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A Business-Owner’s Guide to Instagram Stories

More than 500 million people post and view Instagram stories every single day. That is the population of an entire continent! Instagram stories are one of the most popular and most beneficial tools for both users and marketers. As a business owner, it is now critical to add Instagram Stories into your marketing strategy.

Instagram stories are short posts that are pinned to the top of every user’s home page that disappear after 24 hours. They are ultimately “prime real estate” considering that your posted Story is now the first thing that all of your followers see when they log in. There is a colorful ring around a profile to indicate if something is added to a story. Having something posted to your Instagram Story increases the likelihood that your profile will draw attention to users.

Creating Instagram Stories is just like creating a regular post. From the home page, swipe left or click the camera icon in the top left-hand corner. You can either choose to take a picture or video in the moment, or upload from your camera roll. There are several filters, stickers, and tags to choose from. Like traditional posts, the user is able to add hashtags and location tags for anyone to see that looks up that tag on explore. Making your posts more exciting and more visually appealing will catch the attention of more users and will be more likely to drive engagement.

Now that you know how to create Instagram Stories…what’s next?

Using Instagram Stories to promote a business or even to just get your name out there is fairly simple because there are so many options. Research shows that posting on an Instagram Story at least once a day is the most beneficial. This shows followers and other users out there that your page is alive! People will be more likely to engage with your content and join the community of your page. Stories allow for quick, in the moment updates of how your business operates. The priority is to show your audience something more about you and what you offer. This helps to create an informative and engaging community that people will want to join by following.

So get posting! Here are our ideas and tips about how to use Instagram Stories for business:

#1 Behind the Scenes Action

Give your followers sneak peeks or access to content that usually wouldn’t be posted on your feed. This adds more excitement and creates a better chance of someone becoming interested in your page and your business.

#2 Turn posts into stories

Is there something you posted on the main feed that you don’t want to lose into the vast sea that is Instagram posts? Encourage your followers to visit your post by sharing it on your story. Simply click the arrow icon next to the like and comment button on the post you would like to share, and choose “Add post to your story.” Users can then tap on the post in the story and it will take them directly to the full post on your profile.

#3 It’s a way to post more frequently

We all know those accounts that bombard your feed with posts every hour, and you have no choice but to unfollow. Unlike regular posts, instagram stories allow you to post multiple things to share more information in one convenient place without annoying your followers. You can use Instagram’s bulk stories uploader button found in the upper right-hand corner when browsing through your camera roll to select multiple items to make multiple Stories.

#4 Share posts from followers and fans

Instagram Stories are a great way to share what your followers are putting out there. Featuring followers on your profile encourages them to continue posting about your business which is also seen by all of their followers. Promoting this encourages your business to be advertised to a larger audience for free! You can repost things on your Instagram Story such as when someone leaves a good review, shares a picture of your product, or posts at your location.

#5 Engagement tools and stickers

In addition to stickers and hashtags, Stories have engagement features which drive audience participation. These tools include a poll, multiple choice quiz, questions, countdown, and a slider tool with an emoji of your choice. Use these to learn about what your audience enjoys and what they want to see more of.

#6 Link directly to shop or website

Business profiles with more than 10,000 followers have the option to link a website directly to an Instagram Story. The user simply swipes up and it redirects them to your website instantly. People are more likely to purchase a product or visit a website if it is convenient for them. With this tool, it takes no more than a second for them to be on your website or wherever you want them redirected to.

These all sound like wonderful ideas, but do these Stories really disappear after only 24 hours? Well yes….and no. The story itself on the top of the homescreen will in fact go away after 24 hours. However, you have the option to create Instagram Story Highlights which save these archived posts directly to your profile under your bio. These highlights allow for viewing of the previously posted story forever! There is no limit to how many highlights you can have, so if you’d like, you can have different themes of highlights for different types of posts. This allows your followers to easily view something that they are looking for or for something that interests them.

Instagram Stories are becoming one of the best places to increase exposure, drive engagement and improve brand awareness. Now that you know the basics, take your phone out and get snapping!

We here at the AD Leaf have a staff of trained social media marketing professionals to help you improve your social media utilizing tools such as Instagram Stories. We’ll help your business get the exposure it needs on all social media platforms. Give us a call at 321-255-0900 to schedule an appointment with us.

