Case Study - California Deposition Reporters

Transformed a -50% m.o.m sales decrease to a positive +30% m.o.m sales increase a swing of 80% sales growth in 6 months! :

  • We have fixed the SEO structure of
  • We have developed an appropriate SEO hierarchy structure for the online website.
  • The AD Leaf ® has branded their social media platform to attorneys, assistants, paralegals, and other legal professionals throughout the United States.
  • The AD Leaf ® has redesigned and refreshed Cal Dep’s online website in support of significantly improving the company’s branding.


“I would rate them six stars if that were an option”

Dennis Peyton, President – California Deposition Reporters.

Key Achievements

Lead flow has exceeded previous successful rates of 2013.

Website traffic has increased monthly to 300% growth M.O.M

Social Media brand development and brand awareness has grown by over 9000% in 4 months.


About California Deposition Reporters

California Deposition Reporters was experiencing a significant decline in sales volume month of month comparatively against LY. The website was very outdated, old, and not functioning well to attract professional attorneys in the northern California area. Now with a new website, sales are transformed, branding is exciting, and Cal Dep is ranking nationally for many of their relevant search terms!

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