Should I Re Design My Website Because My Sales Are Slow and Do I Even Need a Website in 2017?

Many website designers and programmers love to tell every business owner and decision maker that the cures to their problems in business and possibly in life will be cured if You Re Design Your Website Because That Is Why Your Sales Are Slow.   While a poorly performing website may be one of the root causes for a lack of quantifiable leads, more appropriately, often there are other root causes.  First, you need to understand that a website is NOT marketing.  It is simply an online business card.  There are over 1 Trillion (with a T) active websites online today.  Your website is not special, not recognizable, and not relevant unless you market your website.  You must send traffic to your website for it to have the potential to support your lead generation and client procurement program.  Simply creating, programming, and developing a website online is not enough to bring like-minded purchasers to your website in support of them taking an action ( A phone call, email, or a shopping cart order ).

Before you make the decision to re design your website, it is important to ensure that you have a well-executed marketing program that is driving appropriate like-minded purchases or interested users to your business and your website.   Once you possess a successful marketing program and you are driving a significant amount of traffic to your business, if your website is not performing at the appropriate conversion rate (1-5% visitors-to-conversion), then it would be the appropriate time to re design your website.


YES, Your Business Does Absolutely Need A Website in 2017, and not just because we are a marketing firm and we say so.   One of our clients, is a high-profile business in their industry.  They were pitching one of the largest hotel chains in the world to remodel one of their 60-story buildings.  Someone in my client’s organization was using a Gmail address and the hotel chain took notice of that.  My client immediately lost the contract because the hotel chain was very concerned that our client was not large enough, or professional enough to manage the complete remodel of a 60-story hotel simply because someone wasn’t using a branded company email.  Something as simple as the wrong email address can cause you to lose a client.  A website is a critical component of your businesses Public Relations and outward facing client communication.  Your clients and potential clients will get you through your website.  Conversely, your audience may also learn more about your products or services through perusing your website.

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