Social Media for Small Businesses

Getting Started with Social Media for Small Businesses: Taking the First Steps

Congratulations! You’ve decided that your small business is going to take the plunge into the 21st century, and there is no better way to do that than with social media. In 2019, social media has become the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases, inspiring 37% of sales as opposed to other means such as retailer websites, digital press & magazines, or emails. (via Sprout Social) So how can we get started? Breaking your business into the modern marketing scape can feel like a daunting task. We have provided three steps to getting started with social media for your small business.

Determine What Will Work for You and Your Brand:

The first step in beginning your small business’ social media strategy is asking yourself who you are trying to talk to and what are you trying to achieve. Identifying your target audience is key to deciding which platforms to use and what type of content will best support your brand. You wouldn’t see that hip new cupcake shop down the block networking on LinkedIn, the same way a law firm may not be pinning recipes on Pinterest.

Determine your goals and choose the social media platform best suited for your needs. If your business relies heavily on visual content, you will want to reflect that by focusing on more visually oriented platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. For you, getting that brand new menu item or that freshly renovated home seen is your top priority. If you are looking for professional networking and branding, LinkedIn may be more relevant to your needs. We also suggest looking into the demographics of these platforms, and taking these into consideration when making your choices.

Get Out There:   

Now that you’ve created your social media channels, it’s time to get out there and make them all about you! In the digital world, it is likely that consumers will come to your social media channels to learn everything there is to know about your business, and even vet your business against a competitor. Social media is your business’s opportunity to share your story like never before possible. Build out your platform with location, hours, and store information to give your consumers easy access to quick information. Don’t stop there, fill your social media with content that tells your brand’s story. How did your business get started? Fill out your about section to tell your consumer all about your product or service, and your values. Consumers love to know about the brand they are buying from. With social media, You customers will know your business before ever setting foot in your store.

Don’t Let Up!

Now that your social media channels are built out, they are ready to be posted to. Businesses will often create social media accounts only to neglect them. Ultimately, this is more harmful to your brand than helpful, as this can quickly look disorganized and frustrating to a consumer trying to learn more about your business. Your social media marketing strategy is a living, breathing extension of your business that is constantly working for you. Keep it going with regular updates. Social media is the perfect place to keep your followers constantly informed about local events your business is participating in, new additions to your team, sales and promotions, or new items added to your menu or store. Continue to grow your following with images of you and your team, store, product, or service. Day to day images like these, or “lifestyle images” let your followers be a part of your business everyday. This is an invaluable tool for branding. In many ways, social media acts as a modern day word of mouth for small business. It gives your potential customers a unique insight to your business without them even realizing it. Soon, your brand will be recognizable to people that may have never been reached before.


Social media for small businesses has become one of the most effective marketing and brand recognition tools in modern world. Simply put, it your brand is not on social media, you are missing out on the digital conversation, and ultimately losing out on potential sales. While social media is meant to be an easy and free resource, some additional research and strategy is necessary to be the most effective. Take the first steps into your small business social media marketing strategy; identify your audience and needs, personalize your profile, and regularly post out amazing content to tell the world who you are as a brand. If you need help getting your small business’ social media strategy off the ground, or your social media could just use some attention, The AD Leaf ® is here for you. We can help you devise the perfect social media strategy from the ground up, and manage it so your business is always out there. For more information about the benefits of social media marketing, contact us today at or give us a call at 321-255-0900.  

Graphic Design Melbourne FL

Top 3 Problems that Graphic Design and Good Branding can help Solve for your Business.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!
Wow is the one to aim for.”
Milton Glaser

The old wives’ tale that time is money has never been so true when you are talking about running or owning a small business. You find yourself constantly looking for ways that you can save time.
Graphic Design Melbourne FL and Good Branding can help save you this time. If you have prospective clients reaching out and asking what your services are, you should automatically know that you might have a problem with your presentation and graphic design Melbourne FL. For example, when you first look at the Portland Trailblazers logo you might be a bit taken back. Their name implies “trailblazer” (a type of horse) but their logo doesn’t look anything like a horse. Although the actually meaning behind the logo is significant, it implies five players on one side, playing or interacting with five players on the other side, it unfortunately doesn’t read easily, and can be quite confusing. Having a logo with meaning behind it is always great, but does it also let consumers know who you are and what you do. When you combine both of these aspects you are on the right path to saving time and getting right down to the fun part, business.

