SEO Trends for 2019

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2018, looking to the future to see what SEO trends 2019 will
hold is important. In terms of Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO, the trends seem
to be revolutionary from voice search to blockchain the trends are varied. Below you will find
the top SEO trends for 2019.

SEO in 2019 – Most Popular Predicted Trends

Many experts in the SEO industry have made their predictions for 2019:
Voice Search – According to 1/3 of SEO experts voice search will be at the top for SEO
trends for 2019.
Mobile Focus – 10% of experts believe that mobile will continue to dominate over
desktop therefore making optimizing for mobile essential.
Blockchain – 10% of experts feel that blockchain is going to impact the way that SEOs
interact with websites in terms of technical changes.
Amazon Search Optimization (AMSO) – is going to be trending according to 7% of

In Depth on Popular SEO Trends for 2019

AI will change how we do keyword research
SEO Specialists will have to dedicate time to understanding the underlying mechanisms of
Artificial Intelligence (AI) when it comes to keyword research. Experts believe this type of
search is still 5-10 years down the road before it really takes hold. Therefore, it is wise for SEO
Specialists to be informed now with the ever-changing AI industry so that they are ready for AI’s
full impact on SEO. SEO Specialists will need to consider users interests, hobbies, location,
search history, and gender when performing SERPS. It’ll also be important to consider such
content as: length, quality, TF-IDF, and its structure.

Site Impressions will be removed with the use of Amazon Search and Voice Search
Amazon is taking over the way we buy products so why would it not also impact our ability to
search the internet? According to Kent Lewis, President and Founder of Anvil says:
My prediction is that the biggest SEO trend in 2019 will be Amazon search. 56% of consumers
begin searches around products on Amazon (not Google), According to a Kenshoo study. This is
a huge shift that we’re seeing, and Amazon search cannot be neglected. Amazon really could be
the new Google.

It’s clear that Amazon Search will make a rise in 2019.

Voice Search and It’s Challenges
Voice Search is predicted to be one of the biggest SEO trends for 2019. It changes the way in
which consumers search on the web. Consumers who use voice search over traditional
searching tend to change up the way they ask for something when using voice search. Voice
search tends to produce many more long-tailed keyword queries. With this new form of
searching will come its own set of challenges for example: Do we create new pages to address
each long-tail variation? Do we create a hub page? These are all things to consider when
considering voice search.

Search Intent and Code Optimization Will Have More Emphasis
As we prepare to enter 2019, keyword creation for SEO specialists will become less important.
This is due to the fact that voice search and mobile search is on the rise, therefore, its less about
the keyword and more about the meaning behind the keyword and how it is used in the
context of a search.

There are a few tools that will assist the SEO specialist in better analyzing the keywords and key
phrases people use.

Data and Interpreting It
Technology will play a big role in interpreting the meaning behind a search query.

With the increase in personal information being shared, it is all the more important to keep
websites secure. There are several ways to do this including: hosting on secure servers,
encrypting on sites, keeping everything up-to-date, and blockchain.

Website load time greatly affects the impression users get when they come to your site for the
first time. It’s important that your site speed/load time is optimized to work at peak
performance so as not to lose site visitors. You can improve performance by utilizing CDNs,
caching mechanisms, and the organization of scripts/CSS files. Websites will be expected to load
instantaneously in 2019 so ensuring you have the methods in place will keep you above the

Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing and 2019 will be no different. As you prepare
in the coming months to review SEO best practices for 2019 keep in mind the trends listed. It
will give you an edge in your work performance and in your industry.

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