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The AD Leaf ® is more than just a Marketing firm. We are an Agency Partner in Phoenix AZ.

The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm at our core, develops strong synergistic marketing relationships with our clients. Our world class and innovative firm will learn your goals, your mission, and what success looks like to you. Our carefully crafted actions are executed in support of developing the most strategic and well-executed marketing strategies.

How Long Should A Normal Web Design, Website Development, Programming Process Take??

The most important component in ensuring that your internal thermometer doesn’t burst out of the red is understanding and realizing realistic expectations when working with a vendor in this case a marketing agency. Unless you are paying the vendor millions of dollars for your project, it’s important for you to understand that the vendor is not going to work solely on your project, just as in most cases you do not work solely with one client in your business. Your web design project will be scheduled and the necessary time will be allotted to complete your project consistent with reasonably acceptable software programming & graphic design standards. Smaller website projects or minor adjustments typically can be completed in a few days. If you require faster completion times, those can be negotiated and paid for at the time of the contract inception but it is important for you to state that expectation in the beginning. Larger website projects may take upwards of three weeks or longer to complete depending on the specific client requirements, budget, timeliness of approvals, the client’s ability to follow the design process, and the agency’s ability to meet the deadlines of each stage of the project. We hope that this section has shed light on information regarding website development, website design, or programming projects.

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    With so many Web Design in Phoenix AZ companies out there, which one should you choose and what causes a web design project to become a horror story instead of becoming a beautiful friendship between client and the agency?
    What a great question and we’re so glad you have asked. Speaking from lots of experience, here are greatest root causes of these problems and solutions to ensure you never face them again! First, the agency may not have their workload organized by completing website design projects, they are not successful in time management and juggling or managing multiple priorities. Unfortunately, coupled with many clients at one time and clients that are also managing their businesses in a similar manner this can be disastrous. At The AD Leaf ®, our leadership team is comprised of highly qualified leaders with many years of Fortune 100 company leadership, so our multitasking abilities are flawless. Another root cause of the website development project success breakdown and one that is more common is the client has trouble understanding and following the website design process. When the client provides an approval for the current stage of the design process and the agency moves on to the subsequent stage of the project, the client must realize and understand that the agency cannot move back to previous stages of the project. By doing so the agency will not be able to adhere to the same deadline established for completion of the client’s website. If the client didn’t take each stage seriously, didn’t invest time to thoroughly review the presented project stage, and the client missed the opportunity to present feedback when they were requested to do so, the client’s website is going is not going to be completed on or before the tentative completion deadline. Additionally, the client will most likely be subject to additional fees for causing the agency to replicate steps a second time due to the client’s lack of following the design process.

    Web Design in Phoenix AZ With The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm

    The third most common issue that causes the Web Design in Phoenix AZ, website development, programming process to become a horror story, is the development, handling, and delivery of the new website content. The client and the agency discuss the content in the beginning stages of the project during the client briefing meeting and both parties leave that meeting with deadlines for sending the agency the appropriate content. Often times the agreed upon written content, image content, video content, or sound bites are not presented to the agency in a timely manner or when they are required. When approvals are late, when content is delivered late, it may cause significant project delays as well as subject the client to additional fees for completing the Web Design in Phoenix AZ project. In these instances, the client may not realize that they could be causing operational pitfalls within the agency and causing the agency to continuously juggle and manage the scheduling, moving, and consistent follow-up of the client’s incomplete website with other client projects that may already be scheduled for completion. That may cause additional website design project completion delays and financial hardship to the agency.

    Web Design in Phoenix AZ

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    The overall goal is to make it so your site provides the results that Google thinks suits their customers in Phoenix AZ.

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    Our extremely talented team of graphic designers, front end, and back-end developers all design your beautiful websites in the most commonly used and search engine compliant programming languages.

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    We understand your goals and work to educate our clients on the immediate and long-term term impacts of social media marketing.

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    Our Google Ads certified partners are committed and calibrated to ensure your Ad Words campaigns are executed to deliver the best lead conversion results.

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    Our innovative and results driven Email Marketing program can help your company navigate through the changing environment and new regulations when emailing your prospects.

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    Our content marketing services are an ideal addition to SEO and social media marketing strategies but they can also be utilized on their own.

    Web Design in Phoenix AZ

    When we founded The AD leaf, our Web Design in Phoenix AZ services were used in national efforts to improve websites. Once we noticed the lack of Local Web Design companies, we decided to bridge the gap. Our team of full stack web design professionals have outranked Fortune 500 companies who specialize and dedicate an entire team to designing their website. Our Web Design in Phoenix AZ company is known to provide breathtaking web designs and improve user experience which ultimately helps improve your SEO.