Standing Out From your Competitors
Starting or running your own small business can be very exciting and terribly scary at the same time. Whether you are selling goods or providing services, the most important thing you will need no matter what you do is customers/clients. Do you own a plumbing company, but are also in competition with fifteen other plumbing companies in your local area? What about your business is going to make the prospective client call you, instead of someone else? Standing out from your competitors when you are in a saturated market can be very difficult. If we dive deeper into plumbing companies, most consumers never think twice about plumbing until they actually need a plumber then they tend to call the plumber in their area that they recognize. Recognition is the first step in standing out. Does your overall “look” go across all of your marketing platforms. Are you consistent?

Becoming and/or Being Memorable
You are now at the point in your business “life” where you have clients, but you are now looking for those clients or customers to come back. Is your business memorable? Is your logo memorable? Some might say that your great customer service will continue to bring customers back, but can you solely rely on this? When you think of a great coffee shop, most consumers tend to think of Starbucks. They not only have great customers service and amazing coffee, but they are recognizable across the United Stated and the world, they are consistent and memorable. Now that you have the “recognition” part of your business down, you can start working on the consistency. Road trips are one of my favorite past times, I love to travel. While traveling, I am normally looking to stay awake, I correlate staying awake with coffee. While traveling the only symbol that I look for on the interstate is the Starbucks logo. I don’t even need the “Starbucks” typography written below it. I know the logo because they are consistent, when I see it, I recognize it right away. I know who they are, what they sell, and that they have great coffee, and who doesn’t like great coffee.

With Graphic Design Melbourne FL and Good Branding, you can also be on the right track to attracting your customers and becoming memorable. With these three problems solved for your business you can now focus on the task at hand, running your business. At The AD Leaf ®, we can create any design that any company would be proud of. For more information about our graphic design Melbourne FL solutions, contact us today at or give us a call at 321-255-0900.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

We are far from the early days of social media. The days where Facebook was used as a way to tell your friends what you had for dinner and Instagram meant having your Grandmother on speed dial. Social media has become an ever present part of our day-to-day life and thus, has become a dynamic marketing tool in 2019. In order to stay relevant in the digital age, social media is nothing short of essential for every digital marketing strategy. Here are 4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for EVERY business, large or small.


#1 Advertising and Brand Recognition: (Shout Your Brand’s Name From The Rooftops!)

As we mentioned, social media is an integral part of our society; it’s everywhere and everyone is active in at least some form of it. Imagine being able to quickly and effectively reach all of those people at once. Let’s compare a social media post to a newspaper ad. Print advertising has been around longer than any other form of advertising we see today, but how does it compare to social media marketing? Let’s say we are trying to get the word out about a sale. To put an ad in the paper, you will have to make some choices: How big can my ad be? Will my ad have color? Who will my ad reach? How much will it cost me? The average rate for a newspaper ad today is $12 per inch, meaning a 4×10 inch ad will run your business $480.00! Now let’s talk about social media, not only is it more efficient, its free! Rather than a one-off ad in the paper, social media allows you to talk to your entire community 24/7. It’s just a matter of time before everybody knows your name. Any money you spend on an ad on social media is icing on the cake to reach more of your target audience. That $480 could get your Facebook ad in front of thousands of users in just a few days time!


#2 Show Your Brand’s Personality: (You Know You’re Awesome, So Tell Them!)

Stuff that 4×10 newspaper ad with as much personality as you want, it will never tell your brand’s story like social media. Social media not only allows businesses to market their product or service more effectively, but their company’s personality like never before. Have a fun day at work? Snap a picture and share it! Exciting new update or product? Snap a picture and post it! Before you know it, your followers will have made a connection with you and your brand before even stepping foot in your small business.


#3 Easy Way to Provide Updates: (Never Miss A Beat)

If you are a small business, you want to connect with your local audience. Everybody loves to support local small businesses in their town, and social media is the bridge you need to connect with them daily. Get the word out about your latest sale, show off that new product or recipe the day you put it on the shelves or the menu. Social media allows your small business to stay in touch constantly. Even better than that, social media works both ways by putting you in the know with what’s going on in your community. Connecting with local events going on like big sports team wins, weekend markets, town block parties, etc., gives your business the chance to connect to your audience on a more personal level. Help build some excitement around these events, have a sale or run a promotion to take advantage of the extra foot traffic, By keeping the conversation going, your customers will feel connected to your brand.


