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Google Ads Update

Google Ads Requiring All Advertisers To Identify Verification

Google had announced a recent important Google Ads update. They are requiring all advertisers on their platform “to complete a verification program in order to buy ads” on the Google Ads network. This idea was brought up previously. However, the program is now being activated for all advertisers now. As Google explains here, certain advertisers will be required to submit some form of verification that will prove the legitimacy of their legal business or their individual name. This, of course, will be done through providing supporting documentation.

The verification program will first begin in the United States and will apply to Search, Display and YouTube advertisements. However, over time, it will be rolled out globally. Other details include that advertisers that are required to complete the verification program will be notified and given 30 days to complete and submit the verification form. Once the advertiser submits it, it will take about three to five days for Google to verify the information given. However, failure to fully complete the given program within the 30 days may result in not only ad restrictions, but Google may also stop your ads all together.

Google will also be adding new ad disclosures to each advertisement. Such disclosures will display the advertiser’s name and country. Overall, the verification program will involve the following:

  • Business incorporation documents
  • Personal identification methods
  • Operating geography (country, etc.)
  • Possibly other forms of proof to verify who they are


Why Google Ads Is Rolling Out This Program

According to the announcement from Jack Canfield, Director of Product Management, Ads Integrity, Google is trying to “provide greater transparency and equip users with more information about who is advertising to them”. He also further explains the following:

“This change will make it easier for people to understand who the advertiser is behind the ads they see from Google and help them make more informed decisions when using our advertising controls. It will also help support the health of the digital advertising ecosystem by detecting bad actors and limiting their attempts to misrepresent themselves.”


What Changes Users Will Experience in Ads

As mentioned earlier, Google is planning to add disclosures to all ads that are verified. This disclosure will simply give details on the identity of the advertiser. A small downwards arrow will be added to such ads, and when pressed, it will show a “Why this Ad?” option. Upon pressing this option, the following option will appear:

  • Advertiser name
  • Country location
  • A toggle option to stop receiving ads from them

For Display ads, the following information will be available on the Ad Choices icon, or the “x” that is on the following banner. For YouTube ads, the disclosure information can be viewed by clicking the “i” icon, as well as the three dot icon in the ad.


What Does This Change Mean?

Some would argue that there are both some positives, but also some downsides to the Google Ads update. The security aspect is a great improvement, as this would help keep out illegitimate advertisers from using Google Ads and competing against real users. However, a possible downside is that there could be an influx of accidental clicks. This is due to the fact the disclosure arrow is being added to each advertisement is actually very small, and some people may accidentally click the ad rather than the small arrow symbol.

SEO Content Writing

SEO Isn’t Just About Quality Content

Over time, those who are unfamiliar to advanced search engine optimization (SEO) strategies have the perception that the quality of written SEO content is the most important factor to being top ranked on search engines. This perception isn’t entirely incorrect. However, it is misleading and can cause a casual SEO strategist to focus the wrong factors.

When you search a keyword on Google, or another search engine, and click onto a specific result, you’re most likely going to judge the page you land on based on different needs. Does the web page give you the content you were specifically looking for? Is the page easy enough to navigate and view? Does the content actually peak your interest, and does it seem accurate? In terms of quality content, many of these questions are very important to answer. They overall impact the experience of a website’s visitor and how search engines can measure the worth of the page.These elements are important for writing quality, but don’t do much for the actual optimization robots are looking for when indexing websites.

What Is SEO Actually About?

Other than writing quality SEO content, optimization done both on-page and off-page largely factors into what can rank a website greatly on a search engine. Here are the other factors that truly determine SEO success:


SEO is all about time. It is not a process that is completed within a simple couple hours. It can take months, and almost years to gradually build ranking for multiple keywords. It can take a long time to build links externally, that are meant to support your website overall. Gradually and slowly, search engines will discover all connections you are trying to build within your website (from possible internal links), or even links you may have created on other websites that connect back to your site.

