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Content Marketing Strategy

How Content Marketing Makes Your Website Look Better

Imagine you are a customer looking for an HVAC service. Your AC is starting to make weird noises and when you walk over to it you notice an odd smell. Previous experiences with AC units tells you that water is trapped somewhere beneath creating mildew and potentially bigger issues. You want to fix the problem but you have no idea how to do it yourself so you seek out someone more qualified to do this.

Thanks to your general knowledge of HVAC you feel that you have a pretty good idea of what a good HVAC company will look like. So you go on Google and look up “AC Repair” and begin to browse. You find two in your area with positive reviews and need to pick between the two. One of the websites is extremely busy. There is a lot going on throughout it and finding information is kind of a chore. On top of this, the information you can find is scarce.

On the other hand, you have a second website that is not only far easier to navigate but has plenty of info about their HVAC services. In fact, every single web page they have is full of content telling you how great their service is. They even have an entire page dedicated to the exact problem you are dealing with right now.

Of these two websites which company are you more likely to seek out the service of? More than likely it is going to be the services of the website that is full of content and even managed to address the exact problem you are having. This is an example of the edge that having great content marketing on your website can do for you. The better your content marketing, the better your website looks.

How To Achieve A Great Content Marketing Strategy

The path to a great content marketing strategy is something that sounds far more simple than it is and it is to make sure your website has as much content as possible and be sure that content is at high quality. When someone is seeking out a service they are going to look for someone that not only sounds qualified but plays the look of it as well.

Consider your website to be the first impression that you ever give a customer. If that first impression is related to having a difficult time finding the information they are seeking, a lack of information from what they do find, and a complete disregard for the user experience then that is going to put you at an immediate disadvantage. You want a website that will draw the user into your website not push them away from you.

One way to draw them in is to feature plenty of information for them to consume. Let’s go back to the HVAC example. If someone is seeking out an HVAC service then they are going to want plenty of information on what services you provide for your HVAC services such as AC Repair and AC Maintenance, but if you live somewhere that has harsh winters then you will want pages that also showcase Furnace repair, installation, and maintenance.

Identify who you are trying to appeal to. Most HVAC companies apply their services to both residential properties and commercial properties, but if you are a company that focuses in only one area then you will want to showcase that. Especially if you are a business that provides a service meant to sell to other businesses.

So make your website show this from the start through your content. If you are someone that specializes in working with other businesses then the user should be able to see this as soon as they start looking through your service pages. Alternatively, if you are someone that really wants to focus on residential customers then that is who your content should be driven towards. If you want to have both then do your best to show that you offer an even amount of services for both.

Should My Content For Commercial And Residential Be Separate?

Absolutely, yes. Even if the service you are providing is similar, let’s use HVAC as an example again, there are going to be major differences in how you approach your potential customer base. If you are offering an HVAC service then residential customers may be more comfortable knowing that you are someone that is very clean and timely. You show up at the times requested and they do not need to call you back once the service has been complete. They want confirmation you are friendly and someone that can be trusted. This is their home you are working on after all.

A commercial business on the other hand you will be working with completely different HVAC units. Likely larger, more complicated, and in need of maintenance more often. They want to know that you are qualified to get the job done, can do so quickly, and offer a rate that the commercial business considers fair. There are similarities to the residential job, such as being able to perform the job in a timely manner, but the key points that may make them take on your service will be different

Keeping the two separated is a good way of making sure you show your best self to each potential customer base. Showing this through your content is a great way for the user to see that you understand the different needs of different people.

Need Help To Come Up With A Content Marketing Strategy? Contact The AD Leaf ®

Does all of this sound like a lot of work that you don’t have time for? Yes, you want your website to be better but you are a busy person that does not know the first thing about content marketing as well as coming up with an effective content marketing strategy. Well those of us at The AD Leaf ® would be happy to help you.

We love turning websites into the best they can be with the best content possible. Call us at 321-255-0900, email us to, or use our contact page and set up a consultation. We will be happy to explain to you how we can give you the best possible content marketing and take your website from good to great. 

When Was The Last Time You Reviewed Your Website Content?

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the entire world it can be difficult to think about the contents of your website. If you are a business you’re likely more worried about staying afloat, keeping everything running as status quo as possible, or maybe even re-opening.

However, as the world begins to slowly re-open, and many businesses open their doors again it might be the perfect time to take a look at your website and review it. Go through your pages and make sure they are updated. Give yourself some time to make sure everything is up to date and that your website is filled to the brim with content.

You might be asking yourself why any of this is important. Well, the fact of the matter is that in today’s day and age of Google, having a website full of updated content is imperative to success. The more people who see your website are the more people who will see your business. This means more customers.

What is it that makes this successful though? Why is having a website full of updated content good for your business? Well let us start with where it always seems to begin with content marketing and that’s SEO.

Content=positive SEO

While understanding the analytics of SEO and Google is difficult, we know that ranking well on it typically leads to more success for businesses. The better you’re doing in SEO the more likely it is people searching for your service will stumble upon your business and if they’re searching for your business that likely means they want to use your business.

If you have not reviewed your website in awhile you should go through and see if there are any pages that seem particularly empty or bland. If you’re an Italian restaurant, and your website has a page about what makes your style of Italian special, consider looking at your word count. If it is anything below 800 then you are likely not giving yourself a fair shot on SEO.

The more content on your website the better you are going to do with SEO. Now, this does not mean to just start stacking your website with service pages and call it a day. You need pages that are filled with words and meaningful content that search engines like Google will give preference to.