#4 They’ll Never Forget Your Brand: (Leave a Lasting Impression)

Did we mention that social media was everywhere, all the time? Social media marketing is what is considered a “live campaign”. This means that 24/7, your content is out there working for you and can be seen by anyone. Our newspaper ad from before is only effective to the subscribers of that publication, and is gone as soon as the last one is thrown away. Not to mention, by the time our newspaper ad reaches the right person about your sale, your sale is over and your potential lead is lost. In addition, how many times a day does a potential customer look at a newspaper? Once! Throughout the day, the world is checking their phones, jumping over to Facebook in-between emails, scrolling Instagram while unwinding at night, they’re constantly interacting on social media! If you don’t have a social media marketing strategy, you’re missing out on all of these opportunities for your brand to be on the forefront of everybody’s mind. You want these people to be reading reviews, seeing your products and asking you questions. In many ways, social media marketing has become the word of mouth of 2019.


If you are a small business and you’re not marketing on social media, you’re losing money. Social media has become an essential tool to tell your brand’s story, connect with your community in real time and leave a lasting impression. If your small business’ social media has been neglected, The AD Leaf ® can help. Our strategy includes creating dynamic and engaging social media platforms tailored to your business’s specific needs, and managing them to ensure your business has the tools to succeed in the modern world. For more information about the benefits of social media marketing, contact us today at or give us a call at 321-255-0900.  

The State of Social Media in 2019

Social Media Marketing Melbourne FL

Facebook has been around for over 15 years now! It’s no longer a question of should your business be on social media but a question of how effective are you using this powerful tool for marketing your business. If you don’t have an answer to this question, you’re likely really struggling to maintain relevancy in today’s fast moving digital marketplace.  

Don’t just take our word for it, look at this latest Google Trend graph showing the rise of social media and the decline of the ever-popular excuse for the lack of marketing: “Word of Mouth”.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Melbourne FL

Word Of Mouth

Social Media Marketing Melbourne FL


So, what do you do with this information? As a business owner, it’s time to come to the incredibly important realization that social media is not only a viable part of marketing your business it’s actually one of the most effective ways for many business models in today’s ever evolving digital landscape.

It’s not enough to just post some pictures on your social media channels once in awhile either. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram understand that they’re businesses and they’re fully aware that they can and do expect you to pay them to show your content to your intended audiences.  

Did you know that only 2% of the content you post is shown to your audience organically (without paying to promote it)?


This is incredibly sad news for businesses because just a few short years ago, each time you posted an update, it was shown to all of your page audience (those users who like and follow your page). Now, not only do you have to pay the platforms to grow your page audience, you have to pay the platforms to show those people who have already chosen to be a part of your audience your content.  


Ok, so if you’re even slightly savvy with social media marketing you’re probably thinking to yourself that this is nothing new for 2019. These changes rolled out in phases in 2017 and 2018.  That’s true! However, the Facebook Business Manager interface, the Ads Manager interface and Facebook’s Advertising Policies (in the wake of failures like Cambridge Analytica) are changing almost weekly. They’re becoming more and more strict with advertising policies, more advanced with ad targeting options and introducing more highly developed interfaces to improve your performance.  

A few years ago, a business owner could manage their own social media marketing.  It was actually quite fun for many who saw the value in it. Now, with the inception of social media marketing as a 4-year degree choice, the almost daily updates to Facebook’s Business and Ads Manager interfaces and the constant policy changes to navigate, a business owner will either have their accounts shut down for policy violations or waste an incredible amount of money trying to figure out how to reach their audience on social media.   

Social Media marketing in Melbourne FL has also come to be known as a glamorous and sexy component of a small businesses marketing program. However, for some of you, running things yourself is not the right answer.  Unless you’re going to keep up with weekly advances and policy changes, invest money in paid posts to reach and grow your audience quickly and develop strategies to reach and retarget your audience, social media marketing is a very slow growth marketing service line and will not yield lead procurement results with the speed you would expect. Even if you do invest in paid social growth to quickly grow your platforms, social media performance has a trajectory to its success.  

Your social media pages start off as a branding tool.

As your platforms begin to grow and develop, you’re raising your hand to let your audience know you’re here and you are sharing content that helps them get to know your brand and your products or services.  

When you have 50 followers on Instagram, don’t expect the public to jump for joy and immediately start buying into your brand and what you’re selling. 21st century consumers are educated and they will vet you. One of the first places modern day consumers vet you is on social media, so having a professional presence is critical.

Once your platforms start to grow legs and build an audience it will move from only serving as a branding tool into a customer service vessel for your company. You will notice customers asking about products or services they are interested in or have paid for.  

