The Pitfalls of a Bad Logo Design

The Pitfalls of a Bad Logo Design

The Pitfalls of a Bad Logo Design
The Pitfalls of a Bad Logo Design


Everyone has a face, and that face, whether fair or not, is the first step to gaining trust. So we shave, cleanse, and smile to put our best foot forward to build loving, trusting relationships. The same should be brought into your business utilizing graphic design. However, what exactly is a logo and or trademark? Who is a trusted source to bring a face to your company? No matter your product or company size, a bad logo is the most expensive asset you could ever obtain. A poorly designed brand or logo can make or break a company.

What comes to mind when I say Nike? The Swoosh. What comes to mind when I say McDonald’s? The golden arches. Even though I stated the singular name of the company, you unconsciously accepted both a trademark and a logo. As in the case of NIKE’s branding, the Swoosh is the trademark, and the lettering/typeface is the actual logo. The logo comes from the ancient Greek ‘Logos’ meaning word. As you can see in our modern society, the two have become almost interchangeable.

Many people, to their detriment, regard the logo as secondary in nature to the running of the business itself. They have an image of something they feel would properly represent themselves as an entity. A graphic designer takes the client’s good intentions and makes that message palatable and inviting across all platforms. Building trustworthy relationships between client and designer and client and their consumers. However, you might never see your business’s true value or highest potential until you trust a real designer to find the true motivation, direction, and audience behind the company.

Hiring the right designer or agency to market your company is important as a business owner.

A poorly rebranded logo or a bad logo can destroy a company. I tell my clients that if they have a poor logo that doesn’t properly convey the value of their business, everything their logo touches is a waste of money. Most people, in this case with little to no understanding of the issue, believe they just need to be put more in the spotlight, so they throw more money at the problem, not realizing they are plastering the problem to everyone on everything speeding up the demise of their company.

No matter how big or successful your company is, nothing is more expensive than a bad logo design. A logo or trademark that is simple, elegant, and projects the full spectrum of the value you provide is an investment that will allow you to focus and scale beyond your goals and not hinder you to the pages lost in chapter 11. You should run your business with the help of a seasoned, trusted marketing agency.

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