Keep content updated

It’s good to just have your content up to date every once in a while. Maybe there’s a service on one of your pages you don’t offer anymore, or even better there’s a service you recently started offering that needs to be advertised more. When you take time to sit down and review your website this is also a chance to clean it up and keep it up to date.

Your website is like a giant billboard. You don’t want an old billboard on the interstate that doesn’t have the most up to date info and you don’t want your website to be a year behind on content. Even when a pandemic isn’t taking place it’s just a good idea to spend time once a year to make sure your update is up to your own personal standards.

An extra plus to this is that when you do keep your website updated it also helps you in SEO. When you are updating fresh and new content to your website on a consistent basis, you’re doing more to help with your SEO than if you were to just leave it alone for five years. Of course, the content always needs to be accurate and original.

 The AD Leaf ® can help

If all of this sounds overwhelming then don’t worry, because at The AD Leaf ® we have an expert team of SEO specialists and Content Marketers that understand exactly how to fill out a service page with great original content. Our team understands this better than anyone because we dive ourselves into it so our clients don’t have to.

If you need help preparing your website for re-opening, update it, or just need help understanding where to get started then give us a call at 321-255-0900, set up a consultation appointment at or email us at and we can help you understand why updating your website with content is the key to success. We look forward to helping you!

Different Kinds Of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is something that at first seems simple. You create content for marketing purposes so obviously it’s something only see in commercials, emails, and in those banners on websites. However, content marketing can exist well beyond those realms. There are multiple areas of content marketing that are going unexplored.

If you look hard you can see content marketing in so many different planes of the current world that it’s honestly staggering. So many ways to sell yourself, your business, and do so in a creative and interesting way. The days of just sticking a billboard on the interstate and hoping someone notices it are gone. This is a virtual age.

In this virtual age there are so many more opportunities for content marketing. Opportunities that not enough businesses are taking advantage of. If you can understand where these business opportunities are and where you can grow then there is no limit to your content marketing potential.


One of the quickest growing platforms, podcasts are becoming more popular every day with millions of listeners opting to listen to them while they exercise, drive, or perform chores over music. These podcasts can range from political, comical, or dive into a whole different realm like sports and video games. Podcasts are an untapped market for content marketing and one that a few smart businesses are beginning to take advantage of.

Content marketing in podcasts can exist in multiple planes. There’s the classic radio style ad that some companies choose to go with and on some podcasts it works. If the listening demographic of that podcast leans on the older side then they’ll be more willing to sit through a traditional radio style advertisement on their podcast than someone younger. A younger person is more likely to seek out the fast forward button.

Which is where a very podcast specific kind of content marketing comes in. Many companies have realized that younger listeners, especially younger ones, don’t want to listen to traditional commercials, but what they will listen to are the podcast hosts sell them a product. This is particularly useful when the podcast itself is very personality driven.

The best content marketing in podcasts usually gives the hosts a general script to follow. They can either read it the entire way through or they can ad-lib sections to help create more interest in their podcasts. These ads usually last 32-38 seconds long. Why the weird number? Because most podcast apps let you skip ahead 15-30 seconds at a time.

Good content marketing sees the untapped potential of podcasts and can create content for them. With over half of the United States listening to at least one podcast in the last year you can bet that they’re here to stay.


Who doesn’t take advantage of webpage based content marketing? You would be shocked. Having a well built website with plenty of content on it can change your website from an okay one to a brilliant one in the span of months. Too many places focus on their homepage, and while important, the web pages spread throughout your website can bring it just as much value. They can stand alone and bring in their own individual traffic. These individual numbers can help bring up the rest of the site as a whole. Not to mention good content on one page will help push someone to keep reading on other pages.

Strong webpage content marketing will tell users what they can and can’t get from a service. These webpages are designed to draw the consumer in and keep them there. Once they’re around the webpage then needs to sell them on the service that is being provided. Not enough webpages put value in this and instead opt for quick explanations that, while valuable in their own right, don’t get the job done.

If someone is looking at an individual web page and sees only a paragraph of information there’s a strong chance that paragraph is missing vital info that the user can use. Not to mention it doesn’t do well in the analytics of SEO. Content marketing is about creating great and valuable content while also appeasing to SEO analytics. It can be a tightrope walk, but the best content marketers can do it perfectly.

Social Media

Most businesses have a social media page, but the amount of effort that goes into them is nowhere near enough to meet their competitors. Content marketing in social media is a skill in itself that involves following trends, being smart about those trends, and knowing your audience. Sadly, many companies with a social media presence don’t understand how to do this.

Content marketing in social media is usually a shorter form of writing. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you don’t want to read a post that’s 1000 words, because more often than not you’re on your phone. Even if you aren’t you probably aren’t looking for long form writing on those platforms. That’s why staying short, sweet, and to the point is important in social media content marketing.

Not to mention that content marketing on a social media platform is a dangerous game. Many social media posts want to go viral with funny jokes, memes, or videos, but one misstep and you’re going viral for all the wrong reasons. Posting something cute and adorable is fine, but make sure it always has good taste. Poor taste in a social media is the biggest and most easily avoidable mistake. If you have to think about it then it’s probably not worth doing.

Great content marketers understand all platforms. Even if they’re currently not working in one area they still understand this and do their best for the possibility of one day needing to work in that kind of content marketing field. Content marketing is a constantly changing world and you have to be ready to adapt with what the future holds. One day social media, webpages, and podcasts might be obsolete as something else takes their place. You always need to be ready for change.

At The AD Leaf ® we understand more than anyone how much the landscape of the industry can change. If you want to speak with a team of experts that can help you understand that landscape then why not try contacting us via our phone number, 321.255.0900, or set up a consultation at, or you can email us to We look forward to hearing from you soon!