Finally, when you have reached an acceptable level of audience size (what your customers find acceptable), after they see a regular stream of content sharing (so they realize you’re not a Russian bot), and you have positively interacted with your customers on your pages (so they can see you are not a customer service nightmare), your platforms will then begin to procure leads or sales.  

This trajectory is a slow growth and you must be committed to its success for the long haul. Committed means you must regularly cultivate impressive and relevant content, you must not try to sell people and you should offer content that users actually care about, not what you want them to see.  

How does your product or service solve the problem for the consumer?  

Social Media Marketing in Melbourne FL can help you leverage your service and product offerings in ways that help your consumers and we can help you achieve that success. For more information about our social media marketing in Melbourne FL solutions, email us today at or give us a call at 321-255-0900.

7 Reasons Why PPC is Vital To Your Business

Pay-Per-Click marketing is like the gold rush. Everyone is flocking to the land, but only a few come out with more riches than they know what to do with. PPC marketing is very challenging, unbelievably frustrating at times, but it’s worth it. Actually, it’s more than worth it. Think about it. You have the ability to show thousands of potential customers your ads all day, and night, every single day of the week. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? Continue reading and I will go over 7 reasons why PPC marketing is vital to growing your business.


  1. Pay-Per-Click

One of the reasons why this business model works and works well is because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad hence the name “Pay-Per-Click” or PPC Marketing.

Your ads can appear on searches but if a user doesn’t click, you don’t pay.

Your goal is to appear when your services are needed and wanted.

The whole point to PPC marketing is to appear in front of users who are in need, and properly offer your solution to their problem.


  1. You’re in Control

Yes I know we’re advertising on Google’s platform and all, but we’re not at their mercy. We (the advertisers) are still very much in control of our success. Here are the following things we are in control of.

  • Which keywords trigger our ads to be shown
  • Which keywords we DON’T show up for
  • How much we spend
  • When our ads show up
  • What our ads say
  • Who we show up for (E-Mail list)

The things we’re in control of is utterly important. Do your due diligence when it comes to keyword research, negative keyword research, the latest trends, and be sure to test until you find your winning formula!


  1. Google Analytics

One of your greatest allies!

Google analytics eliminates any and all confusion as to what works in your PPC marketing campaigns. Google lets you know which keywords are performing the best, what search terms your ads are appearing for, what time of day your ads are being clicked on, and much more.

This tool was created by Google tool to help us advertisers make informed decisions about our campaigns, and how to optimize them accordingly.


  1. Tracking Conversions

How do you know if your campaigns are successful or not?

That’s where conversion tracking comes into play.  

Conversion tracking allows you to know which aspects of your campaign are working, and which ones are not (in terms of performance)

AdWords allows you track phone calls, app downloads, e-mail sign-ups, sales, leads, etc

Conversion tracking is one of the most important parts of daily campaign management, and conversion tracking should be set up as soon as possible.

We don’t want to spend money on clicks, and not know for a fact if they’re converting or not.

Be sure to set up conversion tracking as soon as possible!


  1. Unlike SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing Can Yield Better Results & Do it Faster!

Don’t get me wrong, SEO is one of the most important parts of a great digital marketing strategy, but it takes a long time (I’m talking several months) to see results.

On the other hand, Pay-Per-Click marketing can have your ads on Google in front of your ideal customer in just several hours.

Let’s go over some of the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • It’s cost-effective (you never pay for a click)
  • Increase brand awareness
  • SEO can decrease your Cost Per Acquisition
  • SEO builds trust and credibility

Let’s go over the downsides of Search Engine Optimization

  • Takes an incredibly long time to see results
  • Appear below paid ads
  • Most people don’t go past the first couple of results (aka the paid ads)

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

  • Fast Results
  • Accurate Results
  • Trackable Conversions

Downsides to PPC Marketing

  • Costs money
  • Daily monitoring
  • Constant optimization
  • Never ending testing


Both SEO, and PPC have their pros and cons, but the best way to see fast, accurate, and trackable results is through PPC. To rank your page on Google using SEO will take you months, and even when you’re in top position for organic searches; you’ll still be below the paid ads.


  1. Constant Testing is Encouraged!

When you’re a PPC manager the only thing that’s constant is change and why are we constantly testing, tweaking, and messing around with ads?

The question is, why aren’t you?

