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Setting Your Social Media Up For Success In Quarter 4

While you may not be quite ready to buy your Halloween costume or deck the halls with boughs of holly, now is the time to start planning your holiday and quarter 4 strategy for your business. Quarter 4 lasts from October to December and finishes out the year. This means that you will be covering 3 major holidays with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you are a product or inventory based company you will be counting on this quarter to implement up-to-date social media management services to be your most profitable and make up for some of the profits that may have been lost due to the coronavirus. It is also always good to end the year on a high note to start off the new year on a good foot.

We all know 2020 has not only been physically and emotionally tough due to the coronavirus but it has also been financially tough due to job layoffs, unemployment, and shutdowns. While many businesses are trying to figure out how to bring back sales, many people are losing hope and are looking ahead to better times. There is a lot of uncertainty as we approach the 4th quarter. There is still hope that the 4th quarter can be your strongest quarter if you take action now. There are many ways to use social media marketing to plan and execute your quarter 4 strategy as well as increase your brand awareness and sales.

Social Media Marketing Benefits And Features To Promote Your Business For The Holiday Season

One of the most beneficial ways for product and merchandise providers to capitalize on the upcoming holiday season is by utilizing Facebook Shop. Facebook Shop allows users to directly shop and browse your inventory directly on Facebook. This is a great way to shop online as people do not have to risk going into the stores and can conveniently do it safely at home through their Facebook account. Facebook shops are relatively easy to set up as well and oftentimes are easier than selling products on a website page or online shopping company such as Amazon. All you need as a seller to create a Facebook Shops site is a Facebook account and a Facebook business page as well as a valid bank account and tax identification number. Facebook shops allow anyone who likes your page or is visiting your page to quickly browse your product inventory available directly through Facebook instead of having to click through another website to access your inventory. For users looking to buy gifts for the upcoming holiday season, this is perfect to quickly access and purchase gifts for their loved ones and receive them before the holiday rush begins.

Another very beneficial social media feature that can be very beneficial for product and merchandising clients is Shoppable Pinterest Pins. Similar to Facebook Shop, Shoppable Pinterest Pins allow you to showcase your product and inventory that is available for purchase much quicker than going to a separate website. This is convenient for users who are searching for gift ideas on Pinterest. Having a Shoppable Pinterest Pin set up will allow the users to directly click on the pin and order the product with just a simple click. An added bonus to steering up and using Shoppable Pinterest Pins right now is that many users are already starting to look for holiday ideas and gifts on Pinterest. In fact, some of the largest trending items on Pinterest this summer were holiday and gift ideas for 2020. Even though we are still months away from Christmas, the coronavirus has helped build up the hype for the holiday season. Showcasing your inventory and making your products available now with Pinterest Shoppable Pins and Facebook Shop will allow you to capitalize and sell to the audience who is already searching for gifts and put you ahead of the competition that waits to make their holiday products and inventory available.

You may also find that increasing your ad spend for the holiday season is a wise move. Oftentimes many companies utilize paid advertisements and increase their spending in the 4th quarter. This can make ad space more competitive. However, by increasing your ad spend you will stay above the competition and gain that ad space that is so vital during this time. The 4th quarter is when consumers spend the most money. Increasing your ad spend will allow you to take advantage of this additional spend. Many people are also paying more attention to ads as they are looking for gifts and ideas for the holiday season. 

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Using these two social media features and increasing your ad spend will allow you to showcase your inventory and products as well as increase your profits and sales for the holiday season and the 4th quarter. While coronavirus has been very financially devastating to many companies, there is still hope for those who take action now and plan ahead. Let’s get ready to spread that holiday cheer for this upcoming holiday season! When it comes to our social media management services, if you would like to take advantage of Facebook Shop or Shoppable Pinterest Pins we can help you! At The AD Leaf ®, we have a team of Social Media Specialists who thrive off of cultivating premium content and paid ads for a variety of businesses. Give us a call at (321) 255-0900 or, set up a consultation by emailing us at We look forward to making your 4th quarter and holiday season a success!

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