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How Content Marketing Makes Your Website Look Better

Imagine you are a customer looking for an HVAC service. Your AC is starting to make weird noises and when you walk over to it you notice an odd smell. Previous experiences with AC units tells you that water is trapped somewhere beneath creating mildew and potentially bigger issues. You want to fix the problem but you have no idea how to do it yourself so you seek out someone more qualified to do this.

Thanks to your general knowledge of HVAC you feel that you have a pretty good idea of what a good HVAC company will look like. So you go on Google and look up “AC Repair” and begin to browse. You find two in your area with positive reviews and need to pick between the two. One of the websites is extremely busy. There is a lot going on throughout it and finding information is kind of a chore. On top of this, the information you can find is scarce.

On the other hand, you have a second website that is not only far easier to navigate but has plenty of info about their HVAC services. In fact, every single web page they have is full of content telling you how great their service is. They even have an entire page dedicated to the exact problem you are dealing with right now.

Of these two websites which company are you more likely to seek out the service of? More than likely it is going to be the services of the website that is full of content and even managed to address the exact problem you are having. This is an example of the edge that having great content marketing on your website can do for you. The better your content marketing, the better your website looks.

How To Achieve A Great Content Marketing Strategy

The path to a great content marketing strategy is something that sounds far more simple than it is and it is to make sure your website has as much content as possible and be sure that content is at high quality. When someone is seeking out a service they are going to look for someone that not only sounds qualified but plays the look of it as well.

Consider your website to be the first impression that you ever give a customer. If that first impression is related to having a difficult time finding the information they are seeking, a lack of information from what they do find, and a complete disregard for the user experience then that is going to put you at an immediate disadvantage. You want a website that will draw the user into your website not push them away from you.

One way to draw them in is to feature plenty of information for them to consume. Let’s go back to the HVAC example. If someone is seeking out an HVAC service then they are going to want plenty of information on what services you provide for your HVAC services such as AC Repair and AC Maintenance, but if you live somewhere that has harsh winters then you will want pages that also showcase Furnace repair, installation, and maintenance.

Identify who you are trying to appeal to. Most HVAC companies apply their services to both residential properties and commercial properties, but if you are a company that focuses in only one area then you will want to showcase that. Especially if you are a business that provides a service meant to sell to other businesses.

So make your website show this from the start through your content. If you are someone that specializes in working with other businesses then the user should be able to see this as soon as they start looking through your service pages. Alternatively, if you are someone that really wants to focus on residential customers then that is who your content should be driven towards. If you want to have both then do your best to show that you offer an even amount of services for both.

Should My Content For Commercial And Residential Be Separate?

Absolutely, yes. Even if the service you are providing is similar, let’s use HVAC as an example again, there are going to be major differences in how you approach your potential customer base. If you are offering an HVAC service then residential customers may be more comfortable knowing that you are someone that is very clean and timely. You show up at the times requested and they do not need to call you back once the service has been complete. They want confirmation you are friendly and someone that can be trusted. This is their home you are working on after all.

A commercial business on the other hand you will be working with completely different HVAC units. Likely larger, more complicated, and in need of maintenance more often. They want to know that you are qualified to get the job done, can do so quickly, and offer a rate that the commercial business considers fair. There are similarities to the residential job, such as being able to perform the job in a timely manner, but the key points that may make them take on your service will be different

Keeping the two separated is a good way of making sure you show your best self to each potential customer base. Showing this through your content is a great way for the user to see that you understand the different needs of different people.

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