As a PPC manager, your job is to find a winning formula and duplicate it over, and over, and over again. That’s the only way to increase business for your client and keep them happy.

Here’s an important tip to remember… Not everything you test will be successful!

Don’t be discouraged by this instead think of it as a blessing, you figured out a way that didn’t work, so that eliminates one more thing that you have to test.

Your winning formula is out there! You just need to keep testing!

How do you know if one of your strategies is working or not?

Use Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics!

Because of these two amazing tools, you don’t have to guess whether or not something works. You’ll have empirical data that will show you if it’s working or not.


  1. Remarketing

What is remarketing? 

Have you ever been to Amazon started browsing around, maybe you even added an item or two into your cart and now everywhere you go those same products seem to follow you?

That’s remarketing folks.

Remarketing is showing your ads to users that have been to your website, took an action on your ad, or have added an item to their cart.

If you have 100 clicks on your ad, and 20 of those users become customers you have a 20% conversion rate. But you may be asking, what about the remaining 80%?

You’ve already spent money getting them to come to your website, they clicked on your ad for a reason, so why not pursue them some more?

It’s much easier to convert a prospect into a customer if they see your advertisements over and over again


What’s so great about remarketing?

Remarketing is amazing because you get to target users that already interacted with your ad in one way or another, and remarketing costs a fraction of what a normal PPC campaign costs

If a remarketing campaign is setup properly, it can get you results for cents on the dollar and be sure to use remarketing as a part of your overall marketing strategy for maximum return on your investment.

As you learn more, and more about how PPC Marketing can positively impact your business; you’ll quickly realize that it can generate quality leads at a fair price, and at an incredible rate of speed. PPC is a hard beast to tame, but once you get the hang of it the results can be astonishing!

Google My Business Setup Guide

You’ve heard all sorts of hoopla about the internet, and how it affects your business, but have you taken any action? How many customers are you missing out on simply because your business isn’t listed on the world’s most popular search engine, Google? Those days are over, and your shift to promoting, and showcasing your business online starts today with Google My Business!


At this point, you’re thinking two things.

  1. What in the world is Google My Business?
  2. Why in the world should I care?

Google My Business is a feature that Google offers to businesses that puts them right on the search engine map (literally) as well as Google’s organic search results, and Google+. The reason you NEED to care about Google My Business (GMB for short) is because this feature makes it unbelievably easy for customers, and clients to quickly and easily find your business no matter which device they are using.

This fantastic tool goes beyond the old simplistic features such as including your hours of operation, and your phone number. Google has made it very simple for everyone to navigate and use this feature; users can even find driving directions, or call you directly from the listing. Best part of it all? It’s FREE! The initial investment of creating, and setting up a Google My Business account can yield some amazing returns.



Alright, you’ve made it this far, let’s get your company or business listed with Google! To get started, the first order of business is to navigate Google’s new business page as shown in the picture below.

By clicking the “START NOW” button, you’ll be prompted with the following screen…

  • Simple stuff, enter the name of your business

  • Next, you’ll be prompted to fill this location form

  • Pick your location on the map
  • Users will be able to see your business location on Google Maps as well

  • Name the type of business that you run (i.e – carpet cleaning, hvac, dental office, toy store, etc)

  • You can add your phone number here to add a contact method
  • You can also add your business address

  • After you fill everything you’ll see this screen, simply hit “Continue”

  • On this interface, you’re able to add and edit photos, phone numbers, hours of operation, business addresses, and virtual tours

  • Once the progression bar reaches 100% then you’re fully finished with the setup process and can show off your awesome business listing
  • You can make changes at any time by adding new photos, changing your location, etc


Google My Business setup is now complete! You can now go to sleep knowing that people who are looking for your business will find it, no matter what time of day they might be looking for it. Update this page on a semi-regular basis with new photos, and/or any major changes that may occur within your business (i.e hours of operation changing) An up-to-date, and strong online presence ensures potential customers that you’re on top of your game.

3 Quick Tips to Mastering PPC Marketing

PPC mastery takes a number of years and countless mistakes along the way. From learning all of the technical terms to managing the interface itself, it takes a lot of time and dedication to reach mastery level. This article is designed to give you quick info blast on PPC mastery, and give you the few key things you need to focus on when it comes to running your campaigns.


Quick Tip #1: Run Mobile Campaigns

According to a 2015 study, more searches were conducted on mobile devices (phones and tablets alike) than from desktop computers.

