Photos You Should Be Using to Market Your Business: What You Need To Know About Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle image of women laughing wearing hatsThe best way to market your business online is through the use of lifestyle images in all of your digital marketing efforts. These are the images that capture the essence of a brand, and show people what they can get out of it. As you might know, not all businesses are created equal which means there is no one size fits all solution for marketing strategies. This article discusses the importance of using lifestyle photos in order to reach your target audience and provide them with value.

What is a Lifestyle Image?

A lifestyle image is a photo that captures the essence of your brand. These images show people what they can get out of your business, and are typically related to life’s everyday necessities (food, clothes, travel).

For example, a lifestyle photo of someone wearing your clothing line might show them at the grocery store picking out fresh produce for dinner. Or one showing your customer traveling to an exotic location on vacation. These images are meant to make people feel like they’re right there with you and provide value about what it is that you have to offer them.

A lot goes into making quality photos, which can be hard when time and resources are limited. But don’t let that stop you from sending messages through pictures! They’re not always just photos from within the office or shop itself; instead, sometimes these images come straight from the customers themselves. When it comes from the customer it’s called a user generated piece of content. We love using user generated content as it provides our audience a chance to interact directly with our brand and it shows consumers how someone is using our product our service in real life.

How to Take The Perfect Lifestyle Photos for Your Business

So you know you want some lifestyle images but youre not sure where to start. Well, weve got you covered! Just follow these five steps and youll be taking the perfect lifestyle photos in no time.

First of all, make sure that your subject is wearing something representative of the brand or product theyre using-something a consumer might wear if they were to purchase it themselves.

Secondly, try to take shots where there are people interacting with one another as this helps show off how our products can help them interact socially at work or home (for example: someone cooking for dinner while on their computer). Thirdly, decide whether you want natural lighting vs artificial light depending on what best fits into your business objectives. If outdoor photography works well then go outdoors and find areas that have some shade but still get sun exposure

Third, utilize natural light to avoid shadows and create a more realistic effect. The best lighting comes from the side, which means that you should be taking pictures with elements to show off your products in front of them

Fourth, pay attention to what is going on around your product and take into account what we talked about before: people interacting. For example: a co-worker having lunch at their desk while using social media or someone catching up over Skype.

Lastly, it’s important not just to have images for marketing purposes but also ones that will work well as stories; these types of posts are great because they can go viral quickly and are more likely to stay shared longer than others due to how engaging story content tends to be.

Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Taking Lifestyle Images and How to Avoid Them

Now that we’ve talked about some best practices for taking lifestyle images, let’s talk about what not to do. If you’re taking a picture of your product and want to show it off with someone using it, make sure the person is actually doing something. Don’t let them just stand there holding the item or smiling at the camera- this will only confuse users about what they should be doing with that product themselves. Another mistake businesses often make when taking lifestyle images is not including a face in their photo unless absolutely necessary; without facial expressions, customers are less likely to feel engaged by an image and more likely to scroll right past it as we’ve discussed before.

Yet another mistake businesses sometimes make when it comes to lifestyle images is not including other people in the photo. Even if you are showing a product like headphones, for example, and don’t want to show someone wearing them because of branding purposes that they represent- make sure there’s at least one person in the background listening on their own pair so that customers know someone else would be able to use this product too.

Don’t forget about your company logo! It may seem unnecessary or out of place when taking photos but as we discussed previously with logos being used subtly around an office space, it can also help businesses stand out from competitors who might have similar products by using less obvious placement options.

The Benefits of Using Lifestyle Images Over Stock Images

Now we know how to take great lifestyle images and what not to do but you might be wondering, ‘Why can’t I just use stock photos?’. The answer is simple.

Stock photos are often generic images with no connection to the products or services being sold, whereas lifestyle images can be used individually on social media posts and in blog articles that will help your business stand out from competitors. For example, if you’re a pet-sitting company then it would make sense for one photo to show an owner playing with their dog at home while another might show them holding up a leash outside while actively walking through a neighborhood.

A great way to have fun when taking these types of photos is by including popular things like kitties, puppies or even avocado toast! The more relatable they are to potential customers’ daily lives, the better chance you’ll have connecting with people who could become new clients.

Ways to Incorporate Lifestyle Photos into Other Aspects of Your Business

It’s not just about marketing your business on social media- it can also be a way to connect with potential clients in person. For example, if you’re an interior designer or property manager then other areas of your digital marketing strategy. You can use lifestyle images to create a more personable feel on your landing page or property listings.

– Include lifestyle images in your email newsletters and social media posts to give potential clients insight into the day-to-day life of someone who has hired you for their home, office space, etc.

-For example: using photos from catalogs with descriptions about what’s included in the image (e.g., “Here is our library table set up as an atypical desk”) can help people envision themselves enjoying these types of benefits too!

-Instead of thinking just about marketing through your website, blog or other digital channels like Facebook ads – consider how to tie this strategy back around to offline interactions with customers as well.

If you’d like to learn more about lifestyle imagery or you’d like to schedule a time to discuss helping your brand build a library of gorgeous lifestyle images, call us today at 321-255-0900.

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