    We are Internet Marketing experts who are entrenched in the internet marketing industry day in and day out, The AD Leaf ® was founded on a mutual need to provide transparent services. We provide a risk-free framework that provides success to business success to businesses worldwide. Looking for Web Design in Phoenix AZ? The AD Leaf ® has provided digital marketing results to both local, and national businesses for the last decade. Our professionals collaborate with you to identify your goals and strive to completely surpass our results. We provide affordable Web Design services that will allow you to focus on your business and what is most time-efficient for you. Phoenix Local businesses can truly benefit from our Web Design in Phoenix AZ services.

    Phoenix Website Development Trends for 2019

    The web design industry is constantly changing from minute to minute and even second to second near Phoenix AZ. Users are expecting greater functionality in their digital experiences which means that websites need to be fun, engaging and intuitive. It’s important to make sure that your website is accessible on all devices and is viewable 24/7 for everyone living in Phoenix AZ. Keeping up with the latest website trends is critical to staying relevant in this medium. The following trends are expected to make a splash for 2018. Incorporating these web development trends will guarantee a fresh, innovative experience for your website visitors.

    1. Vue JS is getting more popular
    Vue JS originated in 2014 by Evan You and has since then gained in popularity as a lightweight yet fast framework. Vue JS is a library for building web interfaces using MVVM data bindings with a very simple API. It was a hit in China and is now used by the big players such as Expedia, Alibaba, Nintendo, and GitLab. Vue JS was ranked among the 10 most-forked GitHub projects in 2017, making it even more popular than Facebook’s React. It’s a trend you will want to incorporate into your website development in 2018.

    2. Functional Programming benefits from JavaScript improvements
    Functional Programming (FP) has been popular in the past but is set to make a greater impact in the web development space in 2018. Functional Programming is the process of building software based on fundamental principles. Principles of functional programming include building software by composing pure functions. Functional code is seen in JavaScript and is easier to test. Functional Programming has benefitted recently from JavaScript improvements such as:

    • ES6
    • ES7
    • Arrow functions: Arrow functions reduce boilerplate when writing functions.
    • Object/Array Spread: Object spread makes it easy to avoid mutating objects, because it is so much easier to create new objects that contain existing values.
    • Async/Await: Sometimes we do need to call functions that have side effects, even in functional programming.

    3. Extensions get more compatible
    Browser extensions have been popular over the years but in 2018 the focus will be more on browser extension compatibility. For those of you not familiar with browser extensions, they are code written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These extensions alter the web browser’s capabilities and can input features, adjust appearances or content of websites. Extensions are now cross-browser compatible and are not just for one specific browser anymore.

    4. Real-Time Web Apps are getting more popular
    The popularity of real time web apps is increasing since they first came out. This is due to the desire for fast interactions by users. The ability to deliver information instantly has now become possible due to a server and client open ended connection where information is automatically pushed over and viewable simultaneously. This trend is now being seen in a wide range of frameworks such as Ruby on Rails.

    5. Progressive Web Apps
    A progressive web app provides the functionality and design of a mobile app. Mobile has now become the go-to model for web development functionality. The goal is for 2019 in AZ around Phoenix is how to create an app-like experience on websites. Here are a few of the benefits Google mentioned for building a progressive web app:

    • Adding progressive web apps to the home screen
    • Work well, no matter the conditions of the network
    • Increased engagement due to web push notifications
    • Increased conversions due to an outstanding user experience

    6. Mastering Mobile Web Development
    With people accessing the internet anywhere and everywhere it is important to make sure that your website is responsive on all devices. Therefore, it’s essential to master mobile development. One way to do this is to make sure your content can be navigated with one hand. People are constantly on the move so making the content easily accessible and digestible is key. Creating navigation that can be maneuvered with your thumb alone is the best way to go about this.

    7. Material Design
    Material design is a valuable tool for web development that is gaining popularity in 2018. Developed by Google it’s intent is to combine visual material and motion. Using the dual-form (Materialize and Sass) Material CSS framework this design tool is based around Google’s material design language and utilizes Parallax and Toast. The great part is it is compatible on all browsers making it user experience friendly.

    Keeping end users in mind when thinking about web development trends is what is most important when it comes to designing for the web. With so many changes happening in the web world having a handle on the trends will help catapult you to the top. If you want to stand out on the web contact The AD Leaf ® and let us utilize these trends for your website.

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