It makes sense the more you think about it. Nowadays people are glued to their smart devices. No matter if they’re on a train, at work, or even at dinner with friends and family; people can’t seem to put these devices down. People feel as though their phone is an extension of themselves and their personality.

Digital advertisers can make great use of this situation, and run highly targeted ads to the most amount of people.

Be sure to test which platforms work best for your business or clients and really dive deep into what makes those platforms so attractive to the end users.


Quick Tip #2: Retargeting/Remarketing

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a clever way of advertising to those who visited your website but didn’t perform your desired action once they got there.

Essentially, it allows you to position very targeted ads in front of a highly relevant audience.

Why is this important?

The users clicked on your ad for a reason, in one way or another your ad interested them enough to click on it

Since you know the user has interest in your site you can bring them back for a much cheaper cost-per-click


Quick Tip #3: Use Ad Extensions for AdWords Campaigns

This quick tip is Google AdWords specific and is a very important piece of your ad puzzle.

Ad extensions give you more virtual real estate by making your ad the biggest and baddest one on the search engine results page

What are ad extensions?

Ad extensions are additional pieces of information about your product, or service.

Ad extensions can send users to another part of your website, increase the visibility of your ad, increase the quality of your ads score.

Here are a few ways you can use ad extensions:

  • Location (Great for local businesses)
  • Sitelinks (Take users to different pages on your site)
  • Call Extension (add your phone number)
  • Seller ratings (showcase your high rating)

By including ad extensions, your ads will gain a lot of traction and bring your more business.



Those are my 3 quick tips that you can implement immediately, and see the fruits of your labor in a short time frame.

Be sure to test the following tips above, and keep track to see how they impact your campaigns.

Best of luck to you on your journey to PPC mastery!

SEO Trends for 2019

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2018, looking to the future to see what SEO trends 2019 will
hold is important. In terms of Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO, the trends seem
to be revolutionary from voice search to blockchain the trends are varied. Below you will find
the top SEO trends for 2019.

SEO in 2019 – Most Popular Predicted Trends

Many experts in the SEO industry have made their predictions for 2019:
Voice Search – According to 1/3 of SEO experts voice search will be at the top for SEO
trends for 2019.
Mobile Focus – 10% of experts believe that mobile will continue to dominate over
desktop therefore making optimizing for mobile essential.
Blockchain – 10% of experts feel that blockchain is going to impact the way that SEOs
interact with websites in terms of technical changes.
Amazon Search Optimization (AMSO) – is going to be trending according to 7% of

In Depth on Popular SEO Trends for 2019

AI will change how we do keyword research
SEO Specialists will have to dedicate time to understanding the underlying mechanisms of
Artificial Intelligence (AI) when it comes to keyword research. Experts believe this type of
search is still 5-10 years down the road before it really takes hold. Therefore, it is wise for SEO
Specialists to be informed now with the ever-changing AI industry so that they are ready for AI’s
full impact on SEO. SEO Specialists will need to consider users interests, hobbies, location,
search history, and gender when performing SERPS. It’ll also be important to consider such
content as: length, quality, TF-IDF, and its structure.

Site Impressions will be removed with the use of Amazon Search and Voice Search
Amazon is taking over the way we buy products so why would it not also impact our ability to
search the internet? According to Kent Lewis, President and Founder of Anvil says:
My prediction is that the biggest SEO trend in 2019 will be Amazon search. 56% of consumers
begin searches around products on Amazon (not Google), According to a Kenshoo study. This is
a huge shift that we’re seeing, and Amazon search cannot be neglected. Amazon really could be
the new Google.

It’s clear that Amazon Search will make a rise in 2019.

Voice Search and It’s Challenges
Voice Search is predicted to be one of the biggest SEO trends for 2019. It changes the way in
which consumers search on the web. Consumers who use voice search over traditional
searching tend to change up the way they ask for something when using voice search. Voice
search tends to produce many more long-tailed keyword queries. With this new form of
searching will come its own set of challenges for example: Do we create new pages to address
each long-tail variation? Do we create a hub page? These are all things to consider when
considering voice search.

Search Intent and Code Optimization Will Have More Emphasis
As we prepare to enter 2019, keyword creation for SEO specialists will become less important.
This is due to the fact that voice search and mobile search is on the rise, therefore, its less about
the keyword and more about the meaning behind the keyword and how it is used in the
context of a search.

There are a few tools that will assist the SEO specialist in better analyzing the keywords and key
phrases people use.

