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Keeping Your Audience Informed

Email marketing is a tried and true method in the world of digital marketing. It is a way to stay constantly in touch with past consumers, current customers, and even future customers all in one streamlined service. Stay in touch and stay at the forefront of your past customer’s minds. Keep your current customers engaged with exclusive updates. Email marketing is even a great way to reach out to consumers looking for a product like yours who just hasn’t found you yet. With email marketing, you can

  • Increase your company’s sales
  • Boost your web traffic 
  • Establish authority and increase brand loyalty
  • Keep your audience engaged long after you’ve made the sale with personalized campaigns 

Email campaigns can be a refreshing change of pace in a digital world where consumers are constantly bombarded with ads competing for their attention. A personalized email can go a long way towards making those coveted conversions. In fact: 62% of customers open emails because of a personalized subject line. Email campaigns provide you with the unique opportunity to speak to your customers directly. Take this time to show them your appreciation. Share some exclusive tips and info that relate back to your product or service. Share updates about your business to your email list. Even share exclusive promotions and discounts amongst your loyal subscribers. 

Take it a step further with data and insights from your email campaigns. You will be able to tell who your top fans are and make a plan just for them. Create a new campaign to reach out to only your followers with the most opens, and a separate one to win back those that may have lost interest. 


Email marketing was the primary lead generation channel for 89% of marketers.


Whether informative or promotional, segmented or non, turn to the email marketing professionals at The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm. Our team will manage your subscriber list, throttle your campaigns with eye-popping and engaging content, and then tell you who to reach out to! Whether you are looking to grow your list, create compelling content for the subscribers you already have, or just looking for a way to drive some fresh new leads in, consider adding email marketing to your digital marketing plan.