Link Building

Search engines could care less about content either being the best or worst if the content itself is not being found through a proper link. If your audience cannot link to it, search engines are very unlikely to even rank it and this will result to no traffic being driven to your website. Think of it this way: The more people can link back to a certain piece of content, the better its chances are of actually ranking for a specific related keyword. Quality links truly do matter, and they can sometimes push a link that has been stuck at position 5 to position 1 on search engines.


Meta tags, such as title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords, are extremely important. Title tags and meta descriptions are the first impression a possible visitor could have on a specific web page you have ranked. What is displayed in the SERP can make or break whether a person clicks on your website or not.

Source of Content

Link building can play a big factor in giving a website high domain authority. But why is domain authority important? Google will give priority in ranking to those websites that have built such authority and credibility over time. When optimizing a new page, if the website already has high domain authority, they already have a huge head-start in SEO.

Other Factors

Other factors that could affect search engine ranking involve simply having more spend on using better SEO tools, or having a bigger ream of people working on the factors listed above. Another factor is also simple luck. Despite a lack of optimization of SEO strategies, some websites have specific pages ranked up well.


Writing the best SEO content may not be the only way to get your web page top ranked. Overall, SEO is a competition of strategy ‒ strategies that are achieved by multiple levels of optimization. However, perseverance and patience are important and are almost key to such a competition.

SEO Specialists

What’s Going On With Google’s New Featured Snippet Update?

Google had released a significant update for featured snippets on January 22, 2020. This overall update affects the first page of search results, and the organic traffic following featured snippets. However, what exactly happened and how will this affect search engine optimization (SEO)?

In the past, Google used to give any ranked URL two spots on their search engine results pages, which are also called SERPs. This would occur when a URL was ranked with a featured snippet, which is also called position zero as it would appear ranked above position one on any average search result. However, this no longer occurs with Google’s newest update on featured snippets. In fact, if a URL shows up as a featured snippet, Google will no longer duplicate and show the URL on any position past position zero. This entire procress is called deduplication, which is when Google removes duplicated URLs from SERPs containing featured snippets.

Google’s SearchLiaison posted the following facts about deduplication on Twitter:


Performance reports will not change at all as a result of deduplication, as Google SearchLiaison had explained. Basically, if a site loses position one of organic search but is still a featured snippet, it will still be considered rank one on any performance report.

However, how will this update affect any SEO efforts overall?

SeoClarity conducted some research to see how search ranking has been affected. Prior to the final update, the research revealed that 28% of duplicate listings appeared in the search results’ second position to any featured snippet. In addition, the following graph reveals that the ranking positions of the duplicate listing for about 250,000 keywords that had been found on featured snippets:

Google’s Featured Snippet Changes & Impact on Organic Traffic [STUDY]


However, now that sites on featured snippets have been deduplicated the first page of search results, SEO specialists and site owners are wondering how organic traffic and SEO will be affected overall. Luckily, with seoClarity’s study of traffic, they have found that traffic has been consistent from the lat 14 days to the final implementation of the Featured Snippet Update (from approximately January 10, 2020 to January 23, 2020). So, SEO specialists and site owners can relax as there is no significant change.

This is a good sign so far for all those who are concerned. Yet, it will be interesting to see if Google implements any changes relating to this situation, over the upcoming months. Be sure to contact The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm for more information on the services our SEO specialists provide.

Website Development

6 Advantages of Responsive Website Design & Website Development

Responsive website design basically implies making sites that can adjust to the size of the guest’s device. The objective for great website development is for content to render to a certain size, relying upon the device or screen size with the goal that visitors have an optimal experience with a website, no matter where they may try to view it.

