South Florida SEO & Search Engine Optimization Florida – What Is SEO?

Once we understand our customer and client demographics, we will then be able to develop an appropriate marketing strategy that communicates effectively with our target audience.  Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials use Google and Bing as their preferred method of searching for goods and services. Our south Florida SEO service can help you reach this lucrative market.

Many small businesses have a hard time wrapping their heads around developing a search engine optimization FL campaign or an SEO campaign because many business owners think the idea, the concept, or the action of  south Florida SEO is fake.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Over 90 million people per day use Google.  How many times have you Googled something only for the search engine to return a search result that was not accurate Or maybe, that search was not relevant.  Think about the long-standing impact that has on Google’s integrity.  If users and people (Google’s Customers) experienced this problem each time they used Google’s search engine, then Google would lose their business.  Businesses would stop advertising with Google and the consequences would be devastating.  Of course, Google does not want this to happen.  With that being said, Google works very hard to ensure the results that its search engine pull to the first page are the highest quality, the most accurate, and the most relevant for the users or Google’s customer.


Importance of South Florida SEO


Search Engine Optimization FL, SEO Melbourne FL, in part works to ensure that all of your business information presented to the search engines is consistent across all public and digital mediums.  It ensures that the information that your customers and users see when they search for your goods and services via the search engines is accurate.  Your hours of operation, your business address, your telephone number, email address, your website, and your customer reviews are all presented in a manner that may showcase your company in the best possible way for your potential customers.  South Florida SEO also serves as your digital marketing platform to allow your business listing to rank via each search engine.

95% of all users who use search engines will find and select their goods and services from the first page of the search engines.  Research has also proven, that users will only go to the 2nd page of the search engine if they are not able to find accurate or relevant information on page 1.(See how important the information presented above is now?)

South Florida SEO

Now that you understand What SEO does, let’s talk about what SEO is.  Search Engine Search results breaks out into 3 sections within the Search Engine Page.  The Pay-Per-Click section is located at the top and far right of the page.  This section is easily identified because each search result in this section is labelled as an “Ad”.   The local search results section (This section will be provided by the search engines should you search for a city or town identifier when searching) which is also commonly referred to as the Maps section is typically located underneath the Pay Per Click section ( notice the presence of the Google Map), and the “Organic Section” which are the search results that are located beneath the Google Map’s section.  Users will typically select the Pay Per Click section about 30% of the time to find goods or services.  The remaining 70% of the user selection process is directed towards the Organic search results and if a Maps segment is served by the search engine, the maps placement will be the last section of choice. Get your website to page one with our custom built SEO program today! For more information, this article by Forbes outlines why south Floirda SEO is so critical in the modern age.

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