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Social Media Marketing Spotlight: Instagram

Instagram In An Instant

*1 billion+ accounts are active worldwide every month
*500 million+ accounts are active worldwide every day
*80% of those accounts are following a business

If these staggering facts don’t raise an eyebrow and have yourself asking ‘what does this have to do with me as a business owner?’ then you may just want to close up shop right now. In all seriousness though, with a social media platform that boasts a colorful Polaroid-esque icon, you must know that you’re getting ready to dive into a wonderful world of visual immersion!

Launched in October 2010 for iOS, then later in April 2012 for its Android counterpart, Instagram has millennials arranging the perfect plate of food before taking one bite and snapping selfies from 4 different angles so that they can use that warm-glow filter that makes their skin look flawless. Users can create their own view of reality and only share what they feel is most worthy to their world of followers.

It’s even turned into a game for those in the ever-changing pop culture world. @World_Famous_Egg created an Instagram account for the sole purpose of getting users to like a photo of a plain brown egg to surpass the likes on a baby photo posted by popular gal pal Kylie Jenner. When the egg prevailed with more than 50 million likes in January 2019 over her 15 million likes, her response was cracking an egg on the sidewalk. That still got nowhere near as many likes.

Where Pop Culture Meets Business

The whole egg fiasco is only one example of the influence that a dedicated Instagram account can have. Obviously, this is about as ridiculous as you can get, but the point is that it worked in a big way! If users are going gaga over that photo of your dog napping or the mini video of the guy next door mowing his lawn in his underwear, why can’t a business visually brag on their goods and services to bring in new, soon to be faithful customers?
Forbes has said that “Social media has created this intense desire and opportunity to share what we learn. Most of us enjoy sharing ideas, especially when there’s a video or a photograph or drawing.” These are the posts that go viral, not wordy posts or status updates. The best part about Instagram for small businesses is that it does not discriminate against the type of business you are either– be it a mom and pop shop or a big e-commerce brand. As long as you are consistently enticing potential clientele with the visual wonders of your goods and services, there is no doubt they will be falling in line to purchase time and again.

A Few Helpful Hints

One more fun fact for the doubters: 25 million businesses are reaching customers on Instagram! Type in the name of the closest competitor in your industry. Chances are they have a flourishing profile with eye-catching imagery, helpful information for consumers, and a following that is already purchasing. Good news is you are not too late in the “game” as Instagram and other social media platforms are constantly evolving and finding new ways to help businesses succeed. Follow a few simple steps to get started:

The Perfect Profile

One thing remains constant across most popular social media sources and that is a company needs to start with an uncomplicated, straightforward profile page with easy access to contact information and a clear idea of what type of business they are. Make sure your branding is consistent across the board with an Instagram for small business handle that matches your business name, a logo or other image that best represents the company, and a mini bio that lets the users know what you are about.

Talented Targeting

Think about your typical consumer. Are you a chic boutique looking for young hipsters to buy your one of a kind creations? Or are you a local bar with craft beers on tap and giant TVs on the wall coaxing hard-working blue-collar men in for a round after a hard day’s work? Before posting anything on your Instagram for small businesses, make sure the visuals and the captions are custom crafted to spark an interest in your target audience. Keep it simple and use niche hashtags that you know will be searched for. #rockclimbing brings up more than 3 million images of world travelers with daring mountain top views. #coloredhair offers over 1 million photos of amazingly colored and inspirational hairstyles. Find some perfect tags that fit your business model and those eager searchers who are looking for your type of company will find you!

Visual Awareness

With the emergence of free and easy to use photo and video editing tools, you have full creative license when it comes to what you post. Establish the look for your page by staying consistent with colors, filters, and the physical content you post. This does not mean that a chic boutique should only be posting the same boring photos of clothing laying on a table. Those are great for a hard sell, but it’s perfectly OK to spice things up with images of your customers strolling downtown in your signature collection or shots of the staff in the store enjoying their jobs. No matter what you post, make sure it is visually appealing!

Collaboration & Calls-To-Action

Remember not to talk AT your potential clientele. Talk WITH them. Engage them in conversations about your goods and services, ask questions and bring up topics that will get people interacting with your content, and even offer contests that encourage users to like, comment, and share posts. Don’t be afraid to throw in some easy instructions to get them closer to that final sell. “Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter to get 15% off your first order!” “Tell us who your favorite television star is for a chance to win a $10 gift card towards your next car service!” There are many options to get your followers converting to customers without saying “BUY BUY BUY!”

Marketing Magic

This is the part where you do your thing and we do ours! A business owner has much to do when it comes to keeping the shop going, the workers happy, and the clients wanting more. Not to mention the bookkeeping, the problem solving, and the trailblazing of new and interesting products and ideas! Devote your time to business development while we devote ours to the strategy and implementation of awesome marketing magic!


To get started on an Instagram for Small Business profile, or jump head first into a full-blown social media marketing campaign, call the experts at The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm at 321-255-0900. We truly enjoy collaborating with our clients and offering our amazingly imaginative social platform expertise in order to position your business for ultimate success.

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