Data and Interpreting It
Technology will play a big role in interpreting the meaning behind a search query.

With the increase in personal information being shared, it is all the more important to keep
websites secure. There are several ways to do this including: hosting on secure servers,
encrypting on sites, keeping everything up-to-date, and blockchain.

Website load time greatly affects the impression users get when they come to your site for the
first time. It’s important that your site speed/load time is optimized to work at peak
performance so as not to lose site visitors. You can improve performance by utilizing CDNs,
caching mechanisms, and the organization of scripts/CSS files. Websites will be expected to load
instantaneously in 2019 so ensuring you have the methods in place will keep you above the

Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing and 2019 will be no different. As you prepare
in the coming months to review SEO best practices for 2019 keep in mind the trends listed. It
will give you an edge in your work performance and in your industry.

Social Media Trends for 2019

With 2018 nearing its final quarter it’s important to look to the future to see what social media trends
will be popular for 2019. There are 1 million active users joining social media platforms every day
, therefore, staying on top of the social media trends is a vital practice for social media coordinators.

Here are the top 5 social media trends for 2019:

Social Listening
Social listening is the act of using a tool to listen to what is being said about a brand across social media
and the web as a whole. Social listening utilizes such things as: analytics, sentiment analysis, influencer
search and more.

Social listening is important because monitoring a brand’s social media account is more than just
monitoring @ mentions. It’s about monitoring those conversations happening outside your @ handle
and seeing what people are really saying. According to a study by Brandwatch, 96% of the people that
discuss brands online do not follow those brands’ owned profiles.

Tool for Social Listening: Awario

This tool identifies mentions with a negative sentiment which assists with customer support and crisis
management. It also notes the biggest social media influencers in a particular field. The search process
can be completely customizable allowing you to set up alerts for certain keywords.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular trend right now and expected to continue come 2019. According to a
survey by Collective Bias, 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a noncelebrity
blogger. It appears people relate more towards those like themselves rather than celebrity
influencers whose opinions they may tend to value less.

It’s important to note that brands value the opinions of influencers and utilize that in their advertising
therefore, using influencer marketing in your social media strategy is a wise thing to do.

How to get started:
1. Find influencers manually or with a social media listening tool.
2. Establish a relationship with an influencer.
3. Message the influencer directly and offer to do a collaboration.

User-Generated Content
User-Generated Content is any unpaid content that was created by your audience. This is important
because word-of-mouth on the web is important to creating validity for your brand. It’s important to
note that: 57% of consumers think that less than half of brands create content that resonates as
authentic. It’s more about cultivating an authentic connection to close the sale rather than doing so with
pushy salesman tactics.

How to get started:
1. Choose which platform will best suit your campaign
2. Offer a reward for sharing their opinion
3. Be creative – use social media to your advantage
4. Be reasonable – don’t expect customers to put forth too much effort if the reward isn’t too

Messenger Marketing
Messenger marketing sets itself apart from other forms of marketing like email and SMS in three ways:
1. Voluntary messages – marketers will need permission before they message you. You will also
have the option to opt out at will.
2. Short & sweet messages – messenger apps work to provide short, concise responses which
increase interaction with customers.
3. Authentic engagement with customers – connecting with customers in a relatable, non-salesy
way encourages more authentic conversation.

How to get started:
1. Find others who want to engage in conversation by integrating links into your existing marketing
2. Run a campaign to bring in more engagement from customers
3. Determine a tone and writing style that matches your brand and audience. Make sure to
respond, communicate, engage and have fun when communicating with customers.

Ephemeral Content
Ephemeral content is any visual content that is not permanent. It is only visible for a certain amount of
time. Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are good examples of ephemeral content. It
appears that between Snapchat and Instagram stories a combined 450 million daily users use the
service. It preys on the fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) and therefore makes the content shown more
urgent than the more permanent content found on Facebook. The sense of urgency created gives
viewers a knee-jerk reaction where they instinctively respond immediately. Interacting with your brand
is a pleasant experience and one where they feel seen and heard. That is the goal.

How to get started:
Getting started really depends on the platform you choose. With Instagram stories you can insert a callto-action
with links in your stories. Snapchat gives you the opportunity to show behind-the-scenes
footage of your company and allows for user-generated content to form.

It’s safe to say that 2019 will be an exciting year for social media trends. Whether you choose to
incorporate one or all of these social media trends is up to you but its guaranteed that you’ll see more
engagement from users as you do.