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Why Content Matters for SEO

Any discussion about search engine optimization will bring up the topic of page content and how important it is for SEO. Page content is a huge component for increasing your SEO rankings. The internet is just a vast library of information that search engines like Google and Bing need to index and catalog so they can display the information you need when you need it. Search engines are always craving new and fresh content. These search engines have an extremely difficult job because with all this information, they need to work harder to filter out irrelevant or inferior content. If they don’t do this then they lose trust from their users.

In the beginning for search engines, a website’s content didn’t really matter. Keyword stuffing your page and submitting your site to global link directories was all you needed to get your site to rank for your target keywords. Search engines today see this tactic as spam and will penalize your rankings for it as an attempt at keeping these spam tactics out of their index. One of the biggest game changers in recent years is the increasing importance of quality and relevant website content. Search engines like Google and Bing have become content hungry machines and are looking for long quality content.


Quality AND Quantity

If your page content is well-written, informative, and optimised with key words and phrases seamlessly blended into the content, you’re taking the proper steps to improving your SEO. The other factor for page content is quantity. SEO is an ongoing process, and your website isn’t any different. Fresh and new content will help you show up on the radar of search engines a lot faster than other methods, and keeping a regular blog is one way of increasing your authority in your industry. You need to produce regular, shareable content to support your other pages and keyword phrases and keep visitors coming back. You need to do this with the aim of increasing traffic to your website and turning visitors into conversions.


Share It

It seems like everyone from your grandmother to your neighbors dog is on social media now, and businesses aren’t any different. They are learning how to tap into this fantastic opportunity that can potentially reap huge rewards. Quality website content has a much higher chance of being shared and reaching a larger audience than irrelevant or spam filled content. Providing your visitors with quality content will help increase your page authority to search engines. Also by doing this you are also increasing the chances that visitors will share your website on social media, or link back to your page on their own blog post. Old methods of link building included submitting your website URL to dedicated link directories for the purposes of search rankings. This method is not only deprecated, but it can lead to your website being heavily penalized by Google. These days, search algorithms favor natural link building which can be achieved by sharing quality content on social media sites.

Since page content become such a crucial factor in search rankings, writing fresh page content is a must and understanding how important it is will help you grow your business. We specialize in this field and we have the tools and expertise necessary to help drive your business’s success by improving your search engine ranking. Learn more about what we have to offer your business and contact us to plan out and design a strategy for SEO in Melbourne FL.

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