The idea has existed for quite a long time. However, website development engineers started really perceiving the advantages of responsive website designs during the mid-2000s as more buyers began utilizing smart cell phones. Today, more clients get to the web with cell phones than with customary workstations or work areas, so the field keeps on developing. Organizations with sites that don’t take into account mobile clients are going terminated. To contact a more extensive crowd of potential clients, organizations must grasp the advantages of responsive website architecture. Essentially, it is an idea that every single working engineer must comprehend.

The Main 6 Advantages of Responsive Website Design & Website Development 

Responsive website design benefits clients in the accompanying ways:

Increased Mobile Traffic

The greater part of traffic to top sites in the U.S. originated from cell phones in 2015. Along these lines, it’s undeniably significant for organizations to have sites that render appropriately on littler screens with the goal that clients don’t experience twisted pictures or experience a problematic site design. While a few organizations still decide to have a different rendition of their site for mobile clients, responsive structure is turning into the standard since it offers more prominent adaptability at lower improvement costs.

Improved SEO

Responsive website architecture is turning out to be as essential to site improvement as quality substance. More grounded backlinks and better bounce rates convert into higher hunt rankings, however there’s an extra SEO advantage for mobile streamlined devices. Having a solitary responsive site instead of isolated work area and mobile forms keeps away from the issue of copy content, which can negatively affect your search positioning.

Lower Maintenance Needs and Costs

Keeping up a different mobile site needs extra testing and help. Interestingly, the procedure of responsive structure utilizes a variety of testing methods to guarantee ideal format on each screen. Having separate work area and mobile devices additionally requires two substance techniques, two regulatory interfaces and conceivably two structure groups. Responsive structure’s “one size fits all” approach implies less cerebral pain for designers, entrepreneurs, and shoppers. Investing less energy in upkeep additionally saves time to concentrate on increasingly significant things like advertising and substance creation.

Faster Loading Times and Pages

Versatile clients specifically have limited capacity to focus. Studies show that versatile guests will in general desert site pages that take longer than three seconds to get done with loading. On the off chance that a site isn’t upgraded for cell phones and tablets, it will likewise set aside more effort to explore, which can disappoint clients to a point of no arrival. Guaranteeing that your responsive site utilizes present day execution methods, for example, storing and responsive picture show will help improve your website page’s loading speed.

Higher Conversion Rates

Bringing down your bounce rate is just 50% of the fight. Making a steady client experience over all gadgets is critical to changing over new clients. At the point when clients are choosing whether or not to buy in to an assistance, they would prefer not to be diverted to gadget explicit sites in light of the fact that the procedure regularly takes longer. Having a solitary secure site that looks proficient on all stages makes clients more averse to get baffled or go to a contender.

Lower Bounce Rates

A responsive and enhanced mobile site gives a vastly improved experience for the guest. Thusly, almost certainly, they’ll stay for a more extended time frame and investigate various zones of your site. On the other hand, if your site isn’t responsive, it is a lot harder to keep the guest on the following website and hence almost certain that they’ll bounce off the site.

Simpler Analytics Reports

Realizing where traffic is coming from and how clients cooperate with your site is important to make educated upgrades. Dealing with various renditions of a site expects engineers to follow clients’ voyages through numerous transformation ways, channels, and diverts. Having a solitary responsive site incredibly rearranges the checking procedure. Google Analytics and comparative devices currently oblige responsive sites by gathering following and investigation into a solitary report with the goal that you can perceive how your substance is performing on various gadgets.


To learn more about our services relating to website development in Melbourne FL, be sure to contact us either by phone or email! 

SEO Company Melbourne FL

Why Hire an SEO Company?

Investing and partnering with an SEO Company Melbourne FL can be quite beneficial to most businesses. As some may know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can actually be a long and tiring process for some. As a reminder, SEO is better known as the organic search results that are located on each page of the search engine results below the paid advertising and the Maps placement (during a local search) search results. There are typically around ten organic search results on each page, with the most relevant and popular search results decided per each page. The search engines will decide your search results using their own proprietary search algorithm which will continuously change and improve as we continue to change and understand trends about consumer or user behavior. Many professionals have spent countless hours and an exorbitant amount of money with the hopes of uncovering the search engines exact algorithm requirements only on failing.

Some professionals and even businesses just don’t have the time or even understand how to fully optimize their own website, in order to follow what a search engine’s algorithm requires. Without optimization, their websites may never rank properly on any search engine, which could eventually lead into being their business growth being stagnant. Hiring an SEO company to handle your successful implementation of an SEO campaign will yield positive effects for your company in the long run.

However, what are the exactly are the benefits of hiring the experts from an SEO company to complete your SEO campaign?

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company Melbourne FL

When it comes to SEO campaigns, nothing is more important than optimizing your pages to cater to all search engine algorithms. If you’re not doing it exactly as needed, failure in your entire campaign can occur. However, when you outsource your needed SEO work, there are many benefits to having a professional SEO Company Melbourne FL complete it.

The Best Results

SEO companies know how to get the best results when it comes to launching an SEO campaign. As we exist to help grow your business, it is our responsibility to make your business as successful as it can be. We know the risks, the challenges, any potential damages that could occur to your website. For this reason, we also know how to avoid these problems. We obtain the best results as SEO companies are filled with professionals that are able to achieve success online. We know how to bring out the best results when evaluating websites, goals, competitors and forming all the data into a comprehensive plan.

SEO companies have the experience needed to complete a successful campaign. Our work isn’t based off of experiments or guesswork, as we understand that taking guesses could do more damage to your website than improvements. Just as you are the best professionals of your own brand and industry, the same goes for professionals within SEO companies. Therefore, partnering with an experienced SEO company ensures that any changes, whether they are expected or not, will be handled in a correctly and timely manner. It will also allow you to focus on what you do best, which is running your business.

Improve Your Website and Conversions

SEO companies know how to overall improve your website, and convert that improvement into quality traffic, sales, and leads. As a reminder, search engine optimization is extremely important for your website to be noticed by your audience. Without SEO, your website may never gain any exposure. When you hire an SEO company, we know how to implement keyword and content methods improve your visibility when a customer searches up your business. Through such strategies, quality traffic will be pulled in, rather than your business needing to push advertisements online customers. As your conversions overall increase, so will actual sales and leads for a specific product or service that you have.

Save Money for Your Business

It’s a known fact that for most businesses to grow, they must make some required investments. When hiring an SEO company to successfully set out your SEO campaign, there is also a initial investment you must make when paying your chosen company. However, just like every other well-made investment, they are converted into future profits. This is especially true when it comes to investing into search engine optimization. In fact, when SEO is done properly and successfully, it can save your business some money when it comes to having an advertising and marketing budget.

SEO, as a whole, is considered “free”. No one has to pay Google or Bing to have them start indexing and ranking your website. The methods behind SEO are far less expensive that placing advertisements on media platforms to acquire customers. Overall, SEO can decrease your cost per acquisition and does not involve any paid advertising. Also, being ranked up through SEO provides constant promotion to the public. Your listing on search engines doesn’t go away at certain times of the days. It stays all day and night, so that your business may be promoted even when you are sleeping.

Build Trust, Credibility, and A Positive Reputation

Just as SEO companies know how to make your website look amazing to search engines, we also know how to make your website also look trustworthy to the public. People trust Google and how they have websites ranked. With proper SEO, your high ranking ensure the credibility of your work to consumers and deem you a trustworthy business. Also, SEO assists with making your customers more informed on your industry, so that they may deem that you have that credibility. When customers use search engines to research, they make informed decisions based off of top searches on search engines. This can indirectly build trust, as a customer could use your business to assist their decisions. This also builds an overall brand awareness and equity.

For all these reasons and more, we always stress that outsourcing SEO campaigns to professional SEO companies is highly important when it comes to ensuring your success. Contact The AD Leaf ® and make us your reliable SEO Company Melbourne FL.