive to post negative reviews about your business and deter potential clients. If multiple customers find themselves in similar situations and band together, it could spell disaster for your online presence.
Have a template ready for multiple scenarios. A formulated response for predictable issues (items arriving late, items arriving damaged, wrong product shipped, etc.) can help increase response time while the issue is further investigated. This way, the customer has been acknowledged and you are given more time to find a solution. Don’t get emotional or prideful. In some cases, the customer CAN be misinformed, even wrong. However, without happy customers, a business cannot flourish and all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Putting aside your pride or anger and trying to alleviate a customer’s frustrations can show great effort on your part, especially if the conversation is happening outside of the direct messages.
Provide empathy. We’ve all been victims of poor service before and it is important to remember how a customer may feel. When customer’s come to complain, they more than often come with a complete backstory of the importance of the product they were ordering and how its tardiness/defectiveness has affected them. If you find yourself dealing with a customer like this, try to imagine if you were in their shoes and what you would want to hear to make you feel better about the situation. Avoid telling customers they are wrong or engaging with a customer in back and forth banter via online forums such as social media. The brand never wins. Even if you are right, the audience still tends to side with the client especially if another client has had a similar experience. Mistakes happen; it’s a natural part of life. Sometimes customers will accuse you of actions that are out of your control. This is why it is important to keep records and paper trails to present to your customers in the case that they are wrong. With this documentation, if a customer looks to tarnish your reputation, you can go pubic with the facts to show the world your business is honest and truthful. An angry customer may fight with you all day, but they will lose a fight against logic.

Google Reviews

Google ReviewsThe AD Leaf Team would like to give you a friendly reminder of how important business reviews such as Google Business Page reviews, and other online platform reviews are. A good goal to set is to receive at least one good review every month. This keeps your company ‘fresh’ in Googles eyes.

Google, Social Media, and Yelp reviews

Everywhere you go, you see reviews. Whether it’s a physical or digital product, if it’s worth talking about (in good or bad ways), it has reviews. The most important thing about reviews is that people care about them. This is why we want you to have good reviews.

It’s important to carefully approach the subject of reviews with customers. First, you want them to receive the product and be happy with it. The more satisfied they are, the more likely they are to not only leave a review but leave a positive one. Before asking for a review, we recommend contacting customers and asking them if they have any feedback on your goods or services.  If they have had any issues, they’ll let you know, and you’ll have the chance to fix them. If they are happy, then it’s safe to ask them for a review. If you aren’t sure that they are happy, then don’t ask them for a review. Finally, the way in which you ask for reviews is important.

Tip #1 – Be appreciative: To be frank, reviewers don’t really get much out of the process. It’s just a nice thing they can do for other people reading reviews in the future.

Tip #2 – Make it simple: So we’ve established that most reviewers leave reviews because it’s a nice thing to do.

Tip #3 – Do NOT offer an incentive: Want to get every customer to leave you a review? Just offer them $100 if they do.

Tip #4 – Be clear about what you’re looking for: If you just have one textbox that says “your review,” customers could write about anything, even irrelevant things.  Provide them with the access link and simple instructions to leave your review.

We hope this helps you understand why Google, Social Media, and Yelp reviews are important, and how to get them. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to reach out to us at The AD Leaf and we would be happy to help.

Customers still buy services in the 4th Quarter but possibly not from you?

While it is true, many consumers spend less on services such as contractors and repair services due to saving for the holidays and holiday shopping in general, many consumers still contract services. November and December are the slowest months in Real Estate, however, consumers still list homes and buy homes in these slower months. What causes your peers and colleagues to capture these sales and revenue while you do not?Marketing Firm Melbourne FL

Marketing Firm Melbourne FL

During slower time periods it can be common for some business owners to take spiral of death approach to managing the business. When sales are slower, maybe you pull back your advertising spend, if you have marketing budget at all. This is the time where you should double down on your efforts. Ensure you have the most refined business plan developed and in place, which in large part includes a well-executed marketing program. The service providers that realize success in the 4th Quarter of the year or the realtors that capitalize on the buyers and sellers in this market are those successful businesses that execute their business plans effectively, focus on their efforts and market in this season. The businesses that do not change their behaviors to meet the changing climate or seasonality of their businesses are those that fail during these times. Don’t take my word for it. Gary Keller, the famous founder of Keller Williams Real Estate Group discusses this problem at length in his New York Times Best Seller “Shift” where he calls out why 98% of the real estate community left the industry after failing miserably during the 2008 recession and why just 2% of the top performing realtors realized tremendous success during those terrible economic times.

Whether you’re a retailer or wholesaler that stands to partake in a significant revenue increase during the 4th Quarter of the year or a service provider that typically sees a tremendous revenue slow down, navigating your 4th Quarter successful requires a strategic marketing program.

Should I Re Design My Website Because My Sales Are Slow and Do I Even Need a Website in 2017?

Many website designers and programmers love to tell every business owner and decision maker that the cures to their problems in business and possibly in life will be cured if You Re Design Your Website Because That Is Why Your Sales Are Slow.   While a poorly performing website may be one of the root causes for a lack of quantifiable leads, more appropriately, often there are other root causes.  First, you need to understand that a website is NOT marketing.  It is simply an online business card.  There are over 1 Trillion (with a T) active websites online today.  Your website is not special, not recognizable, and not relevant unless you market your website.  You must send traffic to your website for it to have the potential to support your lead generation and client procurement program.  Simply creating, programming, and developing a website online is not enough to bring like-minded purchasers to your website in support of them taking an action ( A phone call, email, or a shopping cart order ).

Before you make the decision to re design your website, it is important to ensure that you have a well-executed marketing program that is driving appropriate like-minded purchases or interested users to your business and your website.   Once you possess a successful marketing program and you are driving a significant amount of traffic to your business, if your website is not performing at the appropriate conversion rate (1-5% visitors-to-conversion), then it would be the appropriate time to re design your website.


YES, Your Business Does Absolutely Need A Website in 2017, and not just because we are a marketing firm and we say so.   One of our clients, is a high-profile business in their industry.  They were pitching one of the largest hotel chains in the world to remodel one of their 60-story buildings.  Someone in my client’s organization was using a Gmail address and the hotel chain took notice of that.  My client immediately lost the contract because the hotel chain was very concerned that our client was not large enough, or professional enough to manage the complete remodel of a 60-story hotel simply because someone wasn’t using a branded company email.  Something as simple as the wrong email address can cause you to lose a client.  A website is a critical component of your businesses Public Relations and outward facing client communication.  Your clients and potential clients will get you through your website.  Conversely, your audience may also learn more about your products or services through perusing your website.

Looking to take the leap and re-design your website? Our website design team in Melbourne specializes in WordPress, Joomla, and custom coded website development/design. Contact us today.

The AD Leaf – Who Are You?

People have asked us; Are you too small that we cannot pitch you to our investors? Are you too big for my company that I cannot afford you? How many employees do you have? Do you conduct your own marketing? Do you practice what you preach? Do you rank within organic search for your own keywords? Those questions are really great questions. Allow us to provide a bit of insight and give you a glimpse of who we are.

The AD Leaf is intrigued to collaborate in excellence with company’s at all sizes, in multiple business modalities, and industries. Our core focus is to foster positive relationships where our client’s culture centers around executing a business plan which in large part includes a well-strategized marketing plan in order to improve their company.Shareholders, employees, and investors like these sorts of new-fangled ideas, right? We collaborate and work with clients that possess a home based office up to and including one Fortune 50 and two Fortune 100 companies. Our marketing and advertising firm’s capabilities provide a boutique & mid-size agency level size with the flexibility to scale up or down to meet our client’s needs. Per the project, The AD Leaf can mold and mesh to the Main Street marketing firm size without the exorbitant cost structures often associated with these relationships.

Our capabilities allow us to develop strategies born out of the idea of ensuring our client’s success is at the center of our professional work product. We are not the agency that attempts to fit a square peg into a round hole. Please do not assume or ask if we are an SEO company because you may slightly insult us. We understand that digital marketing is not the best fit for every company, and conversely that when you tell us your only marketing program has been word of mouth that you absolutely need tremendous amounts of marketing help. We develop strategies and marketing programs that are tailored to your company’s needs, business trends, industry standards, and best practices. What success looks like to you, is what success looks like to us.

Advertising Agency Melbourne FL

Our team is comprised of degreed, innovative, well refined, and exciting professionals from diverse realms within the marketing vertical. Our leadership team has supported the growth and successful operations, and development of several Fortune 50 and 100 companies in the fields of senior level operations leadership and marketing. We also love coffee, environmental causes, human rights, and we are die hard gator fans. Once, we worked with a Noles fan and student on our team but we sent her back to college!

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Writing Content For Your Company Is Much Easier Than You Think?

The topic of creating content or writing content is one where marketing agencies and clients often times do not see eye to eye. Most clients expect the agency to create all of the content for them to use in support of improving the clients marketing performance, and most agencies have not built content creation into the marketing contract the client has agreed to, so a stalemate ensues. The agency does not want to execute a client relationship that is not profitable and the client does not or feels uncomfortable to write about their business. The result is nothing happens. Each person draws a line in the sand until the client ultimately leaves the agency and feels unsupported.

There is a glimpse of hope for both sides! First, using industry specific terminology and jargon can scare, put off, or intimidate your clients. When you ask for “content” or a “blog” you may be causing nervous energy with your client, as they may feel their writing skills are not up to par. Read more

What Forms of Marketing and Advertising are Effective For My Company?

Finding the proper Marketing and Advertising Strategy

In order to understand what types of marketing or advertising methods and practices are the best fit for your particular organization, you have to first understand and identify a few key facts. First, what is the mission and intended outcome of your marketing and advertising efforts? If your company is interested in expanding your brand within your existing customer base, introducing a new product line, business line, or maybe a new business segment; your marketing strategy might differ from that of a company interested in a quick lead generation. Additionally, it is extremely critical to understand your customer and industry demographics before you commence the planning for your Marketing and Advertising Strategy (Age, income, geography, interests) the competitiveness of your industry and targeted geographic area. Certain markets may provide a quicker result with marketing efforts than others. For more information on Determining Your Budget, click here.

marketing and advertising strategy

Based on the results of this fact finding mission, they will determine which marketing practices will work for you in support of your mission. For example, if your customer demographic consists of mostly clients over the age of 60, you would most likely realize the greatest marketing benefit with Print Advertising, Local market signage, Newspaper, Radio, Television, or Magazine article marketing. Digital marketing offerings would be less as important with your customer base.

Marketing and Advertising Strategy – Conversely, if your client base consists of mostly customers in the age range of 18-45, your company will be positively impacted if you employ a strong digital marketing strategy consisting of Search Engine Optimization, Banner Advertisements with relevant and key websites, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

marketing advertising strategy

Another key factor is realizing that a diversified strategy will provide the best benefit. It is important to employ different marketing services once you fully understand your client & industry demographics and then track their success to ensure your company invests money in the best possible manner. Additionally, spend time researching which vendors are the best fit for your company and vet them well. If you hire an in-house employee to support you with marketing, understand their limitations, knowledge, and educational background. If you outsource to an agency, you will need to understand what their capabilities are and what specific or exact services the company will provide for your company. At the end of the day, as the business owner or leader, you are ultimately accountable for your decisions. Certainly, it will pay off in increased sales and profitability for your organization if you hire the best resource to improve your marketing efforts.


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Summertime Sales Slow Down But Does It Really Have To Be?

Summer time brings lots of fun at the beach, pool parties, barbeques, and fun gatherings.  It also can be a time for sales slowdowns for many businesses.  Depending on your business model, industry, product and or service, your sales can lower drastically during the summer months.  This drastic reduction in sales can lower profitability, cause you to lay off staff, and be enough of a downturn to instill worry about your business potentially affecting your quality of life.summertime-sales-slow-down-but-does-it-really-have-to-be

This thought our idea does not have to be the reality for your business.  While these trends are cyclical in many business models, there are tactics and processes you can employ to mitigate or lessen the effects of the summer sale slow down.

Because most millennials are enjoying summer break, parents are taking vacations while their children are off from school, and many people in general tend to enjoy more time off during the summer months.  This is a great opportunity for your company to redesign and execute a well-developed Social Media Marketing strategy for your company.

With more users (your customers) reviewing social media during the summer months at a more frequent pace, a well-developed Social Media Marketing program will ensure your brand, your products, and your services are or remain at the forefront of your intended audience.  You will have more opportunities to present your business to your customers in the summer months.


Consumers still purchase in the summer months, however, consumers will purchase from those brands that resonate with them and appeal to their needs and desires.  If you are nowhere to be found, if you are not interacting with your potential customers, and if you are not at the forefront of their attention when they are using the public and digital mediums, your sales will drop alongside of the rest of the businesses who realize a drastic sales slowdown during the summer months.

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