How To Do Keyword Research

There are many parts that take place when working with search engine optimization. One of the most vital techniques that are used when conducting SEO is keyword research. SEO is ever-changing, but keyword research always remains constant. Being able to properly understand how to conduct keyword research can make or break your site.

How To Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research is when you have to find specific words to add to your content, title tags, and meta descriptions in order to give the most relevant results that people are searching for. Many people believe they can pick the most basic word that has to deal with their company or site. For example, if there is a plumbing company that is looking for keywords for their site, they may think the best keyword for them would be “plumbing”, but this couldn’t be further from what needs to happen.

If you look up the singular word “plumbing” in any keyword research tool, you will see that the difficulty level to rank for this word is extremely high. When smaller companies are starting off with SEO, these general keywords are the ones that they need to steer away from.

How To Decide Which Keywords To Target

Deciding which keywords to target and how to target them is important for the company to understand. If a plumbing company only works in a specific county, then it wouldn’t make sense for that company to target a keyword such as “plumbing company”. Using locators as part of your keywords will help drive your site higher when people are searching for plumbing in their area.

For example, if the plumbing company only services in Brevard county, then it would be best practice to find keywords that incorporate the name of the county or cities within the county. These keywords would look something like this: “Plumbing in Brevard County”, “plumbing in Melbourne”. Targeting the cities throughout the county is a great way to get your sites ranking higher when potential customers are searching for local services.

The same rules apply when a company services all throughout the state. Such as a construction company that takes on clients all throughout Florida. The keywords that would be the best fitting would be something along the lines of “Construction company in Florida”.

Should You Keep The Same Keywords?

The simple answer to this question is no. There are so many different factors that go into keyword research, and ranking higher on Google. Keyword difficulty and searches are also continuously changing. Making sure you are keeping your content fresh and up to date, along with filtering out different keywords will help your site rank higher and gain more organic traffic. Potential customers are searching for answers, and if your site does not give them the answer they are looking for then your rankings will start to diminish.

Make sure to keep up with your SEO and forming a routine will help keep you at the top of your game. Here is a list to help you perform your best keyword research:

  • Research and analyze current keywords
  • Have an understanding of what your site is trying to portray
  • Build an extensive keyword list
  • Do your research on your competitors to see how they are implementing their SEO strategies to gain ideas
  • Keep an open mind about keywords, and think of new ways to implement them that